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Vlad walked into his room and sat on his bed. Was it really true? Did Jack and Maddie really turn on their own son because he was half ghost? Did they even know he was only half ghost, or did they think he was an evil full ghost. Did they think that Danny's ghost half killed their son? Vlad could hardly believe it. Jack and Maddie were never the type to turn against someone they loved. Did they really change that much in the years they had spent apart? Did they really think so little of ghosts that they would turn on the only son they had? Vlad could feel the tears trying to come out. He forced them away. He would not cry for the friends he once had, but, could he cry for his new ones?

Danny, Sam, and Tucker's faces passed through his head. Danny's crying eyes when he had found him in the road, his sad eyes when he would go about the day, his sad smile, Sam and Tucker's sad and determined eyes when they had shown up at his door, Danny's truly happy smile when he had seen his friends, Sam and Tucker's happy smiled when they had finally seen that Danny was in fact alive and well. Vlad smiled. But the thought that Jack and Maddie had been the cause off all three of their's pain, was almost too much for Vlad to bare. He couldn't let them know Danny was alive and living with him, just as he couldn't let Sam and Tucker's families know.

Vlad laid down and thought of Sam. He wished she wouldn't feel bad about what she did. It was hardly her fault Danny got turned. But being a halfa wasn't so bad. Vlad had been living with it for many years. Though he had never told anyone, but that was only because he had had no reason to. Danny probably wouldn't want to tell anyone either. Vlad wasn't ashamed of his ghost half, he just didn't think people needed to know. It was his business after all, not theirs.

Vlad then thought about the reason he now knew all this. Sam had been checking on Danny and Tucker, and so had Vlad. He had been checking on the teens too. He had just finished checking on Danny after looking in on Tucker, and was about to look in on Sam when he had ran into her in the hall.

Vlad drifted off to sleep thinking of how much his life was going to change now that all three of them were living with him. He was really happy to have them there, and he wondered if they liked being here too.

Danny woke up before Sam and Tucker so he went to wake his friends up. Sam woke up easier than Tucker, though not by much. Neither of them were morning people, Tucker being kind of lazy and Sam being a 'creature of the night'. Danny then went to Vlad's room. He knocked, then went in.

"Vlad. It's time to get up." Danny said to the lump on the bed. "Vlad." Danny waked over to the bed, and pulled the covers back. Vlad was laying on the bed, naked. Danny looked away, blushing slightly. "Vlad!" Danny yelled, finally getting them man's attention.

"What?" He asked jumping out of bed.

"You should be glad I'm not a girl. It's time to get up. We have school today." Danny turned and left the room.

Vlad was confused about Danny's comment, then noticed he had taken his pajammas off during the night. He blushed a little, though didn't know why. He shrugged and went into the bathroom to shower, then got dressed.

Danny went into his room to shower and dress, then met his friend downstairs to eat breakfast. "Looking forward to our frist day at prep school?" Danny asked. He had chosen to wear a white shirt today.

"Yeah. I hope they let me use the computer, not that I'll have much to do since we're supposed to be hiding from our parents." Tucker said. He had chosen the red shirt.

"I never used the computer much before, but I still checked my email everyday. I can't do that anymore." Sam said. She had also chosen a red shirt.

"I'm sorry you can't do the things you used to do." Danny said.

"They don't care about those things anymore Daniel." Vlad said, coming into the room.

"He's right Danny. We don't care about things like email and online game playing anymore. We're just glad we can be with the only person who knows us and can get between us when we fight." Tucker laughed.

"Yeah. You're th only person we care about right now." Sam agreed.

"Thank guys." Danny said.

"Well then, hurry up and eat you three, or you'll be late for your first day of school." Vlad warned.

The three teens finshed their breakfast and grabbed their bags. They had gotten school supplied while they were out the day before. They would get their books when they got to the school.
"Are you taking us to school Vlad?" Sam asked the billionaire.

"I suppose I can." Vlad said, finishing his coffee. He got up and they all walked to the garage. They picked one of Vlad's more enviromental cars just for Sam.

At Hawthron Academy Sam, Tucker, and Danny went to the principle's office to pick up their schedules. They found they had all the same classes. the principle explained that she wanted them to be comfortable in the new school, and letting them be together would be the best way to do that. They all went to their first class and got their books from the teacher.
"Good morning students." The teacher, a tall, white haired man with glasses, greeted them with a smile.

"Good morning Mr. Yesling." The students greeted back.
"We have three new students today. Sam, Tucker, and Danny are going to be joining us this year. Please treat them well and make them feel welcome." Mr. Yesling said. Sam, Tucker, and Danny stood up when the teacher motioned for them to. "Sam, Tucker, and Danny are siblings who's parents have recently passed. They are now living with a family friend." He then turned to the three teens. "I'm very sorry to hear about your parents. And I welcome you to our fine school, and hope you enjoy your stay." He said.

"Thank you sir." Danny was the one to speak.

The day went on as normal. No one bothered them and no one found out who they really were, so that was good. The only thing they had to do, was explain to a few people how they were siblings if they looked nothing alike. They just told everyone that adoption was a great thing. After school, Vlad personally picked them up and took them home. The ride was pretty quiet. They talked about school. Tucker had made a new friend by the name of Gary, who was in the tech club. Tucker was thinking of joining with him. Sam also made two new friends, a girl named Kelly and her brother, Jason. Danny and Tucker could tell Sam really liked Jason. Danny made friends with a guy named Francis, a member of the space club. Francis tried all day to get Danny to join the space club, and Danny was thinking really hard about it. Vlad encouraged the teens to join the two clubs if that was what they really wanted. He was happy to pay for anything the kids needed, or wanted.

After dinner, the teens helped each other with their homework and played video games on the huge screen in one of the many living rooms in the castle. Vlad had wandered into the room to watch them an hour after they started and the teens somehow managed to talk him into playing with them. He wasn't too bad at it, but Sam, Tucker, and Danny all had more experience with it. Life was going good for them all. They hoped it stayed that way.

Mr. and Mrs. Manson sat in a room with Mr. and Mrs. Foley, and Jack and Maddie. It had been two months since their kids went missing. Jack and Maddie had stopped talking about Danny like he was their son. They also insisted on saying their son was dead and a ghost had his body. Everyone was starting to think they were crazier that they had first thought. Mr. and Mrs. Manson had hired a private investigator to work with the police and find their daughter and her two friends.

"Mr. and Mrs Manson, Mr. and Mrs. Foley, Mr. and Mrs. Fenton, we may have a lead to finding your children." The detective said to them.

"He is not our son." Maddie yelled, standing up and leaving the room. Jack got up and followed her.

"Why so they keep doing that. You'd think they would be happy their son is alive." Mrs. Manson said.

The detective shook his head. "Anyway, I sent out missing persons flyers to the entire state and a few of the surrounding states last month, right after you hired me. I might have gotten a hit this morning. A elderly couple saw the flyers on the news and called to say they saw three teens that looked like the ones on the flyers." He said.

"Did the couple say if they were okay? Did they look hurt or anything?" Mrs. Manson asked.

"They said they were okay. They were with an older man. They said he didn't look like a really bad guy and that he wasn't being mean to them." The detective said.

"So Tucker, Sam, and Danny could be alright?" Mrs. Foley asked.

"It appears so. I'm leaving for the other side of the state in an hour. I'll run down this lead, and see if it goes anywhere. I'll contact you as soon as I find out something, whether it be I found them or not." The detective got up and walked with the two couples to the door. "I'll contact you." He said again as they went their separate ways.

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