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Hannah woke up the next evening feeling strangely better then she had in a while. Other then a sore neck that is. She sat up and realized she was clean and dressed in clothes way too big for her tiny body. Hannah had always been tiny for her age. She looked at the room she was in. It was about the same size as her room at home with empty lavender walls and strangely enough a coffin in the corner of the room. That was creepy as heck but not scary really. Hannah was actually itching to curl up inside that coffin and sleep some more.

That was when her mind remembered her attack and her rescue. She realized she had been attacked by a vampire. She had been saved by a girl who looked about her age but now she thought about it she had been a vampire as well. Hannah remembered the vampire girl cutting her own skin with her fangs then giving it to her to drink. After that it was a mess.

The door opened then and in came the girl from the night before with a big glass of red blood. "Good to see you are awake, Hannah. I brought you something to help your stomach." she handed the glass of blood. "It is fresh horse blood."

"Thanks I am so thirsty right now" Hannah said drinking it down with a smile. She drank the whole thing with a sigh. "That's better." she said taking in her sire she guessed. She had raven black hair worn very short and red eyes. She was dressed in a red tank top over a black long sleeved shirt and jeans. She also wore black rose earrings and a red ribbon worn like a necklace around her neck "Who are you?"

"My name is Raven. I am glad you drank that without problems some vampires have trouble with animal blood. You don't seem freaked out by things. Might I know why?"

"Easy I was friends with three vampires when I was little. I take it we are on the fright side?" Hannah asked with a smile. She was very excepting of being a vampire because her heart belonged here and now she did to.

"Yep. And good to knew you know vampires before. Let's go see about getting you something to wear tonight. We have to get you shopping for clothes though I can't believe how tiny you are. Most vampire girls are as tall as the guys. You being small though is so cute." Hannah smiled and got out of the bed. Her long hair was a tangled mess and now raven black. It was always a pain brush it out. Raven smiled at this. "My roommate is smaller then me maybe she has something you could use for clothes." Hannah fallowed her to the room at the end of the hall that was blaring music that Hannah actually thought was pretty cool sounding.

"Persephone" Raven banged on the door and yelled for a few minutes. It opened finally to show a vampire girl dressed in a frilly red shirt under a black dress. She had black hair to her mid back held away from her cheeks by a blood red star hair clip. She wasn't tall but she was still taller then Hannah.

"What is it Raven I was reading a book." that was when Persephone saw Hannah and her black and red eyes widened. "Shit you didn't bring home another vampire kid did you?"

"Yes I did Persephone. Persephone meet Hannah. Hannah this is Persephone our roommate. Don't let her fool you with the tough girl act. Persephone is a big old softy." Raven dodged her roommate's shoe. "Persephone do you have something that would fit Hannah here. She needs new clothes and well I don't think she wants to go shopping in my clothes. They look like a tent on her." Persephone's seemed to soften at the words out of Raven's mouth. Hannah realized Persephone like Raven said was really a nice person.

"Come on in I think I have something in your size." Persephone let them in and Hannah smiled Persephone was into books, sewing and wolves. Her room was colored in dark reds and midnight blue. She had a white coffin in a corner and a bed in the middle. "I like to read on the bed more room to roll around and laugh when the story gets funny." Persephone said having seen where Hannah had been looking. She had a sewing area in a corner with an old fashioned sewing machine. She went to where she kept things she made. "I just made a dress for the daughter of a costumer but she didn't want it in the end because I made it with black fabric. She had told her father she wanted a pink dress with white lace. He forgot to tell me that but he did pay for my work. Here it is." she took out a simple but cute dress made out of black cotton trimmed with red lace. "Thankfully werewolves come in all shapes and sizes."

Hannah using the closet door for privacy changed into the dress. It fitted her nicely. The cotton was light and breathable. It was an off the shoulder number with long sleeves. The dress hugged her upper body in away that made her look more her age then it fell freely to her knees. The neck line, sleeves and bottom were trimmed with red lace It was just the kind of thing Hannah would have bought for herself. She stepped out from behind the door to see Persephone and Raven on the bed with hair brushes, ribbons and hair ties. "This dress is perfect."

"You can have it Hannah I make them all the time after all and it fits you great." said Persephone "Come here and we will help fix your hair for the day. I was thinking letting it fall but tying back the parts near the face with a ribbon. Cute but classic." Hannah smiled that sounded great and there was a red lace ribbon in the batch on the bed.

"I am a bit surprised at my hair changing color. I was brown haired before the change. All the vampires I have ever met have had black hair."

"Well I was a turned vampire like you Hannah. Turned vampires losetheir human colored hair. Weird I know but it is how it goes. I used to be a sun shine blond." Said Persephone with a shrug as she brushed Hannah's hair. "You are going to be a hit with the boys a cute little thing like you."

"Joy" said Hannah sarcastically at those words "I personally don't like guys to much. I have had one crush ever and even I know he was out of my league."

"Do tell what about him." said Raven with a grin as she tied some of Hannah's hair with the red lace ribbon.

"He was the son of my godmother's friends. Really cute and funny always pretending he was going to bite me when we first met. He was the first vampire I met who was a kid. I was just seven when we met. I miss seeing Orson so much."

"Did you say Orson?" asked Persephone.

"Yes Orson was my best friend as a kid before we moved away and I lost my key to the fright side." said Hannah

"Hannah if his parents are named Max and Ruby then you are in luck."

"They are Ruby and Max were those rather old fashioned type of vampires."

"You know my aunt, uncle and cousin." said a surprised Raven with huge smile on her face. "They live two hills away from us."

"Really?" said Hannah her eyes glowing with excitement. "I have been gone so long I missed my old friends seeing them would be so great."

"We can stop there on our way to get your clothes. You would look good in old style Goth gear." Persephone smiled as she and Raven quickly pulled on their shoes. Hannah sighed she had lost her shoes the night before during her running.

Raven smiled and held up a pair of cute red shoes "They will go so well with that hair bow of yours." Hannah grinned as she slipped her feet into the shoes. They were a little big but they would do till she got new ones. When ready she fallowed the older girls who showed her how to glide about. "Oh Hannah we will need some of your hair when we get there. Vampires can enter a house with their hair beside the door in a pouch" said Raven. Hannah smiled and nodded.

"No problem Raven." she said feeling a bit excited but also self-conscious about seeing Orson again. She hadn't seen him in so long. It was going to be like meeting again because she wasn't the same little girl he knew once. She voiced her feelings to her elder vampires who smiled.

"Don't worry Hannah Orson is still a shy guy around girls. Hades I am his cousin and he still stammers around me." said Raven with a smile as Hannah giggled. They then set off for the home of the old friends.