Ten Years Later

It was the same place overlooking the lake, but a very different scene from what had happened ten years ago. Then it was just the bride in white lace, the groom, their droids, and a holy man—a short ceremony in secret.

Now it was the same couple but with family and friends present, maybe the way it should have been but wasn't possible.

Padmé was now dressed in a simple but elegant gown of emerald silk. Her curls were natural and loose over her shoulders, adorned only with spring flowers. She glanced over her shoulder at her parents, her sister and brother-in-law, her beloved nieces, her former handmaidens, and a few of her friends from the world of politics seated in rows of chairs. Across the aisle were what was Ani's family: his stepbrother and his wife who had traveled all of the way from Tatooine, still overwhelmed by their first trip off-planet; Rex and others from the 501st; his former apprentice Ahsoka; Obi-Wan; even Master Yoda.

Nearby were the most important guests of all, their four children standing next to Artoo and Threepio. The twins Luke and Leia were seven now. Their youngest boy, Ryal, was five and their youngest daughter Maré—virtually a clone of her cousin Pooja but with blue eyes—was two. Remarkably, they were all keeping still.

Padmé turned her attention back to Ani, taking his hand in hers as the holy man began his incantations. He grinned at her and she couldn't help but smile back. He wore almost the same kind of Jedi robes as he did on their wedding day but he was older now, a man who had experienced so many extremes at still a young age. One could see it in his eyes. Back then they were impetuous youth, so much in love they flouted all convention and followed their hearts. Now they were survivors, with the scars to show for it. Those experiences along with parenthood matured them and brought them even closer together.

It almost ended in disaster, but Ani fulfilled his destiny as the Chosen One, destroying the Sith when he ended the horrors of Darth Sidious. It was then that they openly declared their love and revealed their twins, still babies at that point. Thanks to support from the public, the Senate, and from many within the Order, Ani was permitted to remain a Jedi. The issue as to whether all Jedi could marry if they wished was a contested one. Even after all that had happened, not all of the Jedi approved and many stayed back on Coruscant instead of attending today. All were watching to see if this marriage could possibly work.

The odd thing was Padmé herself wasn't sure if this would work for everyone. A Jedi's life required a lot of sacrifice and someone who could not understand that was in for heartache.

All she knew for certain was that she and Ani could make it work. And now they were here renewing their vows. How wonderful it was to be free of the uncertainty of the past. How joyful it was to not hide anymore. There was even more magic that late afternoon by the lake than the original wedding, if that was possible.

After once more pledging their lives to each other, they kissed warmly as the onlookers clapped politely. The little ones made "eww" noises and laughed as their parents mock-glared at them. Then they gestured for their kids to join them as one family in the light of the setting sun.