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Hannah as she flew with Luna and Persephone got really nervous. Orson had always been so sweet and fun. She had wanted to tell him how she felt but the sudden move had forced that dream away. Hannah had to laugh though when Luna did a loopy-loop showing off. Persephone rolled her eyes but smiled. "Luna always shows off when we fly. But that is nothing you should see her one cousin Sabella. How is Sabella doing Luna?"

"Great she just got engaged to a werewolf named Shaggy. She sent me a letter talking about him. His best friend is a goblin dog who is marrying Sabella's werewolf gal pal Winnie." Luna grinned at that "I have a rather odd family just saying. Truth be told I rather like Shaggy from what Sabella sent. He makes her so happy unlike any other guy she has been with." She smiled as they came in for a landing. Hannah had a bit of trouble. She stumbled and ended up on her butt"We'll work on that Hannah." They were outside of a small house but it was elegant Gothic style.

"Ruby had the place built this way. Max wanted a castle but she put her foot down." They fixed their hair before clipping a small unnoticeable chuck out of Hannah's hair. Using a small pouch they put it inside the back door before all of them entered "Aunt Ruby Uncle Max we have a surprise for you guys. And Orson get out of your bedroom."

Ruby came into the kitchen area first her black hair as always brushed to perfection with her red dress glowing in the dark. Hannah smiled always having found Ruby very beautiful. Ruby smiled embracing Luna and Persephone. Hannah felt shy suddenly. The door opened again in came Max still bald as could be. He though was wearing his pajamas. "Luna good to see you my girl" he said. "Sorry I am so under dressed but we vere not expecting company."

"I understand dear uncle. We are sorry for the unexpected visit but we have a surprise for all three of you." said Luna in a very ladylike way. Hannah was surprised Luna could be so elegant. "Is Orson to home because the surprise is really for him."

"Orson is still upstairs he takes such a long time to wake up anymore. Ever since his best friend left he hasn't been as energetic."

Luna sighed Orson used to be a ball of fun even if he did stutter around girls. Hannah peeked out from behind her sire and friend. Max saw her and felt a smile coming on his face. Hannah smiled shyly at him "Uncle Max Aunt Ruby I would like you to meet Hannah. She is my new roommate." said Luna. Hannah smiled as Ruby took in her looks.

"I like the dress it fits her well but her hair could use a bit of a trim" Ruby said softly. "She has a cuteness about her that I miss seeing."

"It is nice to meet you Lady Ruby Count Max. Luna saved me last night but I have known of the freighting side of life since I was very small." said Hannah. She smiled at them her small but sharp fangs glinting in the light. Ruby was surprised by the manners of this young vampire. Max was enchanted though. Hannah had a softness but he could see she when needed could be strong.

That was when the door opened again and in came a tired looking Orson. He was defiantly not the same boy Hannah knew. He had grown to his father's height and lost his geeky glasses. His hair was now long and tied at the base of his neck. He was in nothing but a pair of black boxers what left little to the imagination they were so tight. Hannah nearly drooled as he walked passed. Orson had been working out since they last met. He was pretty buff for a vampire.

"Orson get some clothes on we have company." scolded Ruby. Orson just grumbled but went upstairs again. "Please forgive my son girls. He normally isn't this way but he just woke up." The three of them nodded.

Luna grinning at Hannah's face said "See I told you he was cute." Hannah was glad she couldn't blush anymore.

"So girls what are you up to tonight?" asked Ruby taking a seat on a divan.

"Just taking Hannah shopping. She only has this dress. It was a gift from Persephone. After that we aren't sure what we are going to do." said Luna nodding at the cute outfit Hannah wore.

"Why not take Hannah out to that karaoke club near the shops. It is just the place to relax after shopping. I recommend the chocolate flies and their horse blood smoothies" said Max kindly. He had been getting better with excepting the times. Ruby had been helping him as had their other friends.

"That is a great idea. Maybe we can take Orson along. He could use a night out of the house right Madam?"

"That he could. The boy gets so depressed around Halloween. He really misses Hannah Marie." said Ruby with Max nodding along with her. Hannah smiled sadly at that. She wanted them to love her as just Hannah. They hadn't realized she was their old Hannah.

Orson came down again dressed in black jeans with a blood red shirt and black vest over it. "Better Mother?" he asked bitterly.

"Yes dear. The girls are going out for the night and have invited you. Please go with them Orson. You could use a night out of the house. What happened to the cheerful boy I used to know?" Orson sighed and nodded he would go but only because he had been invited.

That was when his eyes fell on Hannah. He looked at her soft smile and smooth soft looking skin. He felt like he had seen that smile before but couldn't place it. Her long black hair looked just as soft as her skin and probably felt like silk. "Orson this is Hannah. She is Luna's new roommate."

Orson felt his heart clench when he heard her name was Hannah just like his first love's name. This girl wasn't her but he felt like he should at least be friendly. The girls smiled at him as he went to put on his shoes.

"Have fun" said Max before kissing Ruby's neck. "Ve sure vill" Orson and the girls shuddered as they left. Hannah had seen them necking enough as a little girl.

Orson kept staring at Hannah as they flew to town. She seemed so pretty but nothing like his Hannah. "So first we get the shopping done then we hit the club." Orson groaned hearing he just had been drafted to shopping with a bunch of girls.

He though was in for a surprise. Hannah liked the basics. Black jeans, shirts, skirts, dresses and shoes. Shopping for her was easy. She did gets few things in pink to add color to her look. Once they were done shopping the girls drug him into the club.

"I am new at this gang." said Hannah as they sat down in a booth. They let Persephone pick their songs.

"Really?" Orson asked. Hannah was very pretty and sweet. It was hard for him to believe she hadn't ever been to a karaoke club

"Ya before I was turned I had very little in terms of a social life. I was not like my classmates. I wasn't a giggly girl with big boobs or behind. Trust me I hated that town. I was far from my friends and cousins. I actually used to come to the fright side quite a bit because here I was accepted." Orson couldn't believe humans couldn't see what they had. Hannah was dark but sweet. So what did they find wrong with her?

They were served horse blood while they waited for their turns. Hannah saw a girl sitting alone at table near them. She looked depressed. Hannah couldn't help feeling sympathy for her being alone. She got up and walked over to the girl who had red hair yanked into a pair of very curly pigtails and soft green eyes. "Hey you alright?"

The girl looked at Hannah in shock before a small smile slipped onto her face. "Been better. I was supposed to be at a party tonight but my friends ditched me."

"Hey I know the feeling. I'm Hannah. Would you like to join us? We have room for one more."

"You sure Hannah?" Hannah nodded and was smiling so genuinely that she couldn't be lying. "Then alright I am Rosemary." they walked over to the table. Orson smiled at them moving over so Rosemary could sit down. Luna smiled at them.

"Hey there I am Luna and this is my cousin Orson." she said to Rosemary who smiled.

"Rosemary and thanks for letting me join you." said the red headed girl with a grin ordering a witch's brew special. "I am a green witch. It means I use the power of nature to cast my spells.

"No problem at all Rosemary. We had room and you looked like you could use a friend or two." said Persephone as she took her seat. "And that is cool to know Rosemary." To the world they were just a bunch of teenage friends hanging out.