Just a drabble that came to my mind after watching Episode 14. Spoilers for those who haven't seen it. Let me know your thoughts, so please review!

"Kaiā€¦"Her voice was soft, so soft that he had to strain slightly to make out what she was saying over the crashing of the waves.

"Stay by me always. Stay by me always, and never leave."

"Saya..." Kai's eyes widened as he turned to face her, but she continued to stare out across the sea, her eyes unblinking.

She continued on, lost in her own memories. "No matter how much I fight, if you're with me I can stay myself."

Kai swallowed hard and turned his face to the sea as well. The sand beneath his fingers was cool to his touch, and it was so peaceful that he could almost erase the memory of Saya at the mansion. The heat that radiated from the jungle and from the blood that had spilled could almost be forgotten at a place like this.


As discretely as he could, he studied her face. Her eyes, which had been as brilliant as a ruby jewels before, were once again back to their original color. There was no trace of the wild, animalistic beast that had seemed to inhabit her body before.

It had been frightening, seeing the face of his own sister but unable to recognize what it was that she had become. Her dark hair, drying in clumps from the blood that had splattered across her face, had shielded her eyes from him when he had first entered the room. He could still hear the sound of her blade slicing through the bone and flesh of her fallen comrade accompanied only by the sound of her ragged, heavy breathing.

She had not known him.

Saya had seemed more beast than human. She roared in rage at the Phantom's taunts, which only seemed to encourage him more. The sound had made his blood run cold.

She was beautiful and terrifying. A weapon of mass destruction with unimaginable power.

But she was still his sister. Wasn't she?

The question had burned his throat as he had screamed at her. She was still his Saya, his sister, not this ferocious animal in front of him.

Kai squeezed his eyes shut, trying to force his mind to shut down the memories that seemed to cling to him.

Saya, thankfully, did not notice. Her voice seemed as distant as the sea they faced. "You, Riku, dad, and me. We can be a family."

Kai's nails dug into the sand, and he nodded.

"I promise. I'll stay beside you, I'll never leave you. No matter where you go, I'll find you."

No matter what happened or what she became, he would be there to save her. Even if it was from herself, he would bring her back. He was her brother, and he would protect her from whatever the world wished to throw at her. I

"Believe me."