They were now driving down the highway, headed east, to the coast. Hinata had her stuff packed and in the back of Kakashi's truck and she had left her prized buggy at home, along with a note on the windshield explaining everything to her family. Maybe one day they'd accept her decision to run away with Kakashi.

"Where are we going?" Hinata asked again, sitting in the passenger seat of Kakashi's car and staring at her lovely fiancé.

"Someplace where no one knows my name," Kakashi told her and he leaned over to kiss her, swerving in his lane as he did so. Hinata smiled after he pulled apart and she looked at the long road ahead of her for a few moments.

"Kakashi," she spoke up.

"Yes dear?" he replied.

"Now that you can't be a teacher, what are you going to do?" she asked him.

Kakashi pondered this for a second before speaking, "Well what do you want to do?" he asked her.

"I asked you first!" Hinata teased. She then exhaled and looked out the passenger window, "I think that I'll be a painter. I've always loved art, but my dad wanted me to be an engineer so I took a lot of math classes to make him happy. But now that he's not in my life anymore, I think that I want to follow my dream," she confessed.

"You're definitely a good artist," he encouraged smiling at her and Hinata grinned back at him.

"I think that I want to write my own books," Kakashi told her. "I wanted to be an English teacher because I really like literature, but instead of writing my own books I ended up grading papers," he joked.

"But I really do think that I could write a novel, and I think I know what my first novel will be," he grinned happily.

"What will your first novel be, Kakashi?" Hinata asked, wanting to help him make his dreams come true already.

"Why, it will be the story of us of course!" he exclaimed.

Hinata chuckled, "And do you have a title for such a story?"

"Yes, I think I do," he said matter-of-factly.

"And what's that?" Hinata replied.

"Bring Me Back," he simply said.

Hinata laughed again, "Bring Me Back? That doesn't sound like a fitting title for us at all! Maybe Illegal Love is closer,"

"No, it's just the right title," he disagreed.

"Why so?"

"Because, before I met you I wasn't who I used to be, but seeing your spirit and seeing your art inspired me to become who I once was. You brought me back," he emphasized the last words.

Hinata smiled not believing that she could be responsible for such a feat, but it made her feel so good and it made her love him even more. And she knew that he would make her feel that special every day for the rest of their lives.

They settled in a small town on the east coast and Kakashi started working on his new novel, Bring Me Back. But to fund his passion Hinata had to take up a job, as an art teacher at a studio downtown, and she loved her job and she loved her art, she never stopped painting.

Just as Hinata said they would, they got a house just like the once Kakashi lived in before they made their move, and on Hinata's eighteenth birthday, she and Kakashi wed in a small ceremony. They had only one friend show up, Tenten, whom had helped them unite in the first place.

Soon after that Kakashi published his novel and it became a hit, although he had to use a pseudonym so as to not get caught by the authorities, or vengeful Lady Tsunade.

They lived a happy life and had many children, but because of the age gap, Kakashi left Hinata earlier than both of them would've liked. She missed him dearly, but every time she read his words in Bring Me Back, he spoke to her and he really did bring her back to those wonderful times and those wonderful memories that they created.

And Hinata never lost hope that in the next life, he would bring her back to those memories and he would make her smile and feel special like he used to do every day. And that was enough for Hinata to keep living for their kids and his memory.

The End.

I cried writing this last part, I didn't know that I'd fall in love with the characters and the story so much! *cry baby*