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The year is 1550 Adele England Dudley just turned seventeen such a beautiful young thing with Long brown hair to her waist, big dark green almond eyes, the perfect shaped button nose, plump rosy lips and flawless pale skin but she is unsure of herself very clumsy at times but very intelligent not a lot of people know how intelligent she really is because she lives in a brothel people don't give her the time of day. She is not a prostitute like her mother was but she gets treated like one she is the lowest kind of class the bottom of the pile. She is nothing like them and very determined to make something of her life not sale her body for sex. But she dose love them there her family the prostitutes looked after her, after her mother died they could have put her in an orphanage but they looked after her kept her safe. So there she was in the brothel tiding up after last night's "Gathering" the good thing about this brothel its higher class so there is an image to uphold so everything has to be cleaned beds and floors.

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Chapter 1 Thief

Adele P.O.V

I sigh looking at the mess these smashed glass all over the floor, the floor is sticky good thing I have my shoes on then I remember I have to clean it. I cross my eyes pulling a face then start to clean starting with the bed covers. When I'm finished with the room I put my dark blue cloak on I do not have to wake the girls up till later. Then I start to walk to the market it's a cold winter mornings in Gloucestershire the streets are full of people running their business. Once I get to the market I snoop around looking for the week's dinner we have enough for meat this week. The first place I stop off at is Jimmy the butcher he's gray missing most of his teeth but a very lovely old man he always gives me the meat as cheapest as he can. He is with his son John I know that Jimmy wants me to marry his son is a nice person but not for me.

"Good morrow" I say, beaming up at Jimmy.

"Good morrow Miss Dudley how are you this fine morning?" He asks, beaming back at me.

"I'm great thank you how are you?" I ask.

"Not too bad" He says, happily.

"What can I get you?" John asks me with a big smile.

"Um can I have ... the rabbit please?" I ask, smiling back at him.

"Of course" He says, cutting the rabbit.

I pay then put the rabbit into my wicker basket wish Jimmy and John a good day then move on I browse through the market looking at the vegetables. Then I feel someone grab my arm and cry "Thief" My eyes dart up I've never seen this man before he smells of alcohol he is fat with red hair he's revolting, I try to pull my arm away from him put he doesn't let go.

"Beautiful girl" He mumbles, drunkenly.

"Thief" He cry's again, but louder this time people start to notice the blonde haired woman from behind the table looks at me.

"Please I have not stolen anything" I say, pleading my innocent looking at the woman.

"Thief" He cry's but more loudly.

I try to pull away from him again but he grabs me tighter pulling me to him, I'm so close to his face I want to gag I wish the ground would swallow me up he's about to say something but then I can hear a man tutting from behind me.

"Let her go" he says, very calmly.

I turn my gaze to him he is beautiful dark brown hair, hazel eyes and rich very rich I can tell by the clothes he's wearing he's stood up state confident but there's something dark in his eyes dangerous even.

"Why would I do that? She is a dirty whore and a thief" The drunken man says, breathing in my face.

He shacks is head "All I see is a ugly fat repulsive drunken man stopping the young woman from doing her daily chores, I am not going to tell you again!" the beautiful man snaps.

"DIRTY WHORE" The drunken man shouts in my face.

Letting go of my arm he pushes me into him, but the beautiful man catches me when I look at the drunken man he looks like he's ready to fight him "Christian, Jake take care of him" then the two men that were stood behind him push their way in front one hits the drunken man and he falls to the floor then they grab him and drag him off down an alleyway. The beautiful man shouts something like "Eat" but I'm to in shock, what just happened has not registered I feel very numb then I realize that he is holding me in his arms I look up at him through my lashes.

"How are you feeling?" He asks, standing me to my feet.

"F..F..Fine .. Thank you" I whisper.

I look up at him and he's smiling warmly then I look around at the crowd of people staring at us slowly moving on.

"My names Henry York" He says, warmly.

"Umm Adele Dudley" I smile, blushing looking up at him.

"Would you like some help with that?" he asks, pointing at my wicker baskets.

"Umm No ... Thank you I can manage" I mumble still blushing.

My still hearts pounding I think it's just the adrenaline I do not know but I've never felt this before.

"Can I walk you home?" He asks, still smiling

"Um ... I need some more things maybe another day" I say, He's face turns hard like he's used to getting his own way all the time. I do not know him and I do not want him to know that I live in a brothel he will think I am a prostitute and I really hate being treated like one.

"B... But thank you for what you did... There is not many men that would do what you did... it was very brave so thank you again"

"Maybe I will see you again?" He smiles stiffly.

"That would be nice" I smile, awkwardly back when will I ever see him again?

"I bid you a good day Miss Dudley" He says, nodding his head.

"Good day Mr. York" I say, blushing some more.

With that he disappears into the crowed and I let the breath out that I did not know I was holding, I tuned around to the blonde woman wide eyed I think I am still in shock.

"Umm Can I have ... five carrots and six potatoes please" I mumble, at the blonde woman.

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