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"There I was, sitting idly by in the tacky jeep, I could vaguely here Ellie rambling about some leaf or another...When. I saw it..."

"What did you see?"

"There across the green meadow and just a few hundred yards away was a towering Brachiosaurus grazing on the leaves of a tall tree."

"Were you scared dad? Did the Back-eo-saw-rus try to eat you?"

Alan pulled the covers tighter over his very tired 9 year old daughter.

"No honey, I knew that the brachiosaurus wasn't interested in your old man.. you see the Brachiosaurus is actualy a genus of saurapod dinosaur and is in fact a herbivore... (Joanna's eyes slowly begin to droop) Well.. for explanation sake its a veggie-saurus, think of it as a big cow of sorts."

"*big yawn* Oh, did you get to pet the Back- ee- o.. .. ah.. cow-asaurus daddy"

"yes, actually and it was amazing but... what INGEN did was wrong. They made theme park monsters nothing more."


"Yes Joey?"

"Will you and mommy get me a cowasaurus for my birthday? I will feed him every day? I promise"

"haha" Alan laughed nervously...

Ellie pops her head through the door giving her husband the look. "Enough stories, Joanna Grant it's time for bed."




... ...

" Joanna Grant..?" Said an obnoxious monotone voice that severed me from a 11 year old memory of better times, I gave the young administrative woman a forced smile.

"Here is your class schedule and map of the campus. Welcome to Fort Peck, Montana. We are glad to have you apart of the MSU student body." said Miss Monotone as she handed me the schedule and map, I gave a polite nod and walked away from the front desk.

Discarding the map, having been practically raised here I knew where to go, I deeply breathed in the fresh mountain air and relished the feel of the outdoors. Groaning internally I joined a group of students who were on their way to my fathers dig site. The silty, dusty, dig site that I called home I was eager to see but, the over crowded, 45 minute bumpy ride was less than appealing. The weather was a reflection of my mood the sky was overcast and the scenery seemed to lack life. I was tired from traveling but at least I wasn't in a plane, but with the way these students were driving I would have almost preferred the plane. Almost.

I took Doctor Malcolm's newest book out of my bag and began reading from it in my cramped corner of the van

"It beats making small talk i guess." I thought glumy

BOOM! the van shook as it endured an exceptionally large dip in the well travelled dirt road. I found myself four years younger and in a bleak courtroom BOOM! BOOM! went the gavel "This marriage has been officially annulled," said the pale faced judge. That resonating sound served as a stinging reminder of the reality that mom and dad are divorced. Yes, I realize that it's been 4 years now and sure, Mr. Delger is good for my mother and she is very happy it's the hurt written on dads face that truly troubles me.

Dad and I both share the serenity that comes from working out in the field digging and discovering, Mom had it once but, lost it after Isla Sorna. Her serenity turned into a dark contorted fear and an nagging reminder of the past. In the end it was work that ruined them. "Ughh. Joey listen to yourself you sound like a broken record. Let those old bones stay buried... Your alive, your happy, your at home.

10 minutes into the ride and look, nobody has bothered you..." I thought continuing to read this crappy chaotic book.

"Can Malcolm put himself any higher upon that pedestal...jeez," I said aloud to myself.

The van heaved along the dusty dirt road for a half an hour now and I had to admit that I was surprised.. However, their was some equipment in the back that had gotten loose and begun to make a god awful racket as we bumped along the lengthy road. Unable to bear the complete disregard of such helpless electronics and gizmos I yelled up over the racket "Helloooo, would you mind pulling over?!"

"Whaa, but we are is like almost there man.. is just a bit loose is all." The driver yelled sluggishly in reply.

Dryly I shouted back "Well man.. is like this you see.. the gizmo is like "the mans" soooo if you wanna get credit for Dr. Grants class you should like totally pullover."

I wondered how this ray of sunshine received his GED let alone admittance to the university.

"Hey pretty lady, is all cool see we pullin overs now.." said the driver as the van slowed to a stop.

"God bless the illiterate!" I said in a pleadingly sarcastic voice.

After climbing over 4 unhelpful people I was able to pry the tattered white van door open... and a wave of fresh air greeted me. Savoring my momentary relief from the confining van. I opened the back doors and the sight I saw was astonishing. Gizmos big and small, tangled mess of wire and components piecing them together realization hit me..

"This is a rapid prototyper? What would dad want with one of these? This thing uses laser engineered net shaping and computer calibrated scanners. Alan wouldn't be able to find the on switch let alone understand its proper use.." I thought aloud.

The delicate and defenseless equipment was still littered across the back of the van. So, noting their intactness as I went, I made quick work of collecting them all and placing them in their original secured positions before closing the back. With weary eyes, I looked over to the cramped interior of the van and considered walking the rest of the way but, thought better of it besides someone has to look over the tech. With a sigh, I heaved myself back into the mass of people who this time actually moved to accommodate my skinny form.

I could feel my anticipation mounting and before I realized it the familiar dirt, bones, and home lay before my wanting eyes.

As the van crunched to a stop on the gravel road I roped together the illiterate and two other yahoos into helping me unload the heavy prototyper. Disappointment was sketched across my face when I didn't see dad's brown truck in its usual spot. My lack of focus was granted with suddenly a large amount of weight. The illiterate whom had been helping me lift a side of the heavy machine had unexpectedly, but sadly unsurprisingly, tripped leaving me to bear the burden. Let the record show that I am naturally a strong person but a hundred pounds thrust upon any unsuspecting fool is usually more than enough to throw them a little off balance. So, sure enough the side of the machine began to sway a bit and just when I thought my arms were surely going to be ripped from their sockets I noticed two strong arms next to mine that right sided the machine with ease.

My savior began to guide the machine to its designated location and with a small thud the behemoth was placed into a tent. My attention was quickly diverted to the illiterate who appeared to be shying away from helping and I was nearly about to say something to him when a familiar voice shouted ..

"JEFFERSON! Be a pal and bring those smaller boxes over here please!"

"Billy!" my mind shouted with a mix of epiphany and happiness. I spun around to meet my dear old friend.

"Billy! Oh my goodness, I nearly didn't recognize you!" His naturally curly dirty blonde hair was much shorter now. His near 6' figure seemed more fit, tan, and toned than I remembered. His usual style of light kaki pants and utilitarian tees suited him while also flatteringly defining his toned body. He took a step towards me and the last thing I noticed before being wrapped into a bone crushing hug was his warm light green eyes and large goofy grin. Billy had totally gotten cute since I last saw him.. I internally scolded myself "Bad Joanna! stop checking out your friend."

... ...

Billy's POV

Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap.

An on edge Billy was anxiously tapping his foot.

Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap.

When is it gonna get here...? I glanced at my watch. I swear Jefferson that slow idiot what the hell was I thinking? Sending him to pick up the machine?

The machine was an expensive rental and with Alan gone an extra day I knew i would have just enough time to set up and recalibrate it to create my surprise. I spent the past few days scanning and rescanning the fossilized skull of a velociraptor to sculpt its resonating chamber using said machine that is currently LATE... I thought to myself. "Jefferson will only be here for a few more weeks and after he gets this elective over with he will be gone." *mental celebratory fist pump*

Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap.

Doctor Grant had entrusted me with watching the dig site while he was away trying to get funds for another semester. Which brought my mood down even lower knowing that if he didn't get the funds we would have to pack up shop within 3 weeks... but, we always find the money so we will be fine... ... I hope.

Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap.

(Tires crunching over gravel can be heard in the distance)

"Finally!" I said excitedly and took off in a not so slow jog towards the van on the opposite side of the site.