Chapter 5


Case#2: Nightmare Clouds 2

Day 2

Mai yawned lazily as she sat in the front seat where Lin was. From the looks of it, Lin was driving without much expression on his face, just a face of boredom. She knew Lin was really worried for Naru and for that, she felt sympathy for the guy. Lin had told her once before he was supposed to protect Naru if anything were to endanger him. It was something special of course so it sounded right that Lin should worry about his boss. Still, Mai still couldn't really understand the relationship between the both of them.

Shaking her head, she tried to not doze off to sleep since they were almost there. It was their first investigation as her working for Lin as an assistant. Well, Lin's assistant that is. The van screeched to a stop at the parking spot where now a huge house with many old windows and boards were standing before them. Mai found the place creepy but she knew she'll have to investigate the place anyway.

Getting out of the van, she walked behind Lin looking around. The flowers in the garden looked all in full bloom and beautiful, making the house not so creepy. It was cool for that since houses often have beautiful nature around them to push away the creepiness of it. As they approached the door, he heard Lin knock the door. The same woman, Kiko opened the door, her smile full on her face.

"Oh, this is Shibuya Physic Research, right? Welcome, welcome! Come in!" The woman greeted. Lin and Mai walked inside, looking around. Inside, the house looked new and furnished well. Everything inside the house looked like it was brand new and haven't been used before. It was a unique sight.

"A presume that this is the house you live in with your daughter and husband?" Lin asked.

"Yes. My brother also lives here too. My daughter had recently since her strange acting was very close to him. Shall I show you to where the room where you can put the equipment in?" Kiko asked.

"If you will, it'll be appreciated." Lin replied. The woman nodded and led them to the upstairs, where they walked down a broad hallway with just a few doors on the side. They were led to the end of the hallway where a door was to the right. Kiko opened the door and revealed a pretty big room with tables and chairs as well as a comfy sofa there for them to sit.

"Here you are, Mr. Shibuya. This is where your room to put your equipment in will be. Now, I need to check with my daughter so if you need anything, just come to me. You will find me nearby." With that, Kiko left. Mai sighed as she walked inside, slightly looking at Lin.

"I'll go get the equipment. The others should be here soon. Make sure you organize the tables to the right position." Lin said before he left the room. Mai nodded as she began to move the tables around, grunting as she did. The tables were quite heavy for her to lift and it wasn't easy without someone on the side to help you with. Sighing, she just continued moving them until she got them to the right position. Groaning, she put the chairs where the tables are and put some chairs near the table where the sofa was.

Once she was done, she saw Lin put the equipment on the floor. Mai began to set it up, feeling a bit tired of all the setting up since she was mostly doing the work and Lin to only move the equipment up. Once Mai had set up the monitors on the shelf on the right place, she began to put the other equipment on the table as well. Lin had finished moving the equipment then and began plugging the wires in, making sure all the equipment are in the right place. Mai had finished placing them all in, and sighed, relieved the equipment was set up.

She looked at Lin as she said,"Um, Lin?"

"Yes, Mai?"

"I looked a bit into Kiko's brother and apparently her brother is a Satanist. What could that mean?"

"It means that we are dealing with someone even more dangerous than before and possibly the cause of all this chaos in this house. We can't be sure for now but if from what you say is true, then I believe that a evil spirit is summoned from the underworld. We must be very cautious."

"I guess. So, does that we can never be alone?" Mai inquired.

"Looks like you are right. Naru would say that since he is the type of guy to say such things." Lin nodded. Mai giggled on that.

"I just hope he'll be back soon." Mai sighed.

"Don't worry too much. He'll be back, I'm sure of it."

"O-Okay." Mai said as she went to the sofa and sat down, sighing in tiredness. Why did she feel so tired all of a sudden? Maybe it's because her physic powers are kicking in. Maybe that's why. Still, she wanted to fall asleep so badly! She can't though. She had to help Lin on the set up and all before they can have the others take care of it. Still, she couldn't help but try to fall asleep. Lin though, had noticed this and turned towards her.

"Go to sleep. Maybe one of your dreams would help us on this case." Lin told her.

"But I want to wait for everyone else to arrive here! I don't wanna sleep!" Mai complained, shaking her head.

"I'll still be hanging around, don't worry about it." Lin reassured.

"O-Okay..." Mai yawned again and it wasn't long before darkness took her over.

Mai opened her eyes and realized she was in darkness, standing there. She got up and looked around."This is a dream, I am sure of it. If that's the case, the Naru in my dreams should be here. I can't see him though. I wonder where he had gone?" Mai began to walk around, looking around until she saw him. She smiled brightly as she began to walk towards him. He can tell he was smiling back but in a sad way. Once Mai got near him, he held out his hand towards her. Mai took it and soon they began walking.

The scene before them was in the house where it shows Monk, Ayako, John and Lin in the room, all discussing about their matters. Mai could hear them faintly but she knew that they would not see her. Looking at the Naru in her dreams, she asked,"Why are you showing the house to me?"

"You will see." Replied the Naru in her dreams. Mai turned back to the scene and saw two huge dark foxfires there. Mai widen her eyes. One she somehow faintly recognize but the other one was unfamiliar. The two foxfires were in two places. The first one was in the living room while the other one was upstairs in the hallway, just near Uka's room. However, she saw Uka was not possessed. She found it to be really odd for that. Maybe the foxfires caused this. The two foxfires were quite big which scared Mai the most. How can they deal with this when there is such a huge foxfire?

"Naru, what will the two foxfires do?" She asked in worry.

"Those two foxfires are dangerous Mai," Came Naru's answer,"They are bonded by a certain man and would try to destroy and eliminate ones that are making them disappear. You must be really cautious."

"Wait, who are they bonded to?" Mai asked. The scene shifted to Kiko's brother room where the brother seemingly looked angered, even stressed. Then she heard something from the brother.

"The entire team shall be gone within four days. Be sure to get rid of them then. I don't want to have any interference of this." Mai then saw the foxfires had grown brighter and stronger as if they caught the message. Mai gasped as the scene now gone.

"Oh, what do we do Naru?" Mai said, worried as she turned towards him.

"Get rid of them but you will have to do it quickly. Like the man said, you will not be here once it is passed four days." Naru replied, his tone serious.

"I need to wake up and tell the others of this." Mai said nodding. Naru in her dreams disappeared in sight, leaving her in the darkness. The smile on his face was the last thing she can catch.

When she woke up, she shot up straight from where she was laying before groaning and feeling a little dizzy from getting up too fast. Monk had his hand on her immediately as he looked at her.

"Woah, woah, woah. What's the sudden shot up?" Monk asked.

"Guys, I just had another dream." Mai said in a panicked voice. Everyone went silent and now their focus was on Mai. She took a few deep breaths before she told them what she dreamed about, leaving the Naru part out. Once she was done, no one spoke due to being shocked by how strong the spirits are becoming. Lin had a frowning face as he walked over to her.

"So, the two foxfires you saw were actually bonded to Kiko's brother. This is not good."

"Not only that, I heard him say to eliminate us within four days. How are we supposed to get rid of the foxfires before then? It's such a short time period." Mai said, her tone still panicking.

"We'll need to break the bond from the brother somehow." Lin replied, his now in a thinking expression.

"How? By doing some sort of weird ritual to the brother to break it?" Monk asked with a raised brow.

"No, you idiot! He means to convince the brother that his ways are wrong and is harming the family!" Ayako snapped.

"Oh, is that how it is? Besides, from the sounds of it, it sounds more of a ritual." Monk glared at Ayako.

"Guys, there is no need to argue when Lin can do all the explaining." Mai interrupted, shaking her head and sighing. Those two never got along ever since they met.

"Alright. How are you planning to break the bond from the foxfires, Lin?" Monk asked, crossing his arms out of annoyance.

"I haven't figured it out just yet but if I remember correctly, there is this something that would make one would be broken from the bond of that person, thus the foxfire or fires would leave that person even if it doesn't want to. I still need to look into it since I am unsure of the full details." Lin told them.

"Well, until then I guess we'll have to exorcise then." Monk said shrugging.

"You can give it a shot but be careful to not get harmed by it." Lin warned.

"Gotcha, boss." Everyone except Mai said together.

"Good. I want everyone to explore around the house and see if you can find anything that might be dangerous. I want none of your to be separated from yourselves." Lin told them. Again, everyone nodded and headed out of base to do their tasks. Mai sighed and leaned back on the sofa, staring at Lin.


"Yes, Mai?"

"Is it possible that the foxfires are really bonded with the brother?"

"From what you told me of your dream, yes." Lin replied before typing on the computer."Don't worry on it, Mai. We will solve this problem soon enough. After all, spirits evil or not there is a way to get rid of them."

"O-Okay." Mai nodded but it sounded wrong in her ears. She had the very feeling that the evil spirits are getting more and more dangerous by the moment and dealing with them is getting difficult and more intense than ever before. She was worried and not to mention that they are worried about if they would ever get rid of the foxfires so they would ultimately leave. She hoped so. She got up and walked towards the monitors and listened in on each camera, seeing if they caught any sounds. Unfortunately, they didn't yet. Mai leaned back on her chair and tried to relax again, her mind still wandering off about the dangers that were rising quite quickly.

Day 3


The previous day investigation went uneventful. Monk and the others went to a few rooms to exorcise but the results were as thought, unfruitful. Mai didn't had any dreams after that foxfire endanger dream and she found that the foxfires hadn't decide to strike just yet. It was a relief of that since the foxfires were just getting started with whatever they are planning. Mai had arrived at SPR where Lin usually waited for her. They always meet up there before they head for the house. She knew going alone would be quite dangerous to do.

Seating herself in the van at the front seat, she waited for Lin to seat himself on the driver's spot. Once he did, they began their drive to the house just not far from SPR. At this moment, Mai took the opportunity to ask her temporary boss.

"Lin, did Naru by chance called you after he left?"

"I guess I'll be honest on this one. Yes, he did but he couldn't tell me the reason why he left to England in such a short notice. He just told me that it was deemed unimportant. I think his words rang false."

"Did he ask about me?"

"Yes, he did."

"I see." There was silence between the two of them as Mai leaned against the door handle, watching the cars pass by them. Soon, they saw the haunted house again where Lin stopped the car in the spot. Monk, Ayako and John had just arrived there as well. Mai got off the van and slammed the door shut, following Lin towards the door. They have decided to leave the equipment there for the night since they wanted to monitor the activities that might occur last night. When they got to base, Lin began to say orders.

"Takigawa and John, I want you to call Kiko's husband to base to be questioned. Ms. Matsuzaki and Mai will run down temperatures."

"Lin, you can't just be here left alone. What happens if one of the foxfires attack you?" Mai asked, worried.

"I have my shiki to protect me so don't worry about it. If something happens, I'm sure you can hear it from the radio you are bringing along with you." Lin told her. She knew that she can't argue on that. Sighing, she grabbed the temperature gauge and a clipboard with a pen and headed out of base, followed by Ayako. They went through all the rooms upstairs first to see if there are any temperature abnormalities. There weren't. Next, they headed for downstairs and checked the living room, the study room and the dining room. When they headed for the study room though, the door behind them slammed shut.

"Ayako, the door!" Mai said immediately. Ayako rushed to the door and tried the door but it was locked.

"It won't open!" Ayako told her.

"Lin! Can you hear me?" Mai said in the radio. All she heard was static though. Mai panicked even more. She went to the door and tried the door to find it was still locking them in. The lights in the room also began to flicker on and off, eventually turning it off completely. Mai got near Ayako, shivering in fear. She looked around frantically, worried on what to do. Ayako was holding onto her hand, trying to comfort her but she knew that she was nervous as well.

A laughter that sounded evil filled the room. Mai saw the temperature gauge had began to drop down rapidly. She shivered at that as she continued looking around. Eventually, a dark figure appeared before them. It was like a foxfire, dark purple but it was in a shape of a human. Mai stared at it in fear, trembling. What are they going to do? She was helpless without someone's help. She looked at Ayako, searching for any hope of help.

The figure continued staring at them, as it began to drift closer to them, in a slow, rhythmic pace. Mai's eyes continued to show fear as she was now trembling even more violently. The dark figure stopped in front of Ayako and with a scream, she saw Ayako on the other side of the room, on the wall. She saw her to be half conscious. Mai ran over to her and checked if she was okay. So far, she was. Her heart was beating and her breathing was still a bit normal.

She glared at the foxfire as she clasped her hands together and began chanting, the one Monk taught her how to do. Then after that, she perform the nine cuts. The dark figure disappeared but Mai was knocked back onto the wall, causing her to grunt in pain. She winced as she began pulling Ayako towards the door, using the wall in case something would pop up from behind. She wasn't going to be tricked by the foxfire. Eventually, they were near the door enough to touch it.

Just when she was about to reach for the door knob, books from the shelves flew towards her. Mai's eyes widen as she quickly performed the nine cuts again, causing the books to fall down before they hit her or Ayako. Mai sighed in relief as she bend down towards her and shook her lightly. Ayako groaned as her eyes opened.

"W-What happened? Did I knocked out by that foxfire?" Ayako spoke but her voice sounded groggy.

"Yeah you did. It looks like we won't be getting out anytime soon." Mai replied, relieved that Ayako was well enough to speak.

"I hope the boys would come to get us. I so want to get out of here." Ayako snorted slightly crossing her arms. Mai just giggled a bit. That was Ayako. Eventually, they heard banging from the other side of the door and soon voices, ones she recognized to be Lin, and Monk.

"Mai, Ayako can you hear me?" Lin called from the door.

"We are here. Get us out of here before the foxfire attack us." Mai called back.

"Get back causing we're breaking through." Monk called from the door as well. Both her and Ayako back away from the door as they heard a bang! before the door opened, revealing Lin and Monk. Mai smiled as she walked towards them. She was relieved to see them to be unharmed.

"Are you two alright?" Was the first question from Lin.

"I'm fine but I"m not sure about Ayako." Mai replied. Both boys led us out of the room as we headed back to base. Back in base, Mai told them about the events that happened in the study room. Once she was done narrating the story down, Lin spoke.

"So, the foxfires are starting to take on us head on. We would need to remain as a group."

"Problem is, we need two people to guard base at all times. Who would that be?" Monk frowned.

"Me and Mai of course. If everyone is back and we need to do investigation, we'll then go." Lin replied casually.

"I'll say it's a fair enough deal. After all, I won't be alone with that blonde guy over there with a frown on his face." Ayako said, smirking slightly.

"Who are you calling that, woman?!" Monk growled as he glared at Ayako.

"It's the truth after all. Don't go glaring at me, Mr. Buffpants." Ayako said, staring back at Monk.

"Hey, hey, there's no need to argue. Can't we settle this peacefully?" John broke in, trying to calm down.

"NO!" Both Ayako and Monk shouted at the same time before glaring at each other again. Mai sighed and shook her head at them. They never ever get along with each other. It was no surprise still. As the arguments continued, Mai droned off to another slumber.

To be continued...

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