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Cassie and Judy along with Fiona walk around the blocks again up towards a nice big and fancy white limo stretch. The times Cassie had ever ridden in one was during one fancy party and for her grand fathers' funeral eight years ago. Never did she go in one for prom but that was because she wasn't interested in going and never did.

Fiona walks over to the driver's side of the car and knocks gently on the window. "Alfonso, wake up in there you sleepy head." She slightly teased.

Slowly the window scrolls down and instead of looking directly at Fiona first Alfonso glances with his lazy eye towards Judy and Cassie. "Who are these peoples Fiona?"

"Relax dear Alfonso, this is Peter's sister and friend. They'll be staying with us for about two or three days." Fiona pats Alfonso's head as if he were a dog and opens the very back door of the limo where she glides in and Judy shrugs to Cassie whether to go in or not.

Cassie gradually shrugs back with the Jumanji game tucked tightly underneath her arm and follows Judy into the car for Cassie did not want to sit next to Fiona. "I cannot wait for you to see Daddy's house." Fiona spoke as soon as the limo was put into gear and pulled out onto the road. Cassie places the game gently on her lap as Fiona continued what she was saying to them.

"It is placed on gorgeous fifty acres of land with eight of my daddy's wonderful Arabic black and white horses." Fiona was saying lifting her hands and twirling her fingers exquisitely. "There's lavishing furniture on the inside of our large house so plush that you'll sink in to as if you're on cloud nine. It's right on the beach too which is very lovely. If Peter and I are still together you both really must come and visit us again during the summer because then the beach is really warm and cozy and is so relaxing with all the waves coming at you…"

"Someone is feeling better all of a sudden," Cassie whispers to Judy lowly as Fiona continues undisturbed. Judy winces and Cassie rolls her eyes privately and looks out the window next her tuning Fiona out of her own head.

They went over a few more hills and finally the limo turns right down a one way gravel road along with white fences on both sides of the road as well as cypress trees. The limo swerves a few times before coming up to a black gate.

Alfonso scrolls down the window again and leans out pressing a button on an intercom. "I see you Alfonso," Said a voice from the intercom and the gates open up ahead. Alfonso drives ahead a tad bit slower this time.

"You know you two are awfully quiet," Fiona said to Judy and Cassie.

"No," Judy shakes her head in complete disagreement. "We were just listening to your lovely descriptions about where you live."

"Oh I'm sorry if I rambled too much on the way here." Fiona apologized.

They came to a clearing and the house they came up to wasn't a house to Judy or Cassie at all. It was on a very high hilltop, a vineyard and ranch surrounds it as well as tall and wide water fountains. Cassie thought it looked twenty times bigger than her own house in New Hampshire, if people were to consider her house a mansion she considered Fiona's house term as a castle.

Fiona's place looked three stories high with possibly another story high, the mansion stretched as long as the Capital in Washington D.C, that's how big it was to both Cassie and Judy.

"Your home is beautiful just like you've said Fiona." Judy said shocked, Cassie knew by the look on Judy's face that she would not want to leave here anytime sooner than two days. Although she couldn't really blame her.

"Thank you," Fiona said. "It's been a part of my family since the very early eighteen hundreds." They all got out of the limo as soon as it came to a complete stop. "Thank you Alfonso," Fiona said and Judy and Cassie thanked him as well before he drove off.

"I'll show you the guest rooms. I bet you'll both love the ocean views." Fiona said and led the way into her home which opens up in a massive grand foyer and two wide spiral staircases leading up into opposite sides of the second floor hallway and in the center a staircase obviously leading up to the third floor. That was where Fiona took them.

She showed them three already available guest rooms. They were all the same size, really big with a queens sized bed next to open glass balconies. One of each rooms had different theme colors. One was a darker pink, light and dark blue, and purple. Cassie chose the blue room as Judy chose the pink room.

Once Cassie was settled she placed the game Jumanji on top of a table in her room. She was too tired to look at it. She didn't know why her sleepiness suddenly took a hold of her so fast, perhaps it was because the room was very historic looking and felt cozy so she laid her head down on the bed and found herself in a dream as she drifted off.

It was about a quarter til almost three hours when Cassie woke up and felt hungry. She had forgotten where she was for a seconds and then remembered the events of that morning and at noon. She gets up from the bed slipping back into her comfortable boots and walks up to a stand up mirror in the room to check if her eyeliner didn't run down her face or smudged. It didn't and she walks out of the room going next door to Judy's room where she saw her actually reading. Cassie hardly ever saw Judy reading a book unless it was people magazine.

"Hey Cass," Judy said waving her fingers without looking up.

Cassie made her way over to Judy and glances over her book. "Wow you aren't hiding a magazine inside the pages. I'm impressed Judy." Cassie teases.

"This was always my favorite book. I read it before and after you were born. That's why you never saw me with a book."

Why did you stop reading?" Cassie asks curiously.

Before Judy had a chance to reply to Cassie her cell phone rings. Cassie looks over at the phone since it was closet to her. "It's Peter." Cassie said.

"Can you please answer it I'm at the good part." Judy said in a trance like tone with her eyes set on the book.

Cassie picks up the phone with a soft laugh and answers as she puts it up against her ear. "Hey Peter this is Cassie. Judy is lost in a book at the moment."

Peter laughs into the phone. "Are you serious?"

Cassie nods her head at it. "Yes I know. I'm still trying to believe it for myself too." When Cassie said that Judy takes a small cushion from the arm chair she sat in and playfully throws it at Cassie's feet. Cassie tries to dodge it but hits her ankle softly.

"I tried finding you guys at the beach, I'd thought Fiona would take you there." Peter said.

"She said she didn't feel good so we are at her home right now." Cassie replied a bit lethargically.

"Alright I'll be there in twenty minutes." Peter said before they both hung up on each other. "Okay," Cassie looks down at Judy. "We need to go downstairs and wait for Peter to arrive so he doesn't handle with all of our luggage in the car."

Judy follows Cassie downstairs with her eyes still glued to the book. Instead of waiting outside in the cold they waited in the large foyer looking out of the windows. In about fifteen minutes later Peter arrives and Cassie was the first to make it out of the front door to go and greet him. Cassie takes her bag and suitcase. Peter offered to help her with her suit case upstairs. "No it's fine I've got it, thanks." She smiles at Peter.

Since Judy carried a lot more Peter carried one of her suitcases to her room. As soon as everything was in its' proper places Peter gently knocks on Cassie's door. She tilts her head and smiles to see that it was him. "Yes Peter you can come in." She said in a friendly tone.

Peter came in with a really big smile on his face. "You told me that you were into digital art so today I got this for you," He presents her a portrait of little girl surrounded by jungle creatures as they looked up to her. "Oh my goodness," Cassie looked at it as peter hands it over. She runs her fingers gently across the art. "This is the original piece."

Yeah it sure is," Peter replies growing ecstatic from Cassie's features. "Peter I love it a lot. How much did it cost you?" Cassie asked.

"I got it because the girl reminded me so much of you when you were little," Peter said softly and then chuckles. ""I'm not telling you how much it costed because I wanted to get it especially for you." His smile grew even bigger.

"I really appreciate and love it a lot." Cassie nods and looks up at him with a warm smile and her face full of gratitude. "Thank you."

They exchange long smiles and then peter notices the game Cassie found on the beach on the table in the room. "Now I haven't seen this before."

Cassie follows Peter's glance and gently puts the digital art on the bed. "I found this on the beach today. Oddly enough it was buried in sand when I dug it up."

Peter touches the game box as though he had seen it once before but could not remember how. Judy comes right into the room. "Oh you see the game Cassie found today." She leans against the door.

"Judy did we play something like this when were kids? The game looks familiar." Peter asks

Judy shakes her head. "Nope. The only board games we ever played were monopoly and scrabble."

"No I think we played this before. Come on, Cassie you want play it?" Peter said opening the box set up from left to right. "Sure," Cassie replied.

"Judy come on and play this game with us." Peter prompts his sister to join them.

"Are you serious you guys?" Judy slumps over but joins them anyways.

Peter brings the game to everyone as they decided to sit on the floor. Cassie looks at the side of game picking up the elephant game piece and reads the description embedded below. "Jumanji. A game for those who seek to find a way to leave their world behind. You roll the dice to move your token. Doubles get another turn. The first player to reach the end wins."

"What you doing?" Fiona asks at the door.

"Fiona," Peter announces. "We need four players want to join us?"

"Don't you guys find it a tad bit dark in here? I know a better place in the house where we could play it." Fiona suggests. Everyone picks up the game pieces and follows Fiona.

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