" Cat" she mumbled looking ahead

" Al " I said ," pass me my bow please"

" can't sorry " she said

" why ?" I asked stepping backwards faster now

" they are surrounding us" she said looking back at me, she pulled her gun out of its holster, I places my hand on my hip at did the same . Pulling back the safety I Aimed for the closest one .

" I got this side" I said finger slowly squeezing the trigger .

" got this side" she answered and then fired .

Aiming for the forehead I pulled the trigger and the zombie dropped, I aimed for the next and pulled, then the next, Al's gun was going if behind me , killing every one she found.

The was yelling and footsteps as more of the group showed up to help us .

" CAT, AL?" Conner and Aron yelled " ARE YOU OK?"

"PEACHY" I yelled back over the sound of my gun , I pulled my trigger once more but there was no bang only a soft click.

" Shit, IM OUT " I yelled at the boys who see trying to get to us through the swarm, "where did they even come from ?"

The swarm got closer and I pulled out the knife at my belt and started slashing and stabbing aiming for the eyes and temples

" CAT!" Althea yelled " BEHIND YOU" I started to turn but felt the boney hands on my shoulders , I tried to pull away, only to have teeth sinking into the skin of my shoulder , screaming I fell to the ground pulling my knife into the head of the one that just bit me

More shots rang out and the rest of the rotters dropped dead .


The group ran towards us Yelling cheers and congratulations , I felt blood dripping down my chest from the bite in my shoulder , I looked up from where I was sitting on my knees , Althea was looking at me with horror , Aron and Conner ran up too us with smiles on their faces .

Pulling myself to my feet I faced them , something on my face must have tale them something because Conner froze, the smile fading and he looked at me .

"Cat? What's wrong? " he asked concern clouding his gaze.

I just looked at him , and slowly pulled my hand down from my shoulder Pulling some of the shirt down with it to expose the bite mark.

I tried to smile but I know it was more like a grimace.

" Conner .." I started only to be cut off by Althea grabbing me into a big hug.

" it's ok" she said with a smile on her face, pain showed in her eyes " you will be fine"

She took a step back and I slid to the floor hugging my knees to my chest.

Conner still looked at me he hadn't moved yet , Aron went and put an arm around Althea .

" I have 3 days " I said my voice cracking " please just take me home "

Conner strode forward helping me to my feet he didn't say much just stared above my head, everyone grabbed their bags and we started to walk for the front door .

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