Pairing: Ryoma Echizen x Keigo Atobe
Warnings: Slash
Word Count: 413
Authors Notes: Gosh, it's literally been forever since I've written slash for Tenipuri. The last time it was maybe like 3 or 4 years ago, I don't even know. But I really should write more slash for Tenipuri... anywho, I hope you all enjoy!

He would sooner die than admit it, but his attraction for the young Seigaku ace was as undeniable as the chill of winter. With his own blue orbs entranced with ones of burning amber, his heart rate silently increased with every breathe and every word that escaped into the freezing air. Atobe tried convincing himself that it was the cold that made his hands shake so. "Well...?" Ryoma questions, brow raised in curiosity.

"Well, what?" he practically snaps back, a disapproving frown upon his flawless features.

A playful smirk dances along the younger boys lips and the Hyoutei Captain swears he feels his heart quiver the slightest bit. "Is it true?" he simply asks.

Scoffing at him, Keigo's blue eyes tore away from his hypnotizing gaze to the streets blanketed in snow. Waving a flippant hand, he dismisses the question. "What a laughable allegation; ore-sama hardly has time for such things," he replies, although it did not quite answer Ryoma's question.

Nonetheless, he turns his back to the young Echizen, intent on leaving him in the cold streets of Tokyo. Mumbled words stop him in his tracks however, looking back over his shoulder to the other boy, he found his bright eyes still upon him. "What was that?"

"I said," he begins, voice a little louder. "You didn't answer my question Keigo."

Surprised by the use of his first name, he turns around to face him once more and has his jaw tightened as to yell at him for being a bother if anything-but stops. The look on Ryoma's face is anything but mocking or snide, but rather his facial features show a window to a curious and rather innocent side of himself. Suddenly the boiling undertone of anger is zapped from him, draining into the winter air and Keigo finds himself simply staring at the younger boy.

There it is again.

(Thmp, thmp, thmp.)

Echoing in his ears.

(Thmp, thmp, thmp.)

Slamming against his chest.

And for the first time in his life, he is silent. Somehow though Ryoma can tell, with the silence between the two and the gleam in his eyes, it's almost too obvious. But for once he isn't trying to piss off Hyotei's Captain in the least bit and simply smiles. It's small, but a smile nonetheless and Keigo can't help but blush at the look of it on his lips.

"It's true."