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chapter one

"Fullmetal Alchemist Edward Elric, Flame coronal Roy mustang and riza hawkeye. you three will be sent to japan and infiltrate ouran highschool, there have multiple incidents there. Edward will enroll as a student and you will be covering him as his parents" king bradly stated

"What?"the three said un unison

"you will leave tommorow"he stated

"wait, what about al?"edward asked

"he can't come it would be very suspicious if there was a person with a suit of armor walking around,and if anyone asks your from germany. edward we cant pay for the school so you'll take the honor exam I think you can handle it"

"yes but why are we from germany?"edward asked

"because in japan they know next to nothing about amestris so we'll just say your from germany so no unwanted question would be asked"bradly explaned

"fine" Edward replied

"you are dismist"

"yes sir"riza and mustang replied. ed was already out of the room

"this is going to suck" Roy exclaimed

"why?" riza asked

"cause a. Edwards coming and b. al's not. he's like the only one who can calm him down"

"wow, you're so insensitive" riza replied

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