She looked at the ground; it was hard to look at him right now. His words fell so softly from his lips but fell so sharply on her skin. She wrapped her hands and brought it to her trembling mouth, it was so hard to look strong when she felt the world slipping from under her shoes.

"I'm sorry Hinata, but I don't think I love you anymore," he said. She just nodded, she wondered if the other kids in the school yard could see her trembling shape, she wondered what they were saying right now. They were probably laughing at how fragile she looked, probably waiting for him to dump her so that they could finally have the most popular guy in school back again.

"I'm really sorry Hinata, but I still hope that we can be friends," he said. She could tell that he was asking to be friends to ease the pain, to make it seem like he wasn't the bad person. But she knew that he was the bad person, and friendship seemed almost impossible at a moment like this.

"Well, have a nice day," he waved and he turned on his heel and walked off nonchalantly He was heading in the direction of the lunch room to probably join his friends, or another girl. She didn't even want to think about another girl at this point.

Hinata just stood there, in her same position, trying to hold it together; trying to hold it together until she could get to a safe place to let it all out. The wind blew her plum hair around her and she let a tear slip in its' familiar embrace.

Hinata was tired of standing there, in the same place where her boyfriend of over a year and a half had left her, so she decided to head to the bathroom. At least the bathroom could provide some solitude from her sadness and impending break down, it maybe would be empty and no one would ask her any questions.

Not that anyone would ask her questions. She was always known by someone else's name and she was never known for her name. She always belonged to someone else, and that someone else never let her have any friends. So eventually, all of her friends had moved on and left her, even Tenten, her best friend.

Hinata drug her feet to the bathroom, testing out her legs without her boyfriend's legs right beside her. It felt so weird walking alone, without the comfort of having a partner by her side.

Finally, after what seemed ages she made it to the bathroom, and she clutched the first sink she saw and leaned over it, tears falling down her face and into the sink below. She cried until she felt like she had cried out all of her body's water, and what little make up she wore was smeared.

She looked up at the mirror and looked at her face, her new single face. She shook her head in disapproval at her pitifulness and she tried his name on her lips, as if saying it would help her forget their last year and a half together.

"Sasuke," she whispered to herself. She was going to fix her makeup, until she heard the bell ring. An alarm went off in her head and sent a dizzy shock through her body, she was late for class.

She knew that she had to get to English as quickly as possible; she had never been late before. Hinata didn't want to look foolish and run, so she settled for a fast paced walk and she navigated the near empty halls with precision and purpose. She was a straight A honors student, being late was never on her record of her high school life. Ever. Not in the whole three years that she had been in high school.

When she had finally reached the English room, she hesitated before opening the door a crack and slipping in. But what Hinata saw was a surprise, it wasn't the whispers about Sasuke and she's recent break up that got her, it was the new student teacher.

He turned his head and looked at her with lazy eyes and yet such a kind face. "Why were you so late?" he asked her before turning around to finish writing something on the board.

Hinata racked her mind for an excuse, "I had a locker jam, I couldn't get my books out for a while," she lied before sliding into her seat next to Kiba.

The student teacher just nodded and he once he was done writing on the board he turned around to face the class. And it was just then that Hinata noticed his dazzling good looks and she felt the breath escape from her very lungs.

"I'm the new student teacher, I'm Kakashi Hatake. You can call me Mr. Hatake, or Mr. H, whatever you prefer," he announced.

Hinata nodded as if he were speaking to her, and she realized that she was totally infatuated with this new student teacher.