Summary: A A/U story on the pilot episode and from there on till my Muse takes a leave. I know crudy summary but please read and then deciede. R&R.

Authors note: Thanks to LAYTONALWAYS for making sure the charaters action are believable.

Lucas's POV

Walking back from the victory on the River Court against Skillz and Junk. He couldn't help but relish that feeling of being worry free just there to play the game with friends. As he starts to cross the street he fails to notice the classic black Comet coming towards him with the inattentive driver. At the last second the car lets out a screech but it is to late to completely stop and he is hit and sent slamming into the hood. As he's laying there on the warm hood he feels a cool sensation running down his face and an almost all consuming pain coming from his right leg. While his vision starts to fade he sees a pair of green eyes staring at him along with a beautiful face filled with concern and a mouth that is moving but he hears nothing and with one final glace at the person he loses consciousness.

Meanwhile Across Town

Nathan's POV

As he's sitting here behind the wheel of this bus he can't help but feel like he has at least some control over his life. Not listening to his dad constantly telling him that he is still not good enough after ten years of constantly being pushed to perfection, trying to impress him and the scouts. While at school he is stuck being the stereotypical jock, but here right now it all just melts away having fun with his friends his team its all that he wants sometimes. He is pulled from his thoughts by a question from an attractive cheerleader asking where his girlfriend Peyton Sawyer is as he turns to her and answer her question she plants a kiss on him and it becomes more then just a simple kiss it turns into a make out session till Tim screams from the back off the bus. As he breaks up the kiss he sees the train speeding down the tracks he slams on the brakes but the bus continues to skid towards the train it bust through the track arms and collides with the train. The force of he impact sends his head slamming into the driver's side window so hard that it shatters. His foot is pinned to the brake pedal by a crumpled piece of metal that used to be part of the dashboard and with that he is knocked out.

Peyton's POV

Oh my god I just killed someone is the first thought that runs through her mind as she starts to panic. She pulls out her cell phone and dials Emergency Services and gets out of her car to check on the person she has just probably killed. As she looks she sees the blood running down his face is when she recognizes him from school and notices his leg also, she cant believe of all the people she could of hit it had to be him. That's when she hears the voice coming from her cell. "Hello anybody there if you can hear me please respond?" " yes I've just been in an accident can you send an ambulance to the corner of Chestnut and Maple there is a person that was just struck by my car he is bleeding from his head and his leg looks wrong." "Okay ma'am I'm going to have to ask you to stay on the line tell the ambulance arrives also I have dispatched a police unit to take your statement." Crap there goes her license she thought.

Police POV

They had just got a call to go check out an accident on Chestnut and Maple. Which in their opinion was better then sitting here at this speed trap. As they where about to pull off of the curb when they see a school bus coming down then road at the same time that the train arms come down. As they watch as the bus continues coming at them without it slowing down they look at each other thinking the same thing this is going to be bad. AS they turn back to look at the bus all they can do is watch in horror as the bus and train collide at thirty-five miles per hour. The buss is almost hit completely broadside by the train and it flips on to its side. " Dispatch this is Unit 2105 there has been a collision involving a bus and train on Freemont street. Injured unknown at this time send paramedics immediately, also you should send someone over to Chestnut. " " Copy Unit 2105." The two officers then proceed to asses and assist the injured while waiting for the Emergency Medical Technicians to arrive. The first thing they saw is a teenage boy pinned beneath a keg, then a couple of girls with bruises on their faces they appeared to be breathing and moving about slowly. As they made their way to the front of the bus ascertaining the condition of the other passengers they come to the drivers seat and see the Tree Hill Ravens Star Basketball player hanging upside down by his foot and unconscious with blood already forming a small pool under him.