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Cassie had the window seat on the remainder of the flight, which she did not like since she was afraid of heights. Cassie did offer her seat to Judy but she denied. "I can't sleep if I sit by the windows on planes." She said.

Lucky Judy, Cassie thought to herself. Judy didn't have to endure most of the flight and turbulence on the way to France because she napped during the last four hours there. Cassie could never sleep on airplanes because she would get light headed and uncomfortable trying to do so.

For the most part Cassie took out her sketch pad and began to draw an older couple on the opposite isle from her. That took her mind off of the flight seeing the two lovers holding each others hands as they talked and never realized that Cassie was creating a canvas of them. She was close upon finishing the sketch until the plane began to make landfall in the city of Paris.

Judy wakes up and unbuckles herself. "I'm starving. I wonder what restaurants the terminal has inside."

Cassie stands up and stretches her arm limbs while pulling her book sack onto her shoulders. "I am too but I don't want to have anything international now that we're finally here."

Judy phishes as she took down her luggage from the top cabinets above their seats. "I'm not trying any snells until my jetlag is gone so international is at the top of the list for me."

Cassie laughs and gets her luggage down following Judy off the plane and into the terminal. The morning sun shines through the high glass of the international airport as Judy shades her eyes from the glare and Cassie helps her search for a place to go pick up some food.

Judy ended up going for a Subway sandwich and Cassie purchases a water bottle from there since all that was sold on the flight was sodas and alcohol she was dying of real thirst. "Peter is probably waiting us and wondering where we are." Cassie said a bit pushy wanting to get out of the terminal.

Judy agrees and eats her subway while walking out of the terminal with Cassie and down the escalator where many people waited at the bottom to reunite with friends or family.

As soon as Cassie reached the ground and the crowds subsided there was Peter coming up to her and Judy. He still looked the same when Cassie last saw Peter almost over a year ago. Peter's dark brown curls came down to his shoulders, his face is somewhat long. When he smiled his grin looked like it could go on forever. A few years ago some people would call him goofy but now he really grew into his changing look.

Judy runs up to Peter and hugs him first. "Hello baby brother I've missed you." She said wrapping her arms around Peter's slender build.

Peter hugs his sister back. "You too little sis," He said in reference to his taller figure. Peter was at least 5'11 feet tall compared to both Judy and Cassie who were 5'5 feet. Peter glances at Cassie as he unwraps his arms from his sister. "Is this Cassie here?" Peter asks before hugging her. "She's all grown up."

"Hey Peter," Cassie smiles really big up at him hoping she's not giving away an obvious blush. They both hug each other. "Bonjour Cassie. It's really great to have you both here." He said and looked if either of them needed any help with their luggage.

"You two do know how to pack lightly," Peter said as soon as he found out that they both carried one strolling luggage instead of more.

"It was Cassie's idea," Judy prompts as they all walk toward the entrance out of the airport. Peter looks beside him at Cassie and wraps his arm across her shoulders. "You look hungry."

"Yeah, I want to try some foods here," Cassie said pushing back her bangs.

"Unlike Judy," Peter teases his sister and turns his attention back to Cassie. "There is Brasserie Flo just one block away from here." Cassie grew interested when Peter told her it was mostly seafood and the both decided to go there.

When they got there Peter and Cassie ordered the same thing, shrimp and calzone. They sat outside the restaurant and Cassie admired all the historical buildings around her as they sat down and everyone caught up with each other in a splendid talk. A cooling chill of wind came and everyone clanged onto their long coats. "Cassie are you in college right now?" Peter asked.

"No but I will be going in the spring." Cassie sips her water. "I'm thinking about going for Digital Art for my first semester."

"That's neat," Peter nods interestingly. "I hope you've brought a camera along, you could capture some amazing things out here."

"That's not going to be a problem, she already has," Judy winks and lags a bit in an exhausted way. "I would give for some coffee right now."

Peter points down the street. "Just around that block right there I think there's a coffee stand." Judy stands up knowing that a walk would wake her up before getting her caffeine. "Thanks," She said before walking off, leaving Peter and Cassie by themselves. They had finished their meal and now were waiting for Judy to come back. "So what direction are you taking in your artwork here?" Cassie asks Peter.

Peter slides his book sack over and pulls out a sketch book as Cassie brings her chair up closer along with his to look over his work of sketches and paintings. Paintings were mostly consisted of the landscapes in the country of mountains and rivers. Drawings of horses running, buildings and people, Cassie admired everything he drew.

"I would show you mine," Cassie nervously winces with a light smile. "But they aren't as good as yours."

"No they can't be," Peter chuckles. "Come on I want to see them." He encourages.

Cassie caved in and brought her sketches out for Peter to see. "I did this one an hour ago on the plane," Cassie said as the page was already flipped out in the open. Peter liked it and searched through some more. He came to a few pages with the same bird on each page clinging on a tree limb until it flies way. "Here's where your digital art comes into play," Peter spoke astoundingly as he graced Cassie's work. "These are really good." He said glancing seriously into her eyes.

"Thank you," Cassie replies with a genuine smile. "I really want to make some of my work into animations and I don't know hopefully animate cartoon films or shorts."

"That's amazing," Peter gives Cassie a reassuring look. "I believe you can do it." Judy comes back with a medium Styrofoam cup of hot coffee and they all got away from the restaurant and walk a few blocks to Peter's car where he helped the girls put their luggage in the back trunk.

"Where would you both like to go next?"

"The Eiffel Tower of course," Judy proclaims once she buckles herself into the car seat. Cassie sits behind them and makes an uncomfortable expression. Eiffel Towel, huge heights, Cassie thought. She never told anyone that she was afraid of heights and the thought of going to the top of a tower frightened her. "How about is Cassie?" Peter asks her looking through his rear view mirror.

"Yes sure," Cassie replied. She was not going to ruin their fun for the sake of her problem with heights. It'll all be done before she'll know it. Peter nods shifts into gear towards the Eiffel Tower.

Like usual sometimes Judy would critique on Peter's driving and it was just like old times when they used to pick up Cassie from grade school now and then during her childhood. It never grew old.

On arrival Peter parks the car two blocks away from the tower. Cassie glances up at it as if it were the scariest theme park ever, she could feel her heartbeat as if it were about to beat out of her chest.

"It's taller than how I imagined it to be." Judy said as she blocks the sun rays with her arm when she looks up at the tower. "Cassie are you still coming?" She asked when she noticed Cassie staggering behind her and Peter.

"Yes I'm right behind you guys," Cassie replies taking another sip of her water to calm her nerves. Cassie cringes as they reach the first step and couldn't believe she was about to go through with this as her nerves built. She couldn't do this.

Suddenly Peter's cell phone rang. He checked who called and excuses himself from Judy and Cassie. "I have to take this really quick." The girls tell him to go ahead and that they will be waiting for him to continue their climb up the Eiffel Tower.

"Cassie are you alright?" Judy asks concerned patting her arm. Cassie had a pale look come across her as if she was about to be sick.

"I'm fine," Cassie said in a somewhat jumpy gulp. It was obvious to Judy that something was bothering Cassie and she knew it too. "Cassie?" Judy asked again.

"I can't climb this tower Judy," Cassie admitted. "I'm terrified of heights and climbing. You and Peter go ahead. I'd hate to spoil your fun."

"I wish you can come up there with us," Judy wraps her hands around Cassie's wrists pleaing. "We can both go on the elevator and beat Peter at the top."

Cassie manages a smile as she thought about it and then Peter hung up with the person he was talking to coming back up to Judy and Cassie. "That was my old art professor. He's going to be showcasing most of my art in Le Havre tonight and tomorrow. He wants me to be a guest speaker so I'll take you both to my apartment and as you are settled you,-"

"No," Judy disagrees quickly. "You are not bailing on us Peter. We're coming with you."

Peter accepted after Judy rambled on just to make her stop. "We'll have to leave now before traffic starts." Peter said walking back towards the car. The girls follow him.