Toadette continued walking down the pleasant, grassy meadow full of green grass and vibrant plants of varying colors of the rainbow, hearing the obnoxious "BAH, BAH" in the background as she skipped with a hop, humming to herself as she came across a giant castle overlooking the meadows, which belonged to the King Bob-omb. Toadette entered into the castle, avoiding the squadron of Bob-ombs and regular bombs chucked at her by Dry Bones as she jumped her way up, ending up on the rooftop as she exitted the huge, red doors, spotting King Bob-omb standing across her.

"So, you finally decided to show up," King Bob-omb stated as he rolled his right arm, chuckling as he charged right towards Toadette.

Toadette screamed as she jumped in the air, twirling her pink pigtails around as she hovered in the air. King Bob-omb turned around, chucking two bombs at her, which caused Toadette to fall onto the roof as she landed face first. Getting up, Toadette screamed as she felt her underwear pulled by King Bob-omb, trying to break free as King Bob-omb swung her around, tossing her onto one of the two castle towers.

"How do you like them apples?" King Bob-omb stated as he rubbed his great white mustache.

As Toadette got up and shook her head, King Bob-omb tossed another bomb at her. Toadette, however, managed to catch the bomb, chucking it right back at King Bob-omb, which caught him off guard. King Bob-omb was blasted into the air, landing flat on his back as he groaned, standing up as Toadette was hovering in the air again. King Bob-omb chucked two more bombs at her, with Toadette kicking the bombs in response as they collided with the Bob-omb King, sending him sky high as he fell off the castle, shaking as he exploded in a violent matter.

Looking at the wounded King Bob-omb, Toadette hovered off the castle as she headed eastward, towards the dry, arid yellow desert that awaited her on her quest to get back her succulent, sweet treats back.