Chapter 3 Trouble

"That man is bad news Adele if he comes to talk to you again you come straight home" Ginger says, she's one of the prostitutes she's the most motherly.

"But he was just being kind Ginger" I plead.

"The way he was talking to Rose wasn't being kind know was it?"

"No ... but"

"No buts Adele if you see him again you come straight home" she says, crossing her arms and looks at me with a stern look.

"Fine" I say in defeat.

After we have dinner I clean the mess well the ladies attend to their men once I finished that I go to my room and sit on the bed, I don't want to sleep yet I'm not tied I feel like going for a walk so I grab my cloak and tip toe to the door. Once I get outside its dark but there are lanterns on the houses so people can see where they're going. It's very cold I can hear laughter from the public house so I walk up to the window I can see women dancing on the tables well men drink ale as they look up there skirts. I look around the room I can see some familiar faces Jimmy the butcher, Toby the blacksmith, Sam the carpenters and Billy the shoemakers.

I turn away before someone see's me and as I turn to walk I bump into someone he is wearing nee high brown boots, light brown canions, a white shirt and a black jerkin I look up at his face its Henry York Grinning down at me.

"Umm Hello" I say, blushing.

"What are you looking at?" he asks, still grinning.

"Nothing ...I...I need to go" I say, walking passed him I have to do what ginger says I will get into trouble if I do not.

"Wait where are you going" He says, grabbing my hand to stop me.

"The brothel" I say, looking up at him.

"They told you to stop talking to me ... haven't they?"

Hell the hell does he know that? I take my hand out of his and start to walk again the next thing I know he's got his arm around my waist pulling me in to a dark alleyway.

"Let me go Henry" I say, struggling.

"No I want to talk to you" He says, pushing me against the wall.

"But ... I'll get into trouble"

He starts to laugh "No you won't"

"Yes I will now let me go Henry"

"Listen ... I want to apologies for the way I acted earlier today ... It was very rude" he says, leaning on one arm above my head.

"No ... Rose was being very rude you do not need to apologias" I say, looking up at him.

He traces his thumb across my lips and my breath hitches "Let me walk back to the brothel ... Its dark and I want to see you home safe"

"I can't I'll get in trouble"

"I will not walk you to the door just so I can see you get back safe"

"Fine" I say, and with that he takes me hand and starts to walk.

As we walk I stare at are hands I've never held a man's hand before, I've never felt this before. We suddenly stop and I look up at him, we're not too far from the brothel.

"Can I see you tomorrow?" Henry asks, looking down at me still holding my hand.

"Henry..." I say annoyed.

"Look... if they don't find out then you can't get into trouble"


"No buts I'll meet you outside the cathedral at noon ... and if you do not turn up I'll come and get you" He says grinning.

I sigh "Yes fine ... But if I get killed by Ginger it on your conscience" I say, I look up at him and I see something dark cross his eyes that make me look away what was that about? he leans forward and kisses my forehead and it makes me blush all over I look up at him through my lashes.

"Goodnight Adele" he whispers.

"Goodnight Henry" I whisper, and start to walk to the brothel.

I get to the door and turn around and wave to him then open the door.

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