One day it was a normal day for the ARMPIT platoon every one was doing their own thing. When all of a sudden for some reason Giroro look up at the sky something was about to crash he was shocked he could barely move .But he knew if he didn't he would get hit so he ran it the house of the henatas. Scream like a crazy person, Natsumi got angry at him .Them their was a boom it was not that loud as he though it would be. But it was loud enough for every one to hear it .Kululu came out of the lab, keroro was angry because he messed up his gundum. E.C.T then every one ran out side except keroro tamama and no one remembered about Dororo .Well as soon as the smoke cleared you could see it was a girl she looked like a pecopoean .Most of them thought she was dead, but she moved just a little then kululu gave a scary kukuku .He told them to take her to his lab. Kululu POV (| = |) looking at her made me feel good inside ….This made him sick to his stomach because he knew no one really loved ….. Back TO THE STORY Every one stayed with the strange keroro still didn't want to leave his gundom and tamama didn't leave his side , Dororo still forgotten … she soon made a full much faster than they expected less than a week .in that week Kululu ran DNA result to check what alien she was ,stay close ,was angry with them for not telling him about the alien .After the week she was able to walk and stated to speak English " who are you ? What am I doing here?" she said .Kululu and everyone came in and told the stranger they were on earth and introduced them self. They asked her why she was on earth she told the she was fighting in space and got hit and entered earth atmosphere .then at that moment Gororo came in and saw her and she saw him she ran to hug her old friend Rose .He later told them how she knew here they had meet her in the army her race is a weapon race mean she is a weapon .Then Giroro eye light up said now we can capture the planet .Then he told Kululu to make some thing for her to fight like robot or some thing .Kululu said he had practice robots ,but the other cut in and said she should rest .She said she was fine so they all followed kululu most of them a safe distance away as if was going to bite but rose walked close she barely knew him why should she be scared .Thay came to a room and he said to go in the room it was a plain room then they all went to the observation room .Kululu put about 20 robots and then air made a body of air her in the center the she destroyed all of them .Then he lowered the oxygen in the room the she used hand to hand combat and beat them .They watch in amazement giroro was about to cry he thought he and his fighting princess were alone and every one else was lazy .This girl named rose she had long black hair , light brown eyes in kululu she was hot but he knew no one would love him. So it was dark and every one had went to sleep and then rose had a bad dream so she snuck in to kululu's room and fell asleep in his bed .In the morning he was blushing and trying to remember if any thing happened no. She woke up then she told him she had a bad dream and thought he wouldn't mined if she was their .He said "no he didn't mine" .Then that day he spent about an hour on and invention that would give her bad dreams .The next night she had bad dream for about a week then she went toFuyuki bed and then she told Momoka that she thought she and Fuyuki made a good couple .she went back to Kululus bed .but the next morning she waited for him to come out of a platoon meeting she waited in his lab .When he walked into the lab she said "kululu do you think I'm pretty " he blushed .She leaned in to kiss him and they made out a little for fear some one would find out .She told him she loved him and when people found out they were a little freak out to see them make out.