I woke up to a thin ray of sun light bursting through the curtains on the opposite side of the room that we called home. I looked at Althea who was fast asleep on the single mattress on the floor her elbow length brown hair was spread all over her pillow. Her silver dagger clutched in her hand and the sapphire ring on her right ring figure gleamed. I looked at my hand, down at the Emerald that matched hers; I slipped it off, and brought it into the patch of sun light by my waist. On the inside the words "Duraturas per amorem arena" were etched in an Arabesque font.

"Duraturas per amorem arena" I whispered, not wanting to wake up Althea " there has to be something missing" I sat up and stared at the words, moving the ring in the light like I have done thousands of times before just in case I missed something. There was shuffling as Althea woke up.

"Trying to figure out what our rings say again huh?" she said standing up watching the light dance of her own ring.

" I'm hungry, let's go get some food" Althea said with extra enthusiasm .

"ya, I'm hungry too" I said standing up. Suddenly there was a loud crash and some yelling.

"What the hell was that?!" Althea said clutching her dagger, she walked up to the door, and placed one double pierced ear to the worn out paint. "Something's down stairs!"

"Or someone, I hear people!" I said

"Are we going? Or not?" althea said holding the dagger closer to her face. She reached for the door handle.

"STOP!" I said in a loud whisper, "we need everything packed up, just in case we have to run for it!" I collected all of our gear and slid on my hunting boots and jacket, I pulled out my dagger "Now I'm ready"

The door slowly creaked open as Althea slid through, the creaking and moaning got louder as we came closer to our way out.

"How the hell did they get in here?!" I said

"Don't ask me you're the smart one!" she said

Althea took a running leap at the chain hanging above the first plat form.

"Althea! What are you doing!?" I asked freaking out.

"Don't worry I got this "she answered as she swung through the air. Just then the chain snapped leaving her suspended in the air above the rotter. She pulled her knees in to her chest and executed a perfect front flip landing gracefully on the balls of her feet ready to fight.

"God, sometimes I swear she is part cat!" I whispered and took off running. I took a flying leap over the rotters and pulled me knees to my chest as Althea had before; I landed face to face with her and gave her a smirk.

"CATALINA! DUCK!" Althea yelled and her dagger flew past my face and impaled the rotter not two feet from us.

"Thanks" I huffed tugging her dagger from the corpse. "You're such a dork"

"Well, this dork just saved your life" she said wiping the blood of her dagger and onto her dark blue jeans. For the first time I noticed what she was wearing, knee high converse boots, jeans, black tank top and a gray leather jacket.

"If the weather turns bad you know we are done for right?" I asked walking over the mirror to check my attire. My dark blue jeans were tucked into my black hunting boots and my black leather jacket was over my black tank top. I slid my dagger back into the sheath at my waist and pulled my elbow length bleach blonde hair into a ponytail. I watched as Althea walked over to the door and twisted the handle.

"IT'S LOCKED!" she said surprised.

"It can't be!" I said and walked over to turn the door handle myself. "It must be boarded up, or something!"

"Um.. Cat? Althea said worriedly

"SHHHHH, "I said "I think I hear people outside."

"UM… CAT" she said again.

" AL , Shut up, I'm trying to hear something" I said mad now.

" CAT!" she screamed spinning me around

"WHAT!" I yelled

"um.. We have some unwanted visitors" she said pulling her dagger from her belt. More rotters came from every corner dragging them toward us,

Chapter 1

"You hold them off; I need to open this door" I yelled and started pounding on the frame, "I heard VOICES!"

There were three voices, all three were male, and one was deep and husky while the other two we sounded like they were our age.

"I think there are people in there!" said one of the younger voices.

"There dead anyways" said the older one.

"come on we have to help!" said the third

"No, it took all morning to board up that door" said the older voice again.

Althea backed up into me, I looked over into her sapphire blue eyes and for the first time since the first attack I saw real fear.

"Help!, Someone please help!" I screamed elbowing Althea "I Know your there!" The rotters swarmed closer, so close that we could smell the rotting flesh.

"I'm sorry, Al" I whispers grabbing her hand with mine "maybe I'm I was paying attention we wouldn't be in this mess"

"No, it's my fault. I was the one that brought us down here in the first place." She said her eyes watering.

There was a loud crash and everything went black..