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Chapter 27: Still Got Tonight

"Still got tonight" – Mathew Morrison

If you're not home, I'll sit here on your doorstep

Button up my coat and wait

We'll go upstairs, close the curtains and we're all set

To pick up where we left again

There's question marks hanging over us

But we won't give the time of day, oh

'Cause all we got is these few stolen seconds

And we can't let them go to waste

The stars collide, we come back to life

We come back to life

The sparks will fly, one look in your eyes

My heart's open wide

I know time's running out now

But we'll hold back the sun somehow

See the sky, we still got tonight

We still got tonight

"Edward, do we really need to do this?" Bella asked hesitantly for the umpteenth time today.

"Bella, you promised." I said patiently as we parked next to Carlisle's Mercedes.

"But I'm fine… this is unnecessary. Besides, we left Lizzie alone at school."

"She is not alone, the others are watching over her. And Alice is constantly checking on her too."

"Alice can't see her."

"Yes, but she can see Victoria. If Victoria disappears we'll know something's wrong."

She still looked uncertain.

"Bella, she's safe. I wouldn't let her out of my sight if I wasn't sure of it."

She looked down and started picking on her fingernails.

"You can't ever be too sure."

I turned off the car and pulled the keys out of the ignition.

"Bella, she has a lot of vampires and a wolf taking care of her. She is safe."

She still wouldn't meet me in the eye.

"Love, what is this really about?" I asked anxiously, taking her left hand in mine.

"I don't want to go in there."

"Why not?"

"I hate hospitals. And needles."

I smiled sadly at her.

"I know, but this is for your own good."

"Can't we just wait until my six-month checkup? Nothing would be different then from now, if I'm sick I'm sick, if not then I'm not."

I unfastened her seatbelt and pulled her over the console onto my lap.

"Well like you said, nothing will be different." I kissed her temple and inhaled her scent "It'll still be the same hospital now than in a couple of months. However, god forbid, there is something wrong… the more time we have in our favor the better, don't you think?"


I looked at her bewildered.

"Why? If there's something wrong, the more time we have to heal you the better."

"To heal me?"

"Yes, I don't want anything happening to you Bella."

She looked down at our joined hands over her lap with a sad expression. I lifted her chin so that I could look into her eyes once again.

"What's the matter, Bella? You can tell me anything, remember? We're supposed to trust each other."

She smiled tightly.

"I know, I'm sorry it's just… I really hate hospitals. It brings back bad memories."

I looked down at our joined hands, I hated to see her so heartbroken like this.

"You never talk about them." I whispered, rubbing my thumb over her knuckles.

She shrugged.

"I don't like to talk about them." She said simply. "Aside from Lizzie they were very painful and dark times." She studied the lines on my palm, tracing her soft fingers over them. "I hated every time I had to go into those cold rooms, the needles, the beeping sounds… it was a nightmare, so depressing. And to top it all off I was terrified I wouldn't find you in time." She looked up at me with teary eyes.

"It really was as if you had never existed and that scared me." She looked down again, as if ashamed of her revelation "I was weaker every day and the weaker I got the less I could look for you. Then I'd blame myself for not being enough... for anyone, not enough for you, your family, for Lizzie or Charlie."

I cupped her cheek, turned her face towards me and kissed her.

It was soft, and sweet but still full of my undying love for her. Her heartbeat accelerated and after several seconds, I broke the kiss and she rested her forehead over mine, her breathing shaky and heavy.

"You are enough Bella, you give me everything just by breathing, always remember that. I know how hard it was for you, but now I'm here and I will always be here for you. You are not alone anymore."

"You promise?"

"I swear on my life, I'll always be here for you."

"You'll be here when I come out of those rooms?" She asked with a timid little voice.

"I will. I love you, angel."

She nodded before cupping my face and kissing me back again.


When Bella came out, her eyes wandered around the waiting room until she found me. She gave me a shy smile and I stood up and met her half way, wrapping my arms around her.

"How did it go?" I kissed her ear.

"Fine, the results will be ready in a few days."

"And what did the doctor say?" I asked even though I already knew, having heard their conversation.

She smirked, knowing this.

"Nothing really, he couldn't say much until we get the results. He did say I was still a little underweight and that my blood pressure was low."

"Have you not been eating properly?" I frowned looking down at her, Esme has been so careful about her diet.

"I have but I lost a lot of weight through the whole thing. My body still has a lot of catching up to do."

"And how do you feel?" I asked, searching her eyes.

"I'm good now," she smiled blushing a little "I'm ok Edward, really." She added when she saw I wasn't convinced. "Don't worry about me, you are going to get grays." She winked, making me chuckle at the absurdity of her comment.

"I do feel like I've aged about ten centuries these past couple years." I confessed.

She scoffed.

"Well, you are pretty well in shape then. What's your thing? Pilates?"

I laughed out loud.

"You are crazy."

She giggled burying her face in my chest.

"C'mon," I kissed the top of her head "Lizzie is waiting for us."

Before leaving the hospital we stopped by the ER to say hi to Carlisle. He was busy so we didn't stay long, after that we headed back to Lizzie's ballet school. Bella's exams took longer than we thought so after school Esme picked her up and brought her to Calgary for a little shopping trip at the mall and her ballet classes afterwards.

When we parked in front of the studio I could pick out almost everyone's mind inside. Only Rosalie, Emmett and Jasper were missing since they had late classes. Alice did too but I guess shopping was more important than advanced calculus.

I opened the door for Bella and she stepped out of the car, shivering and hugging her light jacket tighter to her body.

"Don't you have something warmer?" I asked as I took my leather jacket from the back seat and handed it to her.

"Yes, but it's summer and I lost the only sweater I left out of the basement boxes."

"Which one?"

"The red one Charlie gave me on Christmas, remember?"

I nodded.

"I haven't seen it either, I'm sorry." I took her hand and guided her towards the studio "We'll look for it as soon as we get back home."

Lizzie's class was running late so the lobby was packed with parents waiting for their daughters. Some were chattering around the coffee shop and others, like my family, were glued to the window glass watching the class. I could hear Carmen memorizing the routine in her head and adding a few changes and twists that she thought would be better if she was the teacher.

"Bella!" Alice danced towards us when we entered the room "How did the appointment go?"

Bella rolled her eyes.

"Like you don't already know."

"Actually I don't," Alice's eyes lost their sparkle "I didn't look so I could hear it from you first."

"Oh," Bella stammered nervously "it's was Ok, I guess… Dr. Smith couldn't say much until we get the results."

"Well, I'm sure everything will be alright." Alice smiled tentatively at her.

"If you say so." Bella smiled back a bit shyly.

Alice was about to ask her something else when the door to the studio opened and a bunch of girls came out running to greet their parents. Bella took the opportunity to avoid the awkward moment and turned around looking for our daughter. I kissed Alice's forehead before joining her, silently telling her to be patient.

Aside from me, Alice also struggled to win Bella's trust back. They did got along now but it was all superficial, there wasn't the same closeness and friendship as before. Things weren't as bad with the rest of my family though. I guess it had to do with the fact that they were closer to each other than with any other member of my family. Alice was her best friend so the betrayal was greater in her eyes.

The closest Bella was to at the moment was my mother. Esme had lost a baby herself so she understood Bella's fears and the pain she went through in her time away from Lizzie. I think with Bella being a mother now, she saw her as some sort of mentor, like the mother she had lost when Rene turned her back on her. Esme's motherly nature gave her comfort and stability, something Bella had craved for all this time. It wasn't very unusual finding them in the kitchen talking about Elizabeth and Bella's time away from us.

"Momma! Dad!" Lizzie finally came out, running towards us with her bright pink tutu and green ballet shoes. She jumped into Bella's waiting arms giving her a smooch and making her laugh.

"I'm happy to see you too." Bella nuzzled Lizzie's cheek "how was class?" She asked with a bright smile, casually taking Lizzie's hand in hers. I knew Lizzie was sharing her memories with her even though she started talking too to keep up with appearances. My baby girl was smart, she learned pretty quickly how to blend in with the humans.

"Doesn't daddy get a kiss too?" I approached them.

Lizzie smiled and stretched her arms towards me so I could take her. I hugged her tightly, as always feeling like half of me had returned every time I held her close. It was amazing how much I loved this little angel, her and her mother were my entire life.

"Did you have fun, princess?" I playfully bit her nose.

"Yes daddy!"

"That's awesome baby, maybe aunt Carmen can help you practice during the weekend to make up for the lost time?"

Lizzie turned with a questioning look towards Carmen who was standing a few feet away with Esme and Eleazar.

"I'd be happy to, preciosa." She smiled and Lizzie beamed at her.

We drove back home, I took Seth, Carmen, Bella and Lizzie in the Volvo while the rest rode home with Esme.

Bella was sitting next to me and I held her hand over the console while she chatted carefree with Carmen and Lizzie about Carmen's human life. She was telling them about her move from Spain to France to pursue her dream of becoming a ballerina and latter Cuba, where she was changed in the rising moments of her professional career.

I felt incredibly content hearing both of them laugh and joke around, it gave me a sense of peace. I was calm and excited at the same time it was so reenergizing knowing that both of them were happy and safe here with me. Every time Lizzie laughed Bella would squeeze my hand and I could see it in her eyes that she was as overjoyed as I was in our little bubble. I could see that she finally believed me every time I whispered that I loved her.

"Do you miss it? It must have been hard for you." Bella asked Carmen about her ballerina's days.

"Not really, I'm still able to dance if I want to. I did it because I love the dance itself not because of the shows and glamour that came with being an artist. Besides, memories fade with time so there's not much I miss."

"You don't remember much of your human life?" Lizzie's asked sadly.

"Just the parts that I want, if you make an effort and think constantly about memories you want to keep forever you can." Carmen smiled down at her.

"Is that true daddy?"

"Yes, princess." I said looking at her over the rearview mirror.

"What's your favorite memory?" Bella asked curiously.

"Of my human life?"


"I know daddy's favorite vampire memories! He told me, remember daddy?"

I laughed.

"Why don't you share them with mom-"

"So she's really back?"

I stiffened in my seat and let out a growl as my vision turned red. Pushed the breaks and got out of the car.

"Edward?" Bella stared at me with panic in her eyes.

"Missed me?"

"Carmen, take them home!"

"Edward! What's going on?!" Bella yelled from her seat as Carmen took my place without questioning.

"Mhhmm… she still smells like I remember."

"Edward? What's the matter?" Esme asked, having stopped her car behind me.

"Victoria." I hissed before going into the woods after her.

-bit of violence starts-

I heard Tanya, Eleazar and Alice get out of their car behind me and join the chase. Tanya was a great tracker, so even if Victoria was far enough away that I could barely hear her thoughts she could still find Victoria's scent.

"She's heading for the river!" Alice screamed.

"She'll get away!" Eleazar hollered back.

"No she won't!" Tanya growled jumping into the trees and using her strength to travel faster through the forest and keep up with me.

"Marcooo…" Victoria sang taunting me and I ran faster leaving everyone behind. I could already hear her ahead of me but I still had to see her.

Venom was now swirling freely around my mouth, my leaps became more aggressive and my senses sharpened. I could hear every sound, smell every scent around me. The adrenaline of the chase waking up every sense and blurring my reasoning, I was mad with bloodlust but somehow, thanks to my vampire brain, still keeping a clear head for my mission.

"She changed courses!" Alice informed us "She's going back to the city!"

"We need to separate." Eleazar suggested.

I worked a plan in my head.

"Let's surround her. Alice and Tanya go back South. Eleazar and I will take her to you."

Alice shook her head.

"She keeps changing her mind!"

"Damn it!" I snarled.

"EDWARD! To your left!" Alice screeched.

Out of nowhere I was thrown to the ground.

I immediately looked up to see another vampire bare his teeth at me, his eyes were black and crazed with thirst but that's not what shocked me, what left me speechless was that I couldn't hear his mind at all or smell him, it was as if he was invisible to almost all of my senses. He pounced forward, ready to attack me but I got out of my trance in time and rolled to the side and got on my feet.

"Good boy Raoul. I'll miss you."

Raoul jumped to his feet and came at me straight forward, I dodged his punch and struck back landing my fist on his jaw, when I tried to hit again he caught my fist and turned my arm on my back. He bit my shoulder and I screamed in pain pulling away, he let go for a second before he grabbed me again and just as I felt his teeth come close to my throat I wrapped my free arm around his neck and pulled him forward over me, sending him flying across the forest. I went after him and tackled him down, pinning him against the ground.

"What's her plan?!" I yelled at him but he only smiled, I grabbed him by his neck and hit his head hard against the ground, earning a scream from him that quickly turned into laughter.

Sadistic dingbat.

"Answer me?!"

He laughed again and kicked me on the stomach, launching me away and making me land on a spruce. I recovered quickly and went after him as he tried to make his escape, but I was faster. I reached him and grabbed him by his hair, kneed him on his lower back and bringing him to his knees, he was a lousy fighter.

"If you want a quick death tell me what her plan is!" I pinned him to the ground again. When he didn't speak I leaned forward and sunk my teeth on his shoulder and ripped off his entire right arm.

"Victoria!" He screamed for help, but of course no one came.

"She's not coming back you idiot!"


"She's the liar!"

"Victoria!" He screamed helplessly as the rest of my family finally caught up with us. Alice stayed but Tanya and Eleazar passed us and continued on their hunt after Victoria.

"He's not going to talk Edward."

"The hell he's not!" I yelled enraged. Adrenaline and bloodlust consumed my entire mind and blurred my vision again. The venom he had managed to poison me with was making me forget reason, confusing me and making me alarmingly outraged.

I grabbed him by his neck again and crashed his head against the ground, the side of his face cracking with the force, even my knuckles were hurting with the force of my grip but I didn't care.

"Who's the other one? Who's the one that went into our house?!"

He laughed again and I bended his leg backwards earning another agonizing scream.

"You are a fool!" He spat at me "You won't get away with it, we will conquer!"

I punched him square in the face and broke his nose, but again, aside from his agonizing cry, he remained quiet.

"What are you talking about?!"

He laughed again, the sound a bit distorted because of his broken jaw.

"You need to kill him now Edward, it's starting to rain." Alice said urgently but I didn't listen to her.

"Talk!" I began punching his face again, the alien venom possessing and turning me into a feral, aggravated monster.

"Victoria!" Raoul screamed.

"Edward!" Alice's screams were far away. The bloodlust was overwhelming.

I could barely see straight, and my new sole purpose was to sink my teeth into his neck, rip him apart into pieces, dismember every limb and shatter every bone in him.

"Edward!" I heard again, but this voice was closer. "Edward! Calm down, he's dead."

"What's wrong with him?"

"It's the venom, it drives us crazy. Don't go near him, let him burn it off." Eleazar warned them. "Where's Jasper?"

"He'll be here in two minutes."

I continued to punch, bite and pull everything I could get a hold off until the body was unrecognizable. I stared at what I had done and maybe I should have felt remorse but I didn't. I hated to see what I was capable off, I stared at my hands and hated the white, cold stone texture of them but I couldn't feel remorse. And I hated myself more because I couldn't feel guilty about what I had done, even if he was a killer as well.

I looked up at the sky seeing the first drops coming our way.

-bit of violence ends-

"Edward?" Alice asked in a tiny voice, I looked up and saw her look at me over Jasper's shoulder. No wonder I was suddenly calm.

"Did you catch her?" I asked Tanya and Eleazar.

Tanya shook her head.

"I'm sorry, she escaped."

"Fuck!" I screamed punching my fist through a tree "We had her, God!" I pulled at my hair in frustration "We were so close! She was trapped!"

"Calm down Edward, we'll get another chance." Alice said rationally, but I was still too angry and crazed with everything that just went down.

"How do you know? You can't see her!"

"She'll be back Edward. She still has a purpose." She reminded me "But now we must hurry, we need to burn him quickly."

"There's some dry wood and pine needles over there." Tanya pointed out and we quickly set to work, creating a small bonfire over Raoul's body and setting it on fire.

We stayed to make sure the body was turned into ashes, thankfully the rain wasn't too heavy yet and it let the fire consume every last part of the vampire without a problem. As we waited for the flames to subside I felt a sharp pain on my shoulder.

"It's going to sting for a few hours." Jasper said, talking from experience obviously "It'll heal faster if you don't move."

"We couldn't even get answers." I said ignoring his advice and throwing a rock at the bonfire.

"I'm sorry, I know it's even more confusing now but the important thing is that Bella and Lizzie are safe." Alice tried to calm me "Esme, Kate and Carmen are with them and I'm sure the rest of them are back at the house already."

"We need to head back, Bella and Lizzie must be worried." Tanya said taking a step closer.

"You go, I need more time to calm down." I said, still feeling out of sorts. My mind was still in a haze and I felt vulnerable, like the tiniest thing could set me off again. I couldn't be with Bella or Lizzie like this.

Alice nodded.

"Alright, just don't take too long."

They all left, and I sat down in one of the fallen trees from the fight. I watched the flames as they dimmed with the increasing rain.

My throat burned, and I needed something to quench my thirst. Even if I had just hunted a few days ago, the fight had left me restless and thirsty for blood. I got up on my feet and ran deeper into the forest. It was harder to track something in the pouring rain but I managed to find a bear hiding from the rain in a cave.

When I was done I felt a thousand times better. My hands weren't shaking anymore and I could finally focus on something else besides ripping of someone else's head. I sat on the edge of the cave, protecting myself from the rain and went over every part of the fight. Analyzing everything Victoria and Raoul had said.

"You won't get away with it, we will conquer!"

What did that mean? And who's we? How many friends did Victoria have? And what will they conquer? It made no sense at all. So far the other one we knew about was the intruder, and even though we didn't have proof I'd bet my soul, if I had one, that he wasn't just a nomad, he was one of Victoria's little puppets just like Laurent.

But why would they listen to her? How the hell did she manage to convince one vampire to risk their lives like this? There are seven of us, now eleven… what lies did she tell them?

"So she's really back?"

Did Laurent get the chance to tell her before I killed him? When? He was always with Irina… Or did the intruder figure it out and tell her? But how? How did she know it was her if she didn't see her? He did make a mess in Bella's room…

My body transformed into a block of ice.

Bella's sweater…

I instantly got back onto my feet and raced back home at lightning speed.

The run helped me wane down the rest of my energy but my mind was still racing with theories. Is that what he was looking for? A proof to bring back to Victoria that Bella was alive?

"You won't get away with it, we will conquer!"

Who's we? Victoria, Raoul and the intruder? What will they conquer? What lies did she tell them?

As soon as I arrived I went into the house through the kitchen door and heard every one in the living room so that's where I headed.

"He's here." Alice informed Bella as I walked into the room, she snapped her head up looking for me. The moment our eyes met she jumped from the couch and ran towards me. I opened my arms and drew her close, burying my face into her hair.

"Are you Ok?" She asked.


She pulled back abruptly.

"Then why the hell didn't you come back with Alice?!" She punched me in the chest.

"What?" I asked, taking her hand so she wouldn't hurt herself further, she still had her brace on.

"I was worried sick!" She started punching me again with her other hand "Don't you ever leave like that again!"

"Bella," she punched me again "Bella…" I took both her hands so she would stop punching me "I'm sorry, I'm alright I just needed to calm down before I came here." I wrapped my arms around her, caging her as she cried on my chest.

"Don't do that to us, please. Don't leave like that again."

"Shh… It's alright," I kissed her hair "I'm sorry Angel, but I had to go after her."

She pulled back.

"Why? She didn't even try to attack us, she was just taunting you!"

"Not today, but what about tomorrow? Or when I'm gone with Lizzie at school and she comes after you?"

"Just let her go, she'll tire eventually. She won't dare to come near us with all of you here."

I shook my head.

"She won't stop Bella but I'll do better this time. She won't be tainting perfectly good air by breathing in and out for much longer. We'll track her down and-"

"That is… out of the question!" She choked out "I don't want all of you to risk your lives for me! It's not worth it!"

I glared at her, now she was talking crazy.

"Don't start with that again and it's not only you she wants, remember? She had attacked us before you came along. It's too late for her. I might have let this time slide, but not anymore. Not after-"

"Didn't you just promise me that you weren't going to leave? That isn't exactly compatible with an extended tracking expedition, is it?"

I frowned, a snarl beginning to build low in my chest.

"I'll keep my promise, Bella. But Victoria" the snarl became more pronounced "is going to die. Soon."

"Let's not be hasty, maybe she's not coming back. Maybe all of you scared her off."

I shook my head.

"I'm sorry baby, but that's unlikely. This has turned into a game for her. I know you worry but there's no need to. We are more than enough to protect you both, the Denali's are just here for precaution, not because we can't take her on."

"Edward is right Bella," Carlisle interrupted "The Denali's are just here covering for us so we can continue with our façade, it's just precaution."

"Also, vampires don't tend to live in large clans. Edward already got rid of Laurent and Raoul, I don't think Victoria has anyone else other than the intruder working with her." Eleazar added.

"I don't want anyone going after her."

"So you prefer her coming to us? Here? While Lizzie is home?" I raised an eyebrow.

She glared at me, her eyes filling with tears.


"Then there's no other option. We can't keep waiting for her to surprise us again."

She bit her lip and looked down, her chin quivering as she held her tears.

"Angel, please don't cry." I took a step towards her but she took one back, turned around and ran up the stairs.

I pulled at my hair.

Fuck! Why do I always make her cry?

"She's just scared, don't beat yourself up." Jasper said.

"Why? She's safe. I won't let anything happen to them."

"She's not scared for her, she's scared for you. She thinks she is putting all of us in danger."

"That's ridiculous."

"But she doesn't know that, she knows Victoria is dangerous and she fears she'll hurt one of us because of her."

"Excuse me." I said turning for the stairs.

"Give her a minute Edward. She needs to sort out her thoughts too." Alice showed me a vision of Bella and me arguing again.

I pulled at my hair and willed myself to stay here in place.

"How's your shoulder?" Carlisle asked.

"It stings… a lot."

"Why don't you use Lizzie's tears?" Esme asked.

I shook my head.

"Those are for Bella."

"We can get her more."

"I don't want to stress Lizzie about it."

"God you are all a bunch of martyrs!" Rosalie huffed and took off the living room. Emmett rolled his eyes but followed dutifully after her.

"I'm going out for a run… it's not raining anymore… There are too many people in here." She thought.

When they were gone I spoke again.

"Have any of you seen Bella's red sweater?"

Everyone stared at me strangely.

"No, but she's been looking for it for a while. Why?" Esme asked.

"Before or after the intruder's attack."

"After, you think he took it?"

I nodded.

"Something Victoria said… I think Bella is right. She didn't mean to attack us today. She was just confirming she was back."

"Like if someone had already told her?" Jasper asked with a serious expression.

"Yes, I think… Laurent came here to see Bella for himself, remember?" Everyone nodded "Without a warning he came on his own, I kill him and someone else arrives. I don't think it was a coincidence, I think they were supposed to meet but Laurent never appeared so he came looking for him."

"I think you are onto something…" Jasper mused "Remember there was a car waiting for the intruder? That's why we couldn't track him further… you are right, it's too much of a coincidence."

"Exactly… then there's the mess in Bella's room. Just hers, he was looking for something and Bella's sweater with her scent is suddenly gone."

"As a proof…" Eleazar continued catching on "That's the proof Victoria needed so she came back to make sure about it. She wouldn't have come herself because she knows Alice is watching so she sent someone else instead to make herself invisible."

"That's what I thought, that's why Alice can't see her because she has someone else making the decisions for her. They are her puppets."

"But again… why would someone side with her? It's crazy!" Tanya said exasperated.

"You won't get away with it, we will conquer Raoul said. Victoria must have fed them with lies or something. I still don't know what that meant."

"This Raoul, Alice said you didn't see him coming?" Carlisle asked us.

"No." Eleazar answered "He was gifted, a shield of sorts… I couldn't really feel the extent of his gift because he blocked me but he could hide his own scent."

"I couldn't read his mind either."

"That sounds dangerous." Carmen said "A vampire that can't be tracked or heard?"

I shivered, just thinking about the implications of that.

"He's gone now anyways… did you tell Bella he bit me?"

"No, we didn't want to worry her more." Esme answered "She was a mess when you didn't come back with the rest."

I turned to Alice.

"Can I go talk to her now?"

"Yes, go talk to her." Alice giggled. I looked strangely at her but didn't give her much of a thought and went upstairs after Bella.

I followed her scent to her room, I knocked but she didn't answer. Her breathing was calm but I could tell she wasn't asleep so I tried the door but that was locked.

"Bella? It's me, Edward."

She didn't answer.

"Angel can we talk, please?"

Damn it, what could I do? I looked around the hallway and out of the window, the sky was clear now with the rain gone and another idea came to mind. I went into my room, changed my wet clothes into dry ones and grabbed a thick blanket and my comforter, went up to the roof and spread them over a flat surface. Then I climbed down the side of the house until I came face to face with Bella's window and knocked.

She let out a small cry at the sudden noise and jumped to a sitting position on her bed, but relaxed immediately when she saw it was only me. She glared at me and I smile back, she rolled her eyes and left her bed coming my way to open the window.

"What the hell are you doing? You scared me!"

"It's hard to let go of old habits," I said cheerfully "can I come in?"

"If I say no will you burn?"

I laughed out loud.

"Silly Bella, don't believe in everything you've read in horror stories."

She rolled her eyes again.

"Yes, because Vampires and Werewolves are just mythical creatures too, right?"

"Will you let me in or not?"

"If I don't what will you do?" She challenged with a smirk.


I pulled her out of the window and over my shoulder. She let out a shriek but and I jumped to the side climbing up the wall as she continued to yell at me.

"Edward! What are you doing! Put me down!" She screamed between fits of laugher now.

"Not a chance!"

We reached the rooftop and I sat her down on the blankets, her face was flushed and her eyes wide looking everywhere. I lied down next to her and crossed my hands on the back of my head.

"Why did you bring me here?"

I pointed upwards and she followed my gaze, she gasped as soon as she saw the sky above us. With the rain gone the sky was clear and thousands of stars shined for us.

"This is beautiful." She said in awe "You come here a lot?"

I shrugged.

"I used to… before you came back I used to spend a lot of time up here."

She laid back on the comforter and I pulled the blanket over her so she wouldn't get cold.

"Thank you." She blushed hugging the blanket close to her face. "Why did you come here? Because it's quiet?"

I nodded.

"That and, somehow it made me feel closer to you."

She turned to her side and got up on her elbow.

"How so?" She looked sadly at me. I lifted my hand and traced the side of her face, my thumb brushing the swelling under her eyes. I pulled her head towards me and kissed her eyes.

"I'm sorry I made you cry." I whispered against her skin.

"I'm sorry I punched you." She reclined her forehead to mine "I know it didn't hurt but… I'm still sorry. I was worried about you."

"You were?"

"Yeah… I, I care a lot about you Edward… you are Lizzie's dad and, you… you still mean a lot to me." She looked away.

I smiled at her and kissed her forehead.

"I love you so much angel."

Her eyes filled with tears and she buried her face in my neck.

"I thought you were dead, so I would come up here and talk to you…" I explained her earlier question "Right before you came back, I brought Lizzie here too. She was sad you weren't going to be there for her first play so I told her what I did every time I missed you."

I felt her tears wet my neck, and her grip on me tighten. I held her closer and wrapped the blanket around us into a tight cocoon.

"Without her knowledge, I shared with her one of my favorite human memories."

I felt her smile and she lifted her head to look at me. Her eyes where filled with tears but instead of wiping them away I started drawing patters over her cheeks with them. These I could tell weren't sad tears but hopeful tears… so there wasn't any need to wipe them away.

"When I was a kid, my father got me this telescope for my eighth birthday." Her eyes softened "I remember him taking me to the rooftop every Sunday so we could stargaze together. He was a stiff man so I cherished those moments immensely. I told her a story my father once told me about souls."

"What did he say?" Bella asked with a smile.

"He told me that when good people go, they end up in heaven. Their souls are so good and pure that they shine, and no matter how far they are… we are still able to see them at night. That's how we know they are there watching us, and protecting us… So I told her yours was a star too and we would talk to you."

Her tears where falling freely now and she lied back facing the sky once again.

"Why are you telling me this?" She whispered, controlling her voice.

I turned to my side and placed my hand on her hip making her turn to her side and face me too.

"Earlier you said you weren't enough, that you weren't worth all the chaos Victoria was making… You are worth it Bella, not just because I love you but you are a person worth fighting for. You are good, kind, pure, honest, strong and so much more… believe me there are not enough people like you. But if you don't believe my words, then you should believe your own daughter. To Lizzie, you are the brightest star. You are more than enough for her."

She leaned forward and brought my lips to hers.

"If my soul has a star, then yours must be the entire sun." She whispered before closing our distance again.

The sweet tender action quickly escalated into a powerful and passionate kiss. It was warm and cold and that made it even more exhilarating. My left hand traveled down her curves, until I reached her lower back and pulled her closer to me. My tongue traced her lower lip and I felt her hot breath as she opened her mouth to me. Her hands wandered up my torso, following their trail around my neck until they tangled into my hair. A moan left my lips when she massaged my scalp and her tongue met mine in a sensual kiss. I knew she could feel my desire for her pulsing between us, but I didn't feel ashamed. In fact, it made me bold.

My hand wandered down her thigh until I reached her knee and hitched her leg over my waist. She should know how much I want her, even though I'd never make the same mistakes again, she should still know how much not only my soul but my body craved her. She will never think again she was unwanted.

I could feel her fast heartbeat pulsing on my chest, and her moans and whimpers were driving me crazy. I rolled us to her back and she opened her legs accommodating me between her. My throat burned aggressively, and my mind was getting lost with her scent. I wanted her in every way but surprisingly it was easy to forget about the monster within me and focus solely on her. Every whimper, every sound or move she made. It was wonderful.

But even with all the restraint in the world, I couldn't risk her life like that again. With an incredible self-restraint, I pulled away and lied on my back next to her. She was breathless, her chest was rising and falling quickly to regain much needed oxygen to her system.

"I'm sorry." I told her "That was out of line."

She shook her head.

"I'm not… why was that out of line?" She breathed.

"Last time it didn't end so well." I reminded her.

"It ended on Lizzie." She pointed out.

"You could barely walk the next day."

She got up and leaned on her left elbow.

"Is that what stopped you?"

"What else?" I shrugged.

"Mmm, I don't know? Your thirst?"

"I told you it doesn't bother me anymore. For once is not your blood I crave." I winked at her and she hid her face on my shoulder to hide her blush. I turned to my side, wrapped my arms around her and pulled her down.

"You'll be the death of me, Miss Swan." I whispered kissing her ear "You know I'm not rejecting you, right?"

She smiled.

"I know, but thanks for saying it out loud…to be honest, I'm glad you stopped."

"Why?" I asked trying not to feel turned down. It was silly since I was the one who stopped but it still hurt thinking she didn't want me.

"I don't think we are ready for it yet. Not because of the physical implications and dangerous crap that troubles you, I trust you in that department but emotionally speaking."

I turned her hand and opened her palm above mine, tracing the fine lines with my fingers.

"I'm not leaving you Bella, ever."

"I know… but this is still so new for me. We were only together not even year, and you left for four… can you blame for being guarded?"

"Of course not." I kissed her hand.

"Can I ask you something?"


"Why didn't you come back with Alice and the rest? Alice just said you needed time but I know her… she was hiding something. Right?"

"She wasn't exactly hiding something… she just knew that if she told you the truth you would worry for no reason."

"Which is?" She prompted and I sighed.

"I got bitten."

She immediately jumped up to a sitting position and stared at me with panicked eyes.


"Shh, it's ok." I sat too "It's not as horrible as it sounds."

"How? Where?!"

"During the fight another vampire appeared, I couldn't read his thoughts so I didn't see him coming."

"So you were injured? Why did they leave you alone then?"

I shook my head.

"I wasn't injured exactly. When we get bitten and enough venom of another vampire enters your system it works as a drug. Sometimes for good and sometimes for bad. Depending on the amount it can make you crazed, confused, angry, sometimes even have hallucinations, but that's only when you have been bitten by different vampires at the same time. It feels like a sudden shot of energy and makes our brains work faster… I wasn't safe to be around you and Elizabeth. That's why I stayed back until the effect weaned down."

"Does it hurt?"

I shrugged.

"It's just a sting, like a small burn."

"Because of your own venom healing you?"

"You paid attention." I winked and she looked down blushing again.

"Can I look?"

"Sure." I shrugged off my shirt and pointed to my left shoulder "There…" I showed her the new crescent shape like scar on my skin.

"It looks like mine…" She touched the scar with lithe fingers. Her hand in the white light of the moon looked as pale as my skin, for once we mashed up.

She placed her hand next to the scar and chuckled.

"What?" I asked smiling too, I loved the sound of her laugh.

"We form a full circle, like a full moon."

I looked at her scar and mine and smiled. She was right.

"More like an eclipse, don't you think?"

She frowned and squinted her eyes.

"Yeah, that's true."

"What's going to happen tomorrow Edward?"

"I don't know…" I put my shirt back on "we have to come up with a plan. I'm not leaving you but we can't keep waiting for Victoria to come and surprise us again."

"Don't you need help?"

"No. Stop worrying. There are eleven vampires against two of them, what could go wrong?"

"How do you know there are only two of them? Didn't you just get attacked by another vampire?"

"Regular vampires don't tend to go into large clans. Their life style makes it harder for them to get along. They tend to go in pairs or solitaire. James' clan of three was unusually large."

"What about the newborns?"

"Their number varies for the same reason every day, they are killing each other. I wouldn't be surprised if they killed half of themselves and their leader has to replace them every day."

"Why would someone do that?"

"Some poor soul losing their mind and asking for a death sentence or Jasper is right and they want to claim their territory like they did in the southern wars."

"You had wars?" She asked through a yawn.

"Yes, but that's a story for another day… in fact, Jasper would love to tell you that one."

"Gee." Jasper thought sarcastically from the living room making me chuckle.

Bella yawned again and I pulled her down with me, covering us again with the comforter.

"You should sleep."

"I don't want to, I want you to tell me more." She snuggled into my chest.

"So curious." I chuckled "Tomorrow I'll tell you everything you want… and what we talked about when you left the room earlier. There's something you need to know."

"One more question then."


"Tell me another of your favorite memories."

I chuckled.


"That's kind of hard, I have almost a hundred years to pick up from."

"I'll give you a clue. All of my favorite memories start from the moment I met you."

She smiled at me.

"Be serious."

"Oh, I am. You made quite an impression on me."

"I can't think of one."

"Alright, I'll tell you if you tell me one of yours." I gave up.

"I don't have vampire memories."

I shrugged.

"Um, Okay…" she started thinking "When I saw Lizzie dance for the first time back in February."

"That's a good one."

"Your turn." She said eagerly "But, I want to know more about you human life… tell me one of those."

I looked back at the stars, thinking back in time.

"My parents telling me I was going to be a big brother."

She gasped.

"You were?" She said in awe "What happened?"

"My mom didn't dwell well with pregnancies… it was a long time before they had me. I was seven when she got pregnant again, she lost him."

"I'm sorry."

"It's ok, I was young I didn't really understand what was happening. I just remember my parents giving me the news one evening. I got bored being an only child so I got very excited about it."

"You think Lizzie gets bored too?"

I shrugged.

"Sometimes, I guess."

"I wish she could spend more time with kids her age, and like really play with them without holding herself back."

I noticed she was absentmindedly touching her stomach.

"There's not much we can do about it." I said with a sad voice "I'm sorry."

A rush of wind flew past us, Bella shivered and snuggled to my side.

"We should go back inside, I don't want you to get sick."

She was about to protest but I ignored her and picked her up with one arm and climbed down the roof with another. I entered her room and laid her down on her bed.

"Sweet dreams, angel." I kissed her chastely. When I was about to leave she took my hand and made me look down back at her.

"Would you stay tonight?"


"It's hard to let go of old habits." She smiled shyly at me.

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