Lucy's POV

I was sitting in my history class Ms. Crawford lecturing us about Roman Architecture.
I was sitting on my desk with my head down. In front of me was our history book to block me from Ms. c seeing me slacking. I wasn't fond with that class. Considering our teacher is quite how should I say this... bossy? Stupid? Judge-mental? Uptight? Lonely? Yeah, I said lonely. I always thought she was uptight because she was single and lonely. People around me were talking about homecoming. Everyone was concerned on what dress to wear, who to bring to the dance. I just scoffed, to me dances were stupid. I mean wasting your precious time in dancing? When you could do other cool things! Anyways, I just think its useless to just going there dressing nice and wasting a lot of money for just get together with music? You can do that for a cheaper price! Go to a party and dance the night away. At least a part doesn't have a limit. I felt someone tale my shoulder and they pointed to the front of the class. I lifted my head up to see Ms. Crawford and everyone in the class looking at me.

"See me after class Ms. Stone." Ms. Crawford says and returns to lecturing us. I rolled my eyes and pretended to listen. When class ended I walked up to Ms. Crawford's desk. "You wanted to see me." I reminded.
"Yes, considering your grades are below average we won't let you go to homecoming." "We? I'm passing French. Actually, I'm excelling in French." I corrected myself.
"That may be so but your other classes you have 25.3% in my class. Do you know what that means?"
"Yeh, it stands for an F. I know my alphabet woman." I rolled my eyes and leaves back on a student desk. I wasn't even planning on going to homecoming anyways." I lifted myself off the desk and walked out. I had two minutes before until the bell rang for the next class. I didn't care and went over to my locker. I put my notebook in there and grabbed my essay for English. When I closed my locker and I saw Kendall suddenly appear beside me, I jolted back.
"God, your freaking scared me!" I scolded him and slapped his arm.
"That's a good thing right?" he joked.
"No. Anyways, make it quick I got to go get myself a Pepsi before English." I informed him. He nodded and exhaled.
"Well, since homecoming is right around the corner. I was wondering if you could maybe-" he starts.
"No." I rejected and walked away.
"But, you didn't even hear what I was going to say!" he objected.
"True, but I also know what you were going to say. 'Go to the dance with me'" I mimicked in a guy voice.
"Oh my god! Do you read minds or something!" he gasped sarcastically. "But, I was think it would be a daaunte kinda of thing..." he mumbles.
"What?" I asked.
"Nothing but can you go with me?" he asks again.
"My answer is still no, sorry big boy." I pat his back and walked away to the vending machine.

The night of homecoming...

I was sitting in my apartment eating crackerjacks watching 'the Goonies' one of my all time favorite movies. Then I hear knocking on my door. I got up and walked over and opened the door. I saw Kendall.
"What are you doing here?" I asked.

"I just wanted to invite you on a night of fun!" he smiles and grabs me hand and closes the door behind me. He took a bandana and wrapped it around my eyes.
"A night of fun? This sounds like a kidnapping." I warned. "If you do something I will punch you in a place that will not be pretty."

"Warning received..." his voice shakes. Kendall guided me to the place he wanted me to go.
"Alright we're here!" Kendall's voice announces and he removes my bandana. My eyes adjust to see we were at the park. The park was decked out with Christmas lights wrapped around the trees and in between the trees was a table and two chairs.

"We're on a date?" I guessed.
"Correct!" he smiles.
"This is your way of showing me a fun night? Kidnapping me first?" I teased.
"Pfft... Of course! That's how people do it these days..." Kendall answers. I went over and sat on the walked slowly towards the table.
"Are you going to sit or not?" I asked.
"Yeah, but first! Let's get a little creative." he creeps and grin and rose his hand up in the air and threw something at me it landed in my hair. I touched it to see it was blue colored paint.
"Oh no you didn't!" I blurt out.
"Girrrl, Oh yes I did!" he snaps his hands and laughs. I notice there was paint under
the table I grab a can and threw green colored paint at Kendall. It landed on his face. I laughed loudly. Kendall threw the can towards me and the paints splatters everywhere around us on th grass and trees. I continued to throw paint at him. He ran towards me with another can of paint when he slipped on the paint and fell on top of me. We both landed on the floor. With him pinning me down.
"Well this is awkward position to be in..." Kendall whispers. I dip my finger in the paint and painted a mustache on Kendall's face. I smiled like I just saw the biggest cotton candy in the world.
"Bonjer!" he grins and I laughed.
"It's bonjour!" I say and he got off of me. He helped me up.
"Are you ticklish?" Kendall asks.
"Yeah, why-" I start and he tickled my sides and I busted out laughed hysterically. "Stop! Stop! Hahaahaa!" at that moment I was at that stage of laughing where I was crying! "Stop! I think I'm going to die!"
"Kendall wouldn't like that!" he frowned and stopped and h picked me up and twirled me around.
"We're not in a romantic movie, you know?" I added. He stopped and out me down. "Ri-right..." he grins.
"We need to rinse off! The paint it starting to stick into my hair and skin."
"We could go to your place to rinse off?" Kendall asks.
"Why my place?" I questioned.

"Well my mom is having a movie night with her date. So, it would be awkward you know." Kendall explained. I nodded and we both walked back up to my apartment. Right when we got to the apartment I realized I forgot my keys in the apartment. I face palmed myself.
"What's wrong?" Kendall asked with a worried look.
"It's just I forgot my keys in the apartment when you kidnapped me." I reasoned. "We'll have to go to your place."
"No, what if we walk in and they are in the middle of a kissing session. I would NOT
like to see that." Kendall objected."Why not go to the pool? Since, everyone is at homecoming." I nodded and we went back down to the pool. Kendall was right there wasn't any people.
"Should we take off our clothes or something..." Kendall mentioned. I gave him a look."Clothes on! I am cool with that." I took off my shoes and jumped in. I submerged from the water to see Kendall not in yet.
"You coming in or not?" I asked.
"I would...but there the color brown is surrounding you..." Kendall says. I look around me to see brown colored water.
"It's the paint you moron. If too many colors are fused they just make brown. Now get in!" I swam towards him and pulled his leg. "Come on!"
"Alright! I'll jump in!" Kendall accepts and jumped in. He submerges from the water over to me.
"What do we do about the pool? With it being brown?" Kendall questions.
"We can just say someone took a dump or something." I answer.
"Good plan!" he comments. I swam over to the steps of the pool and sat down, and tilted my head so it touched the water and picked out the paint. After we were finally rinse off. Both of us got out of the pool and took a towel and went up through the stairs and we reached my apartment.
"I should probably go. I think my mom's date already left." Kendall mentions.
"Alright, thanks for...kidnaping me and showing me a good time." I smiled and hug and tightly and let go.
"How about some sugar on the lips a bit?" he jokes.
"Awww... No. Maybe cheek." I answer and I took a step back and closed the door. When I went to bed I couldn't stop smiling.