Chapter 5: Birthday Suits

It was only slightly after noon when Harry arrived back at his home, for that is what he now thought of it as, his home. He had made a quick trip to Gringotts to make sure no one in the Weasley family had access to his accounts and with the exception of George paying monthly profits into it, that was the case. He also asked why Grabass had not notified him of Kreacher's passing, only to be informed it had only happened the day before, and not several weeks in the past as the portrait had insinuated. Grabass confirmed that Kreacher had been laid to rest according to house elf tradition, with his ashes being spread across the lawn at Grimmauld place to make sure he was always there to watch over the family.

That resolved, Harry returned home and headed up to check on Hermione. True to form she had managed to strip bare and was currently spread eagle on the top of her covers. Harry had to laugh at the sight before he tucked her back under the blankets and left her to sleep. He left orders with Mrs. Babcock notify him once she was awake and that until then he was going to talk with Zoe. That done, he made his way towards the Delacour home in serious need of some family comfort and his girlfriends soothing presence.

Zoe was amazing that day, realizing that something was wrong she had dragged Harry to her room and the two of them had cuddled, speaking in whispers for the rest of the afternoon. He told her everything that had happened and cried as he expressed how hurt he was that people he had cared about so much could act like that. She just stroked his back as he clung to her and cried, letting him drift off to sleep for a while before she dragged them both out the the beach to swim and forget about the horrible morning he had had.

Hermione finally woke up around five that afternoon and proceeded to walk bare as the day she was born through the house and out to the beach were Harry and Zoe were lounging. With a raised eyebrow Zoe watched as the naked crying young woman crawled onto Harry's lap and sobbed for a good thirty minutes as he told her about the events at the Weasley's and how she was now welcome to stay with him as long as she wanted. That seemed to cheer Hermione up, at least enough to get her to stop crying and kiss Harry on the cheek.

Hermione finally admitted that she did not want to return to Hogwarts, she couldn't bare the idea of returning and being forced to see Ron every day, let alone be reminded of all their adventures there with him. Zoe pointed out that if she wanted, her mother could probably put a good word in for Hermione and get her into Beauxbatons for her last year. That led to a rather embarrassing moment when a still naked Hermione glomped the young Veela woman, never once caring about her state of undress. This lead to Hermione asking why on Earth Zoe was wearing a bathing suit on a private beach and said girl then agreeing and ditching said bathing suit.

Somedays it was good to be Harry Potter.

That night they had a fabulous time at Harry's "surprise" party. Zoe and Hermione hit it off immediately, going so far as Hermione wearing one of Zoe's dresses to the event. Hermione also made fast friends with Apoline, Pierre, Michael, and even Anne. Aimee and Gabrielle were calling her their big sister by the end of the night and asking if she wanted to sleep over sometime. Hermione passed, not knowing the girls spent most their nights sleeping at Harry's house, but she still thanked them for the offer. Little did Harry know, but Hermione's casual attitude towards nudity in the confines of her home would rub off on both girls and Zoe over the remainder of the summer. Harry finally had to buy robes for Aimee and Gabrielle to wear when not in their room or on the beach. Mr. Babcock and his son thanked him for that.

Yes, the rule about nudity on the beach was thrown right out the window the day after Hermione's arrival. With the liberal application of sun blocking charms, only Harry and Pierre ever seemed to wear more than a smile. Even Apoline got into the act, something that had Harry blushing for the first few days. Still, Harry got used to it eventually and came to realize that it was perfectly natural for the girls, so who was he to complain. Oh, and yes, Hermione was just as smooth as she claimed to be. A fact that was proven when she joined him in bed several nights after her arrival. No, they had not done anything sexual together, but it was hard.

Time passed and the summer ended as all summers do. Gabrielle and Aimee made their way off to start at Beauxbatons while Hermione chose to finish her education via self study. Harry found it hilarious to find a starkers Hermione in the library on a daily basis pouring over her texts and throughly enjoying the freedom she had to study as she liked. Zoe stayed with them as well, she had finished school the year before and was now in the process of studying political treaties and such to prepare her for her future as the Queen of the Veela. Oddly, she too had taken to studying in the nude, which Harry could not complain about at all.

With the fall arriving, Harry and the ladies decided it was time to look into a winter home for them. Grabass informed him that Kamaloth had been fully repaired and the ladies decided that would be their winter home from now on. The fact that Harry had yet to find out why everyone was in such awe that he owned the place had not escaped him, but every time he thought to ask someone he got distracted by one thing or another. So, that October they officially moved into the beautiful castle. It was truly a breathtaking place and Harry loved it almost as much as he did his chateau.

A week before Christmas, Harry asked permission to marry Zoe and was rather surprised that he got such an immediate and resounding yes out of Anne. That out of the way, Harry proposed to Zoe on Christmas Eve, surrounded by his entire "family" made up of the Delacours, Bill and Fleur were there as well, Zoe's parents and Aimee, Hermione, and Andromeda and Teddy. It was an emotional moment as Harry dropped to one knee and asked for Zoe's hand, topped off by him being tackled to the ground by the excited young woman. He took that as a yes to his proposal.

Gabrielle and Aimee were almost as excited as he was in the days that followed. Gabrielle explained that now Harry would really be related to her and that was just as good as him really being her big brother. Aimee on the other hand KNEW Harry would be her brother now and that he would always be there to protect her. The fact that Harry had set aside permanent rooms for both girls in all of his homes just sealed the deal for them.

Now, you might ask where this left Hermione in all this as she had grown quite close to Harry over the years and Zoe in the time she had known her. Well it's a funny thing really, because Zoe and she had a very long conversation one afternoon while Harry was dealing with financial matters at Gringotts. It was a very tired and frustrated Harry that stumbled into his room that night, not bothering to turn on the lights as he stripped and flopped down on his bed. It came as something of a surprise to him to realize there was already someone in his bed, two someones to be precise. Needless to say, he was far less frustrated the next morning and Hermione was now an official part of his life. Zoe it turned out was a very open minded young woman and as Harry needed to restore the Black family as well as the Potter family, Hermione became the Lady Black to Zoe's Lady Potter. It was all a political sham, but on paper Harry was two people, so why not two wives? No one in the family even blinked an eye at it, save Gabrielle who admitted she had rather hoped she might fill that position someday.

More time passed and spring rolled round. Harry made his official debut as the consort to the heir to the Veela Throne. It was also the last time he appeared in that capacity. Zoe had discussed the issue with her parents and sister at some length, deciding eventually that she would rather be Lady Potter than Queen. Aimee was rather blasé about the situation, insisting she would only do it on one condition, though Harry was not told what that condition was. It was agreed upon and his first and only outing as the consort to the Princess was at the announcement that she would not be taking the crown. The fact that when she announced she would be living with Harry as his wife at Kamaloth seemed to shut all the nay sayers right up. He really needed to find out why they acted that way when Kamaloth was mentioned.

On June 1, Harry's wedding announcement hit the papers in England. Bill would later tell Harry that Ginny had fainted the moment she saw it and Mrs. Weasley went on a week long rant about how Harry hadn't even asked her permission. Several days later another announcement was made in the legal section of the Prophet that the heir to the Black family would be marrying that summer. No one paid it any mind as no one save a few senile old farts read the legal notices anyway.

On the 17th of June, 1999, one year to the day that Harry began his vacation, he stood before a Veela Cleric and said his vows first to Zoe and then to Hermione. Their honeymoon was spent back at his chateau for the two weeks before the Delacour family would arrive to take up residence in their place for the summer. It was a glorious two weeks filled with laughter, love, and all the happiness that Harry could ever imagine. When the rest of his "family" arrived two weeks later, Harry thought it just couldn't get any better. He was wrong.

Ten years later Zoe gave birth to his first son, James Michael Potter. A year after that, Hermione gave birth to his second son, Sirius Pierre Black. Apoline and Pierre moved into Kamaloth that winter and now traveled with them every chance they got with their newest daughter, Angelique, who had been born ten months after Harry's first arrival in St. Tropez. Gabrielle was now a stunningly beautiful woman who some said rivaled even Zoe's appeal. Then there was Aimee who true to Harry's predictions had grown into a very beautiful woman. As for Anne and Michael, they were debating on stepping down and turning the crown over the Aimee when she turned thirty, but that was still up in the air.

James and Sirius were followed by Jeanne Antoinette Potter and Simon Alexander Black. Then there was Marcus Christopher Potter and Michelle Renee Black. Two years later Aimee assumed the Veela throne and ten months later she gave birth to her heirs, twin girls Mia and Joan Poisson. As it turned out, her condition for assuming the throne was that Harry be the father of her children. This as it turned out was not such a big deal as Harry thought it would be and who was he to turn down a young woman that admitted she had been in love with him since the moment she first laid eyes on him. It was also the reason she took the throne earlier than originally planned as she "needed Harry now, and not in several more years."

Gabrielle also let her feelings be known about that same time. She had taken the fashion world by storm after graduating from Beauxbatons. First as a model on the runways of Paris, then as a designer, Gabrielle's name was known far and wide in non-magical world. The Magical world was still a bit behind the times, but even there she was well known for her daring robes and hats. Retiring from the public eye at the ripe old acre of twenty-eight, she settled down in Kamaloth with the rest of her family and gave birth to a daughter, Miranda Lily Potter. You can guess who the father was.

Nineteen years to the day that he first arrived in St. Tropez, Harry FINALLY found out why everyone was so in awe of Kamaloth, better known as Camelot. Even Grabass had a good laugh as Harry collapsed to the ground, landing firmly on his butt, and looking like he had just been hit by a mackerel to the side of the head. This led to a years worth of investigation into the true history of the castle and the discovery that yes, his family was descended from Arthur Pendragon. Talk about a wow moment in his life. It took a while to fully comprehend all the famous, and infamous, people he was distantly related to, but eventually he did accept it and move on. Oh, he decided not to lay claim to the throne of England since it would be too much hassle to deal with all the tabloids. Harry and the special ladies in his life celebrated the event with a drink from an old chalice he found in the vaults of the King's tower. Oddly, then didn't have a hangover the next morning, or ever again.

On the twenty year anniversaries of his marriages, Harry held a private party for all his friends and family. There were all of his children, his wives, Aimee and Gabrielle, Teddy and his girlfriend Victoire Weasley, the daughter of Bill and Fleur. Neville and his wife Hannah came. Then Luna showed up, though her husband had been unable to attend. There were many others, more than he could count, all filling Kamaloth's grand ballroom as Harry stood at the center of dance floor with his wives on either side of him.

"Tweny-one years ago I was feeling lost," Harry said with a voice that carried around the room. "I had just defeated Tom Riddle but was at a loss for what to do next. Hermione had gone off to retrieve her parents and I was left sitting twiddling my thumbs, when I decided I need a vacation. It was the best decision I ever made. I may have been lost that summer, but what I found was so much more than I could have ever hoped for."

Time would continue to pass and eventually Harry Potter and his ladies would pass into legend. Some people say he and his ladies are long dead, though no grave has ever been found with his name on it. Other's say that Harry was accepted into Avalon to rule alongside Arthur, with Merlin as their advisor. No one really knows for sure. Oddly, every summer there is a chateau just south of St. Tropez where a young man and four beautiful young ladies come to stay, to love, and to continue a vacation started a long time ago.

The End

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