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What luck I have.
This is a dream come true for me, but if mother knew...
I doubt she would care, but the king would.
He can't just ignore the outcasts.
He's a bad king.
He wants perfection.
No deformities.
No mixed speices.
No outsiders.
This human settlement is different.
I've been observing it for years.
They had an outcast they ignored.
He was my favorite to watch.

They didn't cast him out, though, to fend for himself.
They still cared, and they show it openly now.
It's so much better here.
So much better.

After a long walk, because Hunter refused to ride on Toothless, they finally arrived. The first to greet them being Astrid with her Nadder. "Where have you been! And who is that?!"

"Trust me Astrid, it's a long story..."

"Let me get this straight," The blonde viking girl, Astrid, said as she pinched the bridge of her nose. "You found her when you went to retrieve your little book that landed in Molgarath's territory. You got tied to a tree and she helped you, she got hit in the head and you brought her here." Hiccup shrugged.

"Well, what was I supposed to do? Leave her there?"

"Did it not occur to you that you could have fly her home?"

"..." Hiccup looked away, refusing to meet Astrid's eyes. Toothless looked at the ground as well. Hunter spoke up.

"Well mother says that King Stormblade doesn't allow outsiders. He's violent, unreasonable, and downright cruel to us Outsiders!" Hunter stated, brushing a stray hair from her face. "If it weren't for mother, I wouldn't have a house. I like exploring, since my life is pretty boring."

"What do you do? Like for fun?" Tuffnut piped up, questioningly.

"What do you do all day?!" Ruffnut asked, shoving her brother away.

"Well, let's see...7 am, the usual morning line up. Start on the chores and sweep 'til the floors all clean. Polish and wax, do landry, mop and shine up. sweep again and by then it's like 7:15." Hunter grimaced at the thought.

"At night?" Snotlout asked, refering to the time.

"In the morning..." Hunter replied.

"Wow, that's fast."

"Yeah...and then I'd read a book, or maybe two or three. I'd add a few new paintings to my gallery. I'd play guitar and knit and cook and basically just wonder when will my life begin." Hunter sighed, but she had a small smile on her face.

"You actually read?" Ruffnut asked.

"How do you have time for that?" Her brother asked. Hunter ignored them.

"Then after lunch it's puzzles and darts and baking. Paper-mache, a little dancing, and chess. Pottery, puppets, relax, and candle making. Then I'd stretch, maybe sketch, take a climb, sew a dress."

"And your life is boring how?" Astrid asked.

"I think she means repetative, which would get boring." Hiccup said.

"And I'd re-read the books, if I have time to spare. I'd paint the wall some more, I'm sure there's room somewhere. And then I'd brush and brush and give up on my hair, stuck in the same place I've always been. Just wondering when my life will begin. And I guess now it has." There was an ear to ear smile across her face. "So, what about you guys?"

"We spend alot of time with our dragons." Astrid said.

"They're our closest friends." Hiccup said resting his hand on Toothless' nose.

"Like me and Nightwing." She said sadly. Hiccuped offered her a ride on toothless, but she declined, instead choosing to lay on a grassy hill and watch the dragons and riders fly together.

Night fell quickly and, as Hiccup and Hunter drifted of to sleep, two dragons landed on the cliff where Hunter was found. A large black one sniffed around the tree and soon found the pool of dried blood. It realed back and let out an agonized shriek, while it's sky blue companion nuzzled it reassuringly. The dark one refused the comfort, however, as it spotted a gleaming object in the blood. With an ear piercing scream, it reared up, flaring out it's wings. It took a deep breath and released a column of fire higher in to the sky than it could fly.

There ya go!