I do not own Danny Phantom. I got the plot from jeanette9a. I thank her for the idea.

A dark haired teen was running through the woods, the tears streaming down his face mixing with the cold pouring rain. He kept thinking, why? Why would they do that to me? Why? Why did they disown me? Why didn't they accept me? Do they really think I'm a freak? These thought kept running through the teen's head, over and over again. He kept running, not knowing where he was going, or really caring, he just had to get away from those people, his former parent.

The rain and wind biting at his skin hurt, and in the back of his mind he knows that if he stops running and turns away from the wind, it wouldn't hurt as bad, but he can't stop. He can't turn around. He had to get away. He can feel the soft, rain soaked dirt under his feet, and when it suddenly vanishes, he falls and lands on something hard, and gravely. He stands up, and realizes he's in a road, and a car is heading straight for him, it's headlight the only thing visible in the pitch black darkness of night. The teen throws his hands in front of his face, and braces for the impact. The cars goes right through him, and with a relieved sigh, the teen passes out on the ground, somehow landing with his head on his arm, and not on the pavement.

A grey hairs man was driving his car toward his home. It was about one in the morning, and he was tired. He could hardly see anything out his windshield because of the pouring rain. His mind was on the meeting he had just finished up at his company. Running your own company was hard work, and the man wondered if he should hire more help. Because he was hardly paying attention to the road, having drove over it a hundred times before, he didn't notice something in it. When he did, and realized it was a person, he slammed on his brakes, but because of the storm, the car still slid toward whoever it was. The man closed his eyes, and braced for impact, all the while trying to turn the wheel, and stop the car.

The man open his eyes, and saw the car had stopped a few feet from where the person was standing. He hadn't felt, or heard an impact. The man got out of his car, and ran to the body laying in the road. He checked for a pulse, and was relieved to find a strong steady one. He gently rolled the person over, and saw that it was a black haired teenager, no more than fourteen years old. What's a kid doing out here at this time? What parents let their kids run around at night? Do his parents even know he's out here? The man thought.

He looked the teen over, and found that he hadn't hit him, he had just passes out, probably from the cold. The man scooped the teen up, and went back to his car. He placed the teen in his front seat, and went around to the driver's side. With one last glance at the spot the teen had been laying on the pavement, the man started back toward his castle. Most say a man's house is his castle, but this man's house really was a castle.

The man drove up to the front, and a tall man with brown hair came out to greet him with an umbrella. The umbrella man was ignored as the other man went around to the passenger side of the car. "Is something the matter Master?" The umbrella man asked.

The man once again ignored the umbrella man, and gently took the teen from his car, and took him into the house, and up to his room. The umbrella man had followed. "Would you get me a few extra blankets, and some clothes for him Johnson?" The grey haired man asked the umbrella man.

"Of course Master Vlad." Johnson said. "But may I be so bold as to ask who this might be?" He asked.

"I don't know Johnson. He was in the road, and I almost hit him with my car. He passed out, and I knew I just had to help him." Vlad said.

"Of course sir." Johnson left the room, only to return a fifteen minutes later, followed by a maid with yellow hair. The maid was carrying the blankets, while Johnson carried the clothes. "I found the smallest size you have sir. I hope they fit him." He said, setting the clothes on the nightstand. "Come Terri, we have work to do." He told the maid, who followed obediently after him.

Vlad put a few more blankets on the shivering teenager, and sat in a chair by the bed. Who are you? He thought to himself. Vlad sat there for a few hours, until something came to him. Without thinking twice, Vlad reached into the teen's pants pocket, and pulled out a wallet. In it was a student ID. "Daniel Fenton. Fenton? Maybe I should call his school so they can call his parents." Vlad picked up the phone that was on the nightstand. He dialed the number on the ID, and waited for someone to pick up.

A few rings later, a lady answered to phone. "Casper High, this is Gena, how may I help you?" She said.

"Yes, I'm calling about one Daniel Fenton." Vlad said.

"I'm sorry sir, but Daniel Fenton no longer goes to this school." Gena said.

"Why not?" Vlad asked, confused.

"His parents called this morning, and said that Mr. Fenton died last night. Very tragic. I'm very sorry sir." Gena said.

Vlad was speechless. Wasn't Daniel Fenton laying in hs bed right now? It was the same boy from the ID. "How did he die?" Vlad asked.

"I believe he had an incurable illness. I'm very sorry sir, but I have another call, can I put you on hold?" Gena asked.

"That's alright. I'm hanging up now." Vlad put the phone down, and looked at the teen, Daniel. "How could his parents say he's dead?" He asked the silence. Something strange was going on here, and Vlad was going to find out what.

This is the beginning. I plan on doing at least one more chapter, if not more. I hope you all like it.