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Chapter 6:The Use of ANBU Training

Naruto was thinking; his silence unusual for the relaxing atmosphere. The last few days had passed quickly, and they were sitting in the common room late Wednesday night working on homework.

Sasuke and Sakura were poring over their textbooks, both neatly writing answers to the first assignment of the year. He stared at the pair, mind whirling with precious memories, and gave a slightly sad smile. It seemed they were perfectly content to work together and ignore the boy sitting nearby.

However, Sakura's head suddenly snapped up, her head flashing frantically in all directions before her eyes came to rest upon him. Her worried expression surprised him, wasn't she happy with just Sasuke for company? Didn't she have all the friendship she needed?She sighed in relief before snatching his hand and dragging him closer.

"What?" He asked as she pulled him to rest on the third side of their odd triangle.

"If we do it together we'll be done faster, I thought you grew a brain during training, Dobe. Can't you even understand that much?" The Uchiha remarked before turning back to his potions textbook.

"Jeez Naruto, don't disappear on me! What am I supposed to think when you just up and vanish?" She scolded, leaving and returning with his textbook and some parchment moments later. She dropped the materials in front of him before plopping back next to them on her knees.

The hokage-to-be smiled then, the soft curve somehow more sincere than his usual blinding grin. He sprawled himself across the red carpet, head hovering in his own textbook. He flipped through it slowly, a focused expression appearing as he scrawled the answers in only just passable English penmanship.

Sasuke shifted his weight, leaning tiredly against the couch with textbook held in front of him with one hand while the other supported the rest of his weight. He glimpsed the smile and returned a smirk before scratching more answers onto the thick paper

Sakura smiled back at her blonde friend and tucked a lock of hair behind one ear before returning to her own work, consulting the rest of her team on occasion. Other than these few interruptions, they remained in a companionable silence broken only by the flipping of pages and the scratching of quills.

The next afternoon, after enduring a class with the giant and a rather robust witch who had an odd fascination with deadly herbs, A certain blonde was sneaking around the tower in which the Defense Against the Dark Arts, referred to as DADA, classes were taught.

He was armed to the teeth with sharpies, spray paint, dye, and various sharp implements, the last being normal for the ANBU. He had donned his standard special ops armor and buckled a black cloak over it, sneaking around easily by just walking on the ceiling.

His co-conspirators, who were walking below him with pointed hats covering up their tell-tale red hair, had managed to wave their wands and make his hair a perfectly average shade of mousy brown, leaving the ninja nothing else to do but don his fox mask.

The pair pointedly nodded towards a door that was a ghastly shade of baby pink before strolling down a separate corridor that led towards the courtyard. Naruto dropped silently to the floor and pulled the mask down from its position above his messy locks, disguising the identity revealing whisker marks along his cheeks.

He straightened and prepared to use his "official duty" voice, using one hand to smooth back his hair. He knocked on the hideously painted door loudly, the noise reverberating in the room beyond it. The pink-coated woman rushed towards the door, kittens meowing loudly as she cautiously opened it.

"What is it?" She asked,eyes narrowed in suspicion.

"You have been requested to meet with the Minister," Naruto replied, deepening his voice until it was unrecognizable, seeing as he had a class with the woman within the next few days.

She blinked before bustling back into her room, snatching a pot of powder from her desk. She stopped and turned to him, curiosity coloring her tone.

"Who are you?"

"I am a guard, nothing more and nothing less."

She nodded and stepped into her fireplace with a handful of the powder. She threw it down to the hearth and cried something before disappearing into a flare of emerald flames. Naruto blinked curiously at the fireplace, but shrugged and brandished several sharpies in random colors.

"Time to wreak some havoc and sit back to watch the drama unfold," The blonde snickered and proceeded to sabotage the girlish office.

Twenty minutes later, Naruto was relaxing on the bench of the long dining table and snickering with the Weasley Twins. He anxiously waited for an outraged wail and Umbridge storming into the great hall, discussing that yes he could sabotage her room that fast and make it awesome.

And, quite suddenly I might add, the blonde's prediction came true.

With an impressive cry, a woman wearing ruined clothing, covered in random splatters and colors of spray paint and dye, stormed into the great hall. All of it's inhabitants burst into laughter; some rolling on the floor or beating it with their fists. She marched right up to Dumbledore, who was successfully smothering a few snorts of laughter, and screeched like a banshee.

"I DEMAND TO KNOW WHO DID THIS!" She shouted, gesturing wildly at her clothing. Her face had turned an interesting shade of purplish green that had nothing to do with artificial coloring.

"We will figure it out Professor, but, if I might ask, is this all of your...problem?" He replied politely, glancing over her ensemble.

"Well of course not!" She shot back indignantly before waving her wand violently in the air.

A big screen appeared, revealing a room covered in various bright colors, mustaches on kittens and a wardrobe full of ruined clothes. Almost no pink remained in sight, covered with splooshes of paint and scribbles of sharpie. This image doubled the mirth of the hall,bringing the students to the woman's full attention.

Harry and Ron were starting to bawl from laughing so hard, and the twins weren't much better. Sasuke was snickering as Sakura leaned on him for support while she absolutely exploded in giggles, Naruto chuckling proudly on her other side. Even Hermione, the teachers pet, wasn't trying to stifle her titters.

The obviously embarrassed woman huffed, sounding suspiciously like a horse, and left the room. Dumbledore, now that the devil woman was out of earshot, finally let a few chuckles free, and Hagrid made one more booming chortle before they all settled down, for the most part anyway.

"Now that that is finished, let us eat!" Dumbledore declared, and the food appeared once more on the table.

The large crowd ate rather ravenously, perhaps the laughter had drained them of their already diminished energy. The food was gone in just over an hour, and almost everyone headed back to their dorms, save a few who needed to stop by the library for certain reference books.

This included Hermione, who left the library with a massive pile of books on asia, judging by their slight accents that was where the foreigners originated. Piles of tomes written in flowing script were piled in front of her in the common room, time turner on hand for extended reading. She settled in, eyes furiously searching for an explanation.

The next morning, Harry and Ron dressed sluggishly dreading the class they were about to undertake. Naruto noticed their doom and gloom aura and inquired about it, though not very eloquently.

"What the hell is your problem?" The sulking pair looked at him tiredly, eyes showing deep pain. Harry shifted and muttered one word.


"And why is that so daunting a class?" Sasuke asked, slipping into the dark sweater vest.

"You haven't met the bat yet have you?" Ron grumbled, sluggishly tying his shoes.

Sasuke rolled his eyes at the redhead before striding out of the room purposefully, wanting to escape the sulking pair.

"I'm surrounded by idiotic wackjobs," He muttered while escaping the immediate vicinity.

Sakura had already left her dorm, was waiting on the stairs;obviously going to get them anyway for the morning meal and class.

Giggling began to be heard, making Naruto rather apprehensive. Something landed on his back and managed to slither down Naruto's shirt, avoiding several attempts to stab it. Ron, in a half-assed attempt to help the poor boy; cast a spell, which malfunctioned and set Naruto's robes ablaze. The blonde ran back and forth like a cartoon; a look of unfathomable horror painted comically on his face. He dropped to the floor trying to get the flame out, rolling like a deranged dog with a shock collar.

While this display was going on, a quiet girlish giggling echoed in Naruto's ears. It was nearly suffocating on its mirth, obviously happy that the blonde was being seared.

"Hey, where did my snake go?" An annoyed voice shouted as he burst into the room. He had a look of anger plastered on his face and cast a spell, which brought forth a blast of water. The water jetted towards the flaming ninja, instantly relieving him of the hellish pain

The aggravated teen reached for the half-burned, half-drowned shinobi and pulled a long snake from his back. His spiky, red hair was a mess, and his gray eyes were steeley as he scolded the reptile.

"Next time I leave you in the dorm, you do not slither into someone else's room. You almost killed the guy!"

Naruto glared at the strange boy, "Keep that thing locked up! What the Hell was with the giggling? Since, when do snakes giggle?"

"I refussse to be locked in that infernal cage again, Masster. I find it demeaning." The snake spoke in a lilting female voice, reminding Naruto of a rather racy woman he had run into at a bar while searching for Jiraiya.

"Who are you?" Naruto demanded as his mind raced to the only other talking snakes he knew of that weren't Sasuke's.

"You ssshould have ssseen hisss face, Masster."

"Where did you get the damn talking snake?"

"Why do you care, anyway?" The redhead shot back, lightly stroking the gray reptile.

"Because, it messed with my uniform." Naruto declared pointing an accusing finger towards the snake that slithered back into her master's sleeve.

"Absurd, my pet has done no such thing. I have you know that my Umbra is very well-behaved and would never delve into someone's clothing in such a perverse manner."

"Naruto, I think she likes you," Ron joked, as the aggravated male left the room..

"Shut up," Naruto cussed as he pounded the redhead with an iron fist, leaving an ugly lump.

"Blimey, what did you do that for?" He cried in reply, rushing towards the blonde in an attempt to deck him in return. The attempt failed, leaving a pouting redhead sprawled beaten on the stone floor.

The redhead, who had retreated out of a window in a way that was similar to the ninja, was smirking. He lept from the tower, easily landing on his feet unscathed. His hair lengthened, and the color slowly faded while glasses materialized on their customary perch on his nose.

Kabuto dashed into the forbidden forest, pressing on the small device perched in his ear.

"They suspected nothing my lord."

"Good. Now return to my side," The cold voice on the other end commanded, his raspy tone similar to the snake in the shinobi's sleeve.

"But of course." The rogue the vanished from the dark trees, not leaving a single trace of his presence behind.

The first class of the day was starting, drawing the shinobi towards a turret that had gossamer curtains lining the windows.. It was the domain of a witch who wore an unholy amount of beads and had a stifling quantity of perfume flooding her entry to this wing even Sasuke's face contorted with pain as he began to choke on the heavily polluted air.

"What the hell is this woman's problem?!" Naruto wheezed, struggling to not pass out.]

"Don't know, don't care. Might as well get this overwith," Sakura sighed, watching the charge pull a ladder down from the ceiling. The boy climbed the rickety wooden device, seemingly unaffected by the scented air. Sakura groaned and followed suit, dragging naruto and Sasuke with her.

The room they entered was absolutely cloaked in beads, gossamer, and even more cheap perfume. there were low round tables and three floral print stools next to each. Harry and Ron had taken their place with a boy called seamus, seeing as Hermione had left for a class called ancient runes. The shinobi took a seat at a vacant table to wait for the teacher to arrive impatiently, all wishing the class was over.

"Good morning, my children," a woman breathed as she drifted into the room. Her eyes were covered by an interesting piece of eyewear that made her resemble a very stoned bat, her mousy hair was frizzy and wild, her matching eyes nearly blind in their dreamy state.

"Good morning, Professor," The rest of the class chorused, only minimally affected by the smell. The shinobi were a bit busy choking to reply.

"Now class, can anybody tell me what we covered in class last year? Any hands? Come on, somebody must know or else I'll feed you all to the gnomes."

"I believe, we were working on dream reading and tea leaf predictions," a Hufflepuff chorused, a tad excited for the course, considering the crazy teacher.

"Ah, yes. We will now begin palm reading. You, young woman with the rebelliously dyed hair."

Sakura glanced around, finding herself the only one other than Naruto with an odd hair color. She sighed and began to explain to the woman that it was natural, but was cut off as the woman grabbed one of her lifted hands. She scrutinized it for a moment before convulsing and turning her dark eyes on the kunoichi, her voice hoarse and dark.

" You have a tragic future. Someone will come and steal away your loved one and leave you to die in your own misery. Your life will be at stake as you fight for this precious person, and you must make a choice to decide whether they live or die. Be wary, my child, for you may have a happy end or a sad one. Your decision will shape your future."

Sakura struggled, twisting her hand out of the woman's iron grip in an instant before rushing out of the room. Sasuke tossed something small at the woman before following, the shuriken cracked one of the lenses from her glasses, making it drop from the frame.

The pinkette dashed from the tower, returning to the Gryffindor dorms in the blink of an eye in her desperation. She sunk to the carpet on her knees, burying her face in her palm. She was shaking, possessed by unadulterated terror at the prediction.

Sasuke came upon her like this, weeping in fear and pain in the fetal position. His entrance made her jerk into fighting position, he raised his hands non-threateningly in response. She collapsed into his embrace, burrowing her face into his chest. He just held her tight, letting her tears fall and wash away the fear.

"Oh dear, what just happened? Did I say something?" Trelawney asked as she released her grasped fist to pick up the lense that had fallen on the floor within the other wing of the castle.

Naruto was standing, ready to desert the room but the deranged woman's hand pushed him firmly back into his seat.

"Mr. Uzumaki, since you seem so anxious to proceed to the future, why don't you attempt to read my palm?"

Naruto gulped and lightly grasped Trelawney's weathered hand. He looked at the wrinkly lines that decorated her palm, and began to see strange pictures forming in the folds of skin. He saw a blade, which he quickly decided was pain, and a serpent that extended throughout her hand. He thought on his feet, and raised his eyes to hers, ready to predict her future.

Suddenly, a sliver of chakra slipped through the seal, just enough to allow the raspyness of kyuubi's voice tell the woman her grave fate.

"I see a blade that will cause you great pain, it will bring you to your knees in agony. However this blade is made of no metal, nor bone. This blade will be of one with a malicious mind, crafted to bring itself power." The old fox rasped, tinging the eyes of his host with crimson.

He glanced at the others, and his eyes came to rest on Harry, and the boy reappeared in front of him. The blood tinted blue scrutinized the boy before speaking to him as well.

"The fate of the world rests on your shoulders, yet you will not buckle beneath it. You have lined yourself with comrades to support you, but in the end you will meet your future alone. You can not alter your fate, but you can rise to meet it if you so choose," The kitsune finished, receding back into the seal and releasing it's color from Naruto's eyes widening and expanding into contrast..

Trelawney was staring at him in shock, but once she regained her wits she dashed to shake his hand. Her batty eyes sparkled, which was rather creepy, and she nearly hugged the boy.

"You my boy have been blessed with the gift of the inner eye. You must use it wisely, my son. Everyone learn from Mr. Uzumaki here."

She continued to rant about how wonderful he was until the period was over, and as soon as the bell tolled Naruto extracted himself from her grasp and dashed out.

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