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Ed goes to Ouran highschool

"Welcome to the host club"Tamaki said

"Huh, whats the host club?"Edward asked

"I'm glad you asked. The host club is where extremely handsome young men with way to much time on the hands entertain young lady's who also"

"Stop! Sorry I asked"Edward stated and started walking toward the door

"Wait where are you going?"Tamaki asked

"home"Edward replied

"Why? I wasnt finish talking to you. I don't even know your name"Tamaki said in his sad voice thing that he does

"I've got things that i need to do"Edward said not even faised by the teens annoyance

"Cant you just tell me your name at least?"Tamaki asked

"Dont wanna"He repliyed then tamaki went to his mushroom corner

"Edward mustang, age 15, hair color golden blond, eye color golden. From Germany, Father is a police officer, Mother is a retired cop. Edward has a tendency to act stubborn, causes trouble"Kyoya said coming into the conversation

"Kyoya? When did you get here"Tamaki asked getting out of his corner

"How do you know that?"Edward shouted

"Kyoya knows"Hikaru started

"everything"Kaoru finished his sentence(as always)

"Not everything, just most things"Kyoya stated like it was nothing

"I need to leave know"Edward said still slightly confused on how the teen knew that stuff even though it was fake.

"whyyyyyyyy?" Tamaki cried

"Because I have to leave" Edward said as he headed towards the door

"wait edy-chan"honey sempi said as he pulled Edward away from the door

"what!?"EDward anwsered yelling

"I just was going to ask whats germany is like"honey said in that cute little kid voice thing(I don't no how to explain it so use your imagination)

"I need to leave, now"Edward said getting really irritated 'I wish I could just go home with al and get away from these Idiots'. "good bye" he said once again and he started to walk toward the door and his right arm started to multifunction and his hand hit a vase and it fell and broke

"oh great job Edward. we were going to sell that at 8,000,000 yen at the next school fair"hikaru and kaoru said in unison

"8,000,000 yen!? crap, how am I suppose to pay for that?!"edward asked

"oh ya I forgot your family's not rich"hikaru said

"well looks like we'll have a new host"tamaki said

"What?"edward shouted

"you can't pay for the vase you'll work for it"Tamaki said suddenly serious

"what? a host?"edward said and sweat dropped down his face

"what a new host?" Haruhi said as she/he came into the room (he for Edward)

"ya edy-cu"honey said

"Edward? I didn't think you would get him to"haruhi trailed off as she notice the broken vase and a sad/angry edward on the floor"oh"

"starting today you are host"tamaki exclamed

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