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Ch. 18 All The Man I Need

He fills me up
He gives me love
More love than I've ever seen

-Whitney Houston : All The Man I Need

First 100 Days: Part 2

In terms partnership, Fitz couldn't have picked a better Vice Fitz had approached Suzanne about his running mate, she'd been a bit apprehensive. First she had to consider how historic her role would be if they won. God forbid anything happen to Fitzgerald while in office, but she would be the first black and first female president. The pressure which came with that notion wasn't something to take lightly.

Secondly she'd have to consider her family. She was the only Republican. Her parents and siblings and oldest child were democrats. Her husband was an independent. She knew that could be used against her. Lastly she had to consider who the First Lady could potentially be: Olivia Pope. While Edison and Olivia were in a relationship, she and Olivia didn't see eye to eye on many things. While Olivia thought the tension stemmed from sheer dislike, Suzanne knew Olivia wasn't what her brother needed. She was too outspoken, career driven, tenacious , and empowered for Edison. She hoped their past conflict wouldn't be a current issue.

Once she decided to throw her hat into the race with Fitzgerald, she and Olivia grew closer. They weren't best friends who shared deep, dark secrets, but they were able to relate to one another in a way no one else could. They were two strong, powerful, black women under constant public criticism. Despite their age and political differences, it was one level they could relate on.

Once she and Fitz had been sworn into office, she knew the "critiques" would only become more negative. In the beginning, Olivia had only been the one to receive the major public negative push back. When she'd announced her plan for arts and humanities, a good portion of the party had ripped her to shreds. The Democrats on the other hand loved her. Given the push back, Olivia had chosen to wait until after the State of the Union address to announce her plan to tackle the living wage.

While there had been a few comments about Suzanne in the media, her publicly supporting the First Lady's choice to support arts and humanities in schools ,opened a can of worms. Suzanne had been accused of promoting radical views and socialism. Others argued she was just a figured head and her job was meaningless. Some even went as far as suggesting she was Fitz's mistress, because he had a thing for black women, and she blackmailed him into the position.

When word got out she had a hand in choosing the Supreme Court Justice, the party went from loving the pick to looking for any fault they could find. Just like Olivia, Suzanne was having better luck with the Democrats ,which came as a surprise. It wasn't uncommon for her to be referred to as an Uncle Tom, but this time things were different. The left winged media outlets had been kinder to her. Being the savvy woman she was, Suzanne planned to used the political capital she was earning to her advantage.

Fitz watched as Olivia clasped her Movado watch onto her wrist. Her hair was in loose waves, pulled away from her face. Her ears were adorned with teardrop earring which would complement her blush colored coat.

"You're staring ," Olivia looked into the mirror and made eye contact.

"Just admiring beauty," he offered her a faint smile. "We can stay home if you'd like."

"Fitz, if you feel uncomfortable having dinner with Edison, we can cancel. We can say one of the kids is sick. Anne will understand," Olivia suggested as she turned to face him.

"I'm more than fine," he assured as he closed the distance between them. " As long as you're comfortable, so am I. "

"Edison Davis stopped making me uncomfortable years ago. We're going to be interacting with each other on a personal level for at least 4 more years. We can't put off every encounter."

Fitz responded with a hum. There was nothing more to add. " Let's check on the kids before we leave then. "

"As if we could have it any other way. Your little monster would terrorize your poor mother."

"Nadi is not a little monster. She's just a bundle of energy. Mom says I was the same way and I turned out just fine," Fitz grinned as he leaned back on his feet.

"That's a matter of opinion," Olivia poked.

"Well about 60% of America holds that opinion."

"You're such a smart ass. Be thankful you have a pretty face I can show off."

"Ah...so now the truth comes out. I'm just a pretty face," Fitz feigns hurt.

"And a great lay," she added faux insult.

"Well you can show off my pretty face to your ex and expect a great lay later tonight," he licked his bottom lip, before he leaned in to kiss her pouty lips quickly but with promise for what would occur later in the evening. "Look," he pulled away, " I didn't even ruin your makeup."

"I always knew you were a man of many talents," Olivia gave a sly smile.

"You look beautiful tonight," Fitz grinned her way, his hand resting on the small of her back, rubbed circles round and round.

Olivia grinned back, "You've already told me that."

He chuckleed and leaned close to her ear, "It bears repeating."

All of a sudden, Fitz stopped talking. He straightened out over his long legs. His shoulders stiffened. Cerulean eyes roam round the room slowly.

"Here comes Edison," Fitz announced , lowly. He moved one hand to rest on the small of he wife's back.

"President Grant!" Edison greeted formally. "Olivia. "

She nodded and picked up her wine glass.

"Edison, no need for formalities tonight," Fitz replied, "We're in your sister's home after all. "

Edison introduces them to his date for the evening. She's the same woman he'd been visiting around the holidays. She spent time gushing and fawning over Olivia, much to her date's irritation.

"How are you this evening, Edison?" Olivia asked politely.

"I'm well. How are you adjusting to life in DC? I know how fond you were of life in New York."

"I'm adjusting quite well. Homesickness has yet to set in. I have to admit the weather isn't as brutal,"

"With time brings change,I suppose. I always had an inkling you'd enjoy DC. Especially once you decided to devote yourself to motherhood," Edison smiled as Fitz pulled his wife into his side. As he felt her become tense, his fingers drew circles along her lower back.

"I wouldn't necessarily say I've devoted myself to strictly to motherhood. Nadia will always be my number one priority, but that hasn't changed the business minded person I am,"her tone curt in direct response to his condescending comment.

"Forgive me for making assumptions. I only assumed with your focus on arts and humanities you were shifting towards topics that pertain to being a housewife and mother. Which there's nothing wrong with, just a pleasant surprise from the Olivia a once knew," Edison smirked looking between her and Fitz.

"You know I've always had a love for the arts. Remember I taught dance classes every weekend," Olivia reminded her ex.
"Oh wow, I never knew that," Edison's date spoke up in wonderment.

"Campaigning caused me to stop. The arts should be harvested and nurtured and funded as we do the sciences. As I told you in the fall, don't count me out yet. Marriage and motherhood only being forth so much change."

"I'd say," Fitz finally piped in. "If anything it's made her more driven and focused and passionate toward the topics she has interest in. "
Olivia heard the pride in his voice, and she grinned. While Edison would like to brush her off as a glorified housewife, Fitz acknowledges her strengths and enjoys boasting about them.

"Edison, I'd love to stay and discuss my plans, but I want to get in a quick word with Anne," Olivia used as a way to exit the tension.
"Anne?" He questioned with a raised brow. "When did she become Anne?" He thought to himself.

"Yes, Anne. We've become friends of some sort during the recent months," she smirked sardonically. "Now if you'll excuse me."
Edison was left astonished. He had expected her to cave and change into the image the party wanted. With each encounter they shared, she only proved him wrong.

Olivia was checking Jerry's bag as he had a tendency to forget his essentials, when Nadia came with the binder clutched to her chubby body.

"Luk ,Momma," Nadia gave a toothy smile. "Mine!"

"Let Mommy see what you have there," Olivia held out her hand, and Nadia let the article fall with a thud.

"Oops," She giggled with wide eyes peering up at her mother.

"This isn't yours, it's Jerry's," Olivia turned around to see her stepson offer a sheepish grin.

"How did Nadia get that out of my bag?" Jerry feigned innocence.

"As curious as your sister is, I doubt she dug through your bag to claim this binder as hers," Olivia reasoned with a raised brow.

"Mine Momma?" Nadia's chubby hands extended out in a curious request.

"Sorry little popcorn, this has to go with Jer," the disappointing answer came softly. The gleeful look housed in the toddler's eyes vanish; a pout taking residence where a smile once was.

"You know Liv, if Nadia really wants it..." Jerry began to offer.

"Good try Jer, but you won't be using little sister as an excuse on Monday morning for not having completed homework," Olivia gave him a pointed look.

"But Liv..."

Before he could finish his sentence, Olivia was speaking. "No buts, Jerry."

"Livvie," he whined, his eyes widening.

"It doesn't work for your father, and it won't work for you." Olivia shook her head with a light laugh.

"Jer baybee," Nadia declared as she watched him whine to her mother.

"No, Nadi, you're a baby,"Jerry scooped her up. He gave her a raspberry kiss against her left check, and she returned the favor. "You know I almost got away with no homework this weekend. You blew my cover, Nadi. I thought you were my little helper," he spoke with a pout.

Nadia extended her hands and pressed her palms to his cheeks. "Sawwrryyyy. Me hep."

Olivia took in the scene, finding a hint of humor in the tender moment. It was clear Jerry and Nadia would be as thick as thieves. She couldn't even begin to foresee the antics to come in the years as Nadia grew.

Olivia folded her jeans in half, smiling wryly as she put them into the her . She hardly ever got to wear jeans anymore; suits and dresses were her daily fare more often than not most was looking forward to the comfort of casual jeans and sweaters that this short trip would afford her.

Of course, that wasn't the only reason she was excited for the mini trip. Indeed, it barely compared to the real reason for the anticipation that bubbled underneath her skin, shined in her eyes, and pulled her lips into grins at random moments in the day whenever her mind wandered there: working with her husband in an intellectual level.

No one challenged her the way he did. When she walked into a way, she always knew in the back of her mind she was the sharpest and most intelligent person, unless he was there. His presence leveled the playing field. As much as this trip brought excitement, it also made her nervous.

It had been two weeks of sickness in their home. Much to Olivia's dismay, Nadia was the latest victim. Olivia was becoming less and less nervous about leaving Nadia in her current state. Olivia knew Nadia was in good hands. It had taken several calls with her mother and Camille, but it was evident that she was looking forward to the trip,even if she was still feeling some trepidation.

Sofia had assured her that it was understandable, but unnecessary, as it was clear that she loved her daughter and wanted to nurture her back to health. She knew her daughter well enough to see the pressure was getting to her. She'd done her best to convince Olivia of that, but she knew she'd only truly accept it as fact once she could see it for herself with time.

Placing a pair of jogging pants and some t-shirts in an overnight bag, along with her running shoes, Olivia deemed herself ready. Now, she only needed to check through Nadia's bags to make sure she hadn't forgotten essentials. She'd insisted that she could handle the task herself, refusing to even allow the staff to help.

A knock at her door pulled Olivia from zipping her suitcase up, though she quickly finished when her mother in law entered, before she turned to greet her.

"Cassandra , hey!"

"Seems like you've got everything ready to go," Cassandra commented, offering Olivia a smile as she looked at the neatly organized bags on the large bed.

"Yeah, I'm ready. And once I make sure Nadia's belongings are together, I'll be out of here and on my way to Camp David." Olivia smiled. As conflicted as she was about leaving Nadia ,she was already anticipating Fitz holding her in his arms again.

"You're not nervous about leaving?" Cassandra wondered. She knew her daughter in law was a master at masking and compartmentalizing "You know Nadia will be in good hands, right? I know you've spoken to Camille and your mother , but I know this is a lot for you …."

Olivia wanted to snap at Cassandra for bringing up what took hours to push to the back of her mind , but realized that it was coming from a loving place; the older woman was only trying to look out for the woman she cared for as her own. Leaving her little girl sick was something Olivia had been worrying over on more than one night. Deep down, she knew that the infant would be doted on.

Nodding, Olivia agreed. "You've come to know me well enough over the years. Once this trip is over, I'll be happy I attended. This is a learning curve for me. I can't do it all. I can't be everywhere I want to be at once; delegation is key. Once I start practicing it more, I'll be good to go."

Cassandra smiled brightly. "I'm happy to hear that dear. I couldn't have asked for a bette daughter in law. You're always looking for ways to put my son first. Just remember to take care of yourself in the process. If there's one thing I know about my son, if his Livvie isn't well and happy,he isn't well and happy."

Fitz sighed contently as his wife's lips left his. Nothing please him work than working with her intellectually. His wife was smarter than him, and he had no issue admitting it. After having her on the team for a day, they were able to hammer out his speech. Ideas had been thrown back and forth, in the end, Olivia had come up with a brilliant plan. With the capital she and Suzanne had earned from the left, the overall plan was sure to be a success.

"I'm going to FaceTime with Camille," Olivia said with a smile. "You should find something to keep busy with until I'm finished." She leaned up, placing her mouth against his ear, letting her warm breath fan over his skin. "Maybe we can finish this later?" Olivia leaned back, a coy smile in place as she moved out of Fitz's arms and down the hall.

Fitz was left throbbing, in more ways than one, as he watched Olivia sashay down the hall, the swing of her hips keeping his eyes glued to her body as she disappeared. Once he'd gained his senses somewhat, Fitz left the den as well.
He made his way around the cabin, locking it up for the night at that early hour, as he was sure he and Olivia wouldn't be leaving their room much, if he had anything to say about it.

Since her arrival, Fitz felt more free and open than he had during any point of the trip. Being able to confide in her his fears about his job, about his ability to do the right thing for not only the country, but also her and the kids, was a true stress reliever.

As Fitz made his way into their room, changing out of his slacks and button down, he thought about how much his life had fallen into place during the past weeks. He had been skeptical about the First 100 Days myth, but time and time again he was proven wrong.
Outside of himself, watched in wonder and awe as Olivia took to tackling work, the role of First Lady, and motherhood. All three children were blooming under her care as well, constantly seeking time with her whenever possible.

"Hey, bellissimo," Olivia announced, making her way into the room and startling Fitz slightly.

"Hey, yourself," Fitz replied, turning and grinning at the playful greeting. "How is Camille?"

"Her usual self. She has a long weekend next month and wants to come for a visit. " Olivia answered, moving around the room without a care, undressing and redressing in a silk chemise and pants before Fitz's hungry eyes.

It wasn't a sexy piece of lingerie, but that didn't matter to Fitz. Liv could be wearing a burlap sack and he'd find her sexy. He almost preferred this version of her, dressed down and simple.

It allowed her natural beauty to shine.

She began walking toward the bathroom, but he grabbed her around the waist, pulling her to him before she could pass, her laughter floating into the air around them.

"Fitz, what are you..." she trailed off, moaning in place of words as Fitz ghosted kisses to her exposed neck and collarbone.

"You're just too tempting, Livvie," his voice rumbled against her skin, his tongue dipping out to taste its sweetness.

"Mmm," she hummed response. The small noise drove him wild, his hands beginning to trace the shape of her body. He skimmed arms, ghosting the outer edge of her breasts before falling to her waist and hips, as he continued his feast on her shoulders and throat with his mouth.

Fitz realized if he wasn't careful, he would get lost in the curves and dips of Olivia's body and and leave a visible mark; an issue they dealt with one too many times during the campaign. Regretfully, he pulled his mouth from her and turned her around in his arms so he could see her.

Liv smiled lazily up at him, her eyes heavy with lust. Fitz had to tamp down his own desire; instead, lifting a hand to her face as he pulled her mouth to his, fusing his lips to hers in a slow, passionate kiss.

"Fitz," Olivia breathily gasped after they broke apart. He grinned, loving that he had such an effect on her.

"Livvie, you are everything to me," Fitz began, his hands rubbing along her back and down her arms, taking her hands in his own.
"I can't tell you how happy you make me. I truly appreciate you taking the time out of busy schedule to come assist me. There aren't enough words to show you how you make me feel, so I love you will have to suffice," Fitz stated, leaning in for a kiss.

"Fitz, you don't have to thank me" Olivia smiled, lifting her hands up to place them on his chest. "I'd do anything for you. This is nothing," Olivia told him. " I love you."

"Always," Fitz said, leaning in for another kiss.

Things heated up between them quickly after that, Olivia nearly ripped at the shirt and pajama pants that covered his body, as she pulled him back onto their bed. Her own clothes were quick to follow his, his hands greedy as he revealed her flesh.

"Livvie, Livvie,Livvie," Fitz groaned, the feeling of her mouth sucking at his neck and nipping at his ear, causing him to shiver in pleasure.
"Fitz baby , please!" Olivia whimpered, laying back on the bed and opening herself to him, her eyes hungry and needy.

"Fuck!" Fitz cursed, moving to the space between her legs, fitting there perfectly. He ran one of his hands along her thigh, enjoying the smooth skin and the soft moans that fell from Liv's mouth at his touch.

"I've wanted to touch you like this all day, Livvie. Those looks you kept shooting surely could have been the death of me," Fitz huskily confessed her.

"Intellectual foreplay," she moaned.

His eyes following the path of his hands, across her flat abdomen, up to the peaks of her full breasts, where he squeezed and kneaded gently, Olivia arching up into his wanting hands. "If you keep making sounds like that, baby, and I can't promise you this will be slow like I want," Fitz growled lowly as he licked at her throat.

"I don't care," she panted, her fingers gripping the hard muscles that flexed on his back. Her teeth nipped at his ear, earning a thrust of Fitz's body toward her own, hitting her perfectly and making her desperate for more. "I just want you, Fitz, please!" she begged again, her legs moving to his waist.

"You want it, sweet baby?" Fitz whispered, angling his body to line up with hers, before sliding inside, long, slow and deep. He moaned when he could go no farther, buried within her warm heat to the very hilt. "You got it."

Olivia hissed as her arms twisting around his shoulders as she lifted her hips to meet his. Fitz began to thrust into her, his rhythm and pacing working Olivia just the way she needed.

Fitz grunted incohertantly, his eyes riveted to where they met; the wet slap of their skin and pleasure filled sounds were the best music he'd ever heard. The sight of Olivia below him - her face and chest flushed, breasts heaving ,and her hips seeking his as he moved in and out of her - it was an erotic sight to be seen. He wanted to devour her, take her into his body and never let her go.

Olivia opened her eyes, dark chocolate that burned just for him, full of love and lust. It was a look Fitz would never forget, and he was grateful to know it hadn't changed in all the years he'd known and loved his wife.

"Love you," Olivia sighed, her fingers tightening their hold on Fitz's skin as her orgasm over took her, her mouth falling open in a quiet cry as her body tensed around him.

Fitz was only able to hold off for a short while, his hips continuing to thrust as he watched her fall apart before he found his own release, his voice calling out her name as he came.

Panting, he rested his forehead against hers, his eyes fixed on hers as she smiled languidly up at him. Olivia leaned up, kissing Fitz's mouth before his arms gave out and he rolled to the side, not wanting to crush her.

"God, I love you," Fitz sighed heavily, earning a giggle from Liv before he felt her arm slide across his sweaty chest.

"Are you just saying that because of the good sex?" she teased.

Fitz chuckled. "Good? Livvie, that was better than good. That was phenomenal fucking and fucking phenomenal," he stated. Olivia laughed, shaking the bed slightly and Fitz joined in with the sweet sound for a moment before he shifted to his side, moving a hand to rest against her cheek.

"But, no, that wasn't why I was saying it. I just need you to know it," Fitz reverently whispered. Olivia eyes softened, seeming to understand what her husband was trying to convey; despite all the changes in their life, that he never wanted her to doubt it or him.
"I love hearing it," Olivia reassured him, placing a kiss to his palm. Her eyes fell to her hand, and she took the time to play with her wedding band and she began to grow silent.

"Livvie," his voice came as a whisper. The pads of his fingers brushed along the balmy skin of her back.

"Hmm?"she hummed in acknowledgement. Her mind now miles away in a somber mood.

"Where are you? Where's that head of yours at?"he inquired softly. There was still a sense of worry surrounding her. He couldn't pinpoint the cause of it.

"I'm just thinking about this trip," her answer was vague. Her body maneuvered to face his, yet she did so without making eye contact.

"Thank you for coming. We couldn't have gotten this done without you."

"You know I'm always happy to help you. When I work with you, intellectually I feel I've met my match. It's one of the many aspects of our relationship I love," she spoke softly as she began to collect her thoughts. Her husband knew her better than anyone in her lifeless. It was a 6th sense. Olivia knew he was going to ask what had her in a quiet state.

"Yet something is still bothering you," he brushed away a piece of hair that began to revert back to it's curl state.

"I'm beginning to feel as if I'm being pulled in too many directions. It's as if I don't know where to turn. Everyone else has more important tasks to focus on. The last thing I want is to be a burden. "
Even still, Fitz could tell she was holding back. He watched as she sat upright, holding the sheet to her as a cover. Her eyes dodged his get again. Meeting his gaze would be too much.

"It's silly, for me to say those words after I spent last night comforting you,reassuring you that you were good enough, but there is a doubt in my mind if I can," she sighed heavily.

"If I can be a good wife? A good mom? A good First Lady? A good advisor? I want to be a good mom. I need to be a good mom,Fitz. I'm determined to be a great one. The words you're going to say are already in the back of my mind,but since Nadia was born,I still have this fear I'm taking life for granted. We lost Beth,so I know we could lose her too. While she only had a mid cold, I was apprehensive about leaving her. I couldn't help but lay here thinking about Nadia. I miss her," her words came truthfully.

"Why didn't you just bring her along? My days have been far too quiet without my little ankle biter."

With a heavy sigh," We're working on the State of the Union address. Don't you know how important this is?! There isn't time to tend to our rambunctious toddler."

Fitz shook his head with a slight chuckle. It was almost as if she was chastising him for a such a thought. He could not help but to love her for it.

"Are you laughing at me? I'm trying to have a open and honest conversation, and you're laughing at me,"Olivia huffed loudly, growing agitated.

"No Livvie," He voice came soothingly,placing her smaller hands in his, " I'm not laughing at you. It was one of those moments where I couldn't help but to chuckle. I do know how important this address is. You know that I do. You spent last night kneading away my worries," he brought her hand to his lips and kissed them tenderly.

"However,Nadia still could have tagged along. You know I miss the kids when I'm away. Clearly Karen and Jerry couldn't come due to school,but Nadia has none of those commitments. Instead of leaving her in DC,Mom could have come along. I'm sure you would have been more at ease. Perhaps even more efficient and effective than you already were."

Fitz halted his words. He watched as she took in everything he'd said and proposed. When he felt she was ready,he resumed.

"I want us to find a way to meld our family with the presidency the best we can. I know how you feel about motherhood. Losing Beth changed you. While I think you're doing a terrific job,I am also aware you don't always view yourself in that same light. If I had know you were coming, I would have suggested Nadia come as well. Mom does an great job at keeping her occupied while we work in the West Wing, this would have been no different. We could have had family time to unwind," he proposed and Olivia nodded as she began to see things his way.

"I hadn't thought of it in that manner," she told him , as her finger began to draw a pattern inside his palm.

"You can do this. We can do this Liv. We can make this work…. don't be scared," Fitz released her hands. He moved his left hand to gently caress the her cheek. "We're two bright people"He said with a small laugh then paused. He looked into her eyes intently, showing her how serious he was about what was said next. "If you ever feel that I am not being considerate of you as a mom, tell me. I don't even want your to feel like it's a burden to do so. It's important to me. You are important to me. "

Olivia sighed,falling into his arms. She tucked her head under his chin. "How is it that you always know the right thing to say?" Her fingers snaked up to the nape of his neck as he slowly reclined their bodies. Her body relaxed and nervous soothed once more by his words and embrace.

"There's this lady with pretty brown eyes who taught me," He bent his head to kiss her cheek.

"Thank her for me," Olivia giggled." I love you,Fitz."

"I love you, Livvie."

Olivia was waiting for Fitz to come join her from the Green Room, where he'd asked her to wait in before her speech.

Walking back in forth in her high-heeled pumps against the hardwood floor, Olivia went over her walking points in her head. Her team was brilliant, and they'd left little room for error. The staff made this transition period smoother. With them on board this journey, nothing seemed impossible to navigate.

Just as she had expected, people where receptive to Fitz's State of the Union address. Anyone who wasn't received a great deal of blowback from their constituents. The people wanted affordable college for children. America was all about pulling yourself up by the bootstrap,and the program pitched that night killed two birds with one stone. Dealing with turning minimum wage into a living wage was a different story. She didn't know when that would happen, but Fitz had full faith it would happen.

"Liv?" Fitz's voice interrupted her thoughts as he strode into the room. Olivia couldn't help but be taken aback by his appearance; he looked like the President.

She knew that was a silly thought ,but today he looked extra presidential. Seeing him standing there - dressed pristinely in a dark gray suit, wing-tipped shoes gleaming from the lights above, and his eggplant tie knotted perfectly - had Olivia seeing her husband as the powerfully virile man that he was.

It made her body hum in a completely inappropriate way, considering the task ahead of her.

Fitz smirked wickedly, obviously having taken notice of Olivia's flushed cheeks and heated eyes. "You look awfully… enticing," Fitz murmured, sliding up to the chair Olivia was sitting on and pulling her into his arms. "And we match." He wrapped his hands around her waist, the purple silk of her dress allowing the warmth of his fingers to seep through.

He pressed his lips to the spot below Olivia's ear, his lips sucking loudly after he pulled back. "Mmm, you taste delicious."

"Fitz, please," Olivia begged, doing her best to stay upright in his arms and focused.

"Alright, Livvie," Fitz nodded, stepping back and letting his eyes sweep over his wife again, his smile and eyes warm. "You do look lovely, though. I won't deny that."

"Thank you," Olivia smiled.

Fitz took her hands into his, his eyes searching hers. "I don't want you do go in there was the First Lady, the woman in charge of social events and being a hostess. I want you to go in there as the woman who helped managed my campaign. Optics are everything in this movement. So don't be Pope-Grant,be Ms. Olivia Pope."

Olivia gave his hands a light squeeze before she replied. "I've taught you well. I'm not nervous. I know I'm up for a fight and backlash,unlike what you received."

"Only thanks to your brilliant and strategic planning,"he leaned in to peak her lips.

" But I'm ready for this fight. I want this for the American people. I can't push it back,because people will disagree and say mean things. That isn't who I am."

Fitz nodded, agreeing silently with her assessment. "You're braver than you know, and smarter than I'll ever hope to be," he told her, after she'd finished speaking.

"And don't you forget it," Olivia lightly tapped his chest. "I'm just ready to stir the pot and get my feet wet."

Fitz laughed, pecking her lips quickly before turning and letting Olivia lead them out of the room, holding firmly onto one of her hands as they made their way to the East Room.

Their shoes resounded on the marble floor as they walked, announcing their impending arrival long before the staff could actually see them. Fitz paused for a moment outside the hall's threshold, allowing Olivia to take a deep breath before she nodded her head, giving him permission to leave her.

"Good morning, everyone. Please welcome the your First Lady, Olivia Pope," her press secretary announced, as Olivia walked towards the podium.

She appeared strong, not a nerve in sight. After all, a key component to the plan hinged on these men and women's receptiveness and write ups to the public; a plan so big it would send shockwaves, not only throughout the politics spectrum , but also the entire nation.

""Good morning, and welcome," she started without a hint of nerve in her voice. The audience was already hanging on to every word she had to say. She saw a few smiling faces and a few stoic faces. No matter the expression, all eyes and ears were on her. Her presence command respect and captivated was not simply the First Lady, she was Olivia Pope.

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