Crazy For You

By Kori Lewis

Rated: PG

Category: Romance

A/n: DMC belongs to FOX and the author of the book on which it was based. As do all the characters, except for Ana Meris, Leann Neily, Lila Agnozi, and Misha Neily. Last names may be spelled wrong, so if you notice that, please tell me. I did not know Mrs. Meris' name so I made one up. It is going to be Laura. I know Mr. Hammond's name because of looking up the book and reading the excerpt. It is Rob.

2nd A/n: This story takes place 7 years after the movie took place. Since the movie came out in 1999, I will say the year is 2006. Chase went off to college in New York and is nearing his last year. Nicole went to a local college and finished the year before. They waited a year before going to college and they broke up the summer after they started college because it wasn't working out long distance. Brad married Alisa and is now the Gym teacher at Time Zone High. Ray works for the Television station as a feature director and is now married to Misha, who is the head anchor of the News program. They have a four-year-old daughter named Leann. Dave went off to State college like he planned and married Dee the year after high school let out. She went to the same college as he, so it was easy to have their relationship. They have a five-year-old daughter named Lila. Dulce is still single, doing nation wide conventions on major issues facing the environment. She is asked for often for her input on these matters. Alisa moved away and now is divorcing Brad, who has reunited with Kathy after his wife left him for some aerobics instructor. Now on to the story..

Chapter One: Home Again with Shocking Results.

Nicole Maris put her five-year-old daughter on the sidewalk as she went to grab some more items from the car. She smiled as she heard her stepfather and daughter greet each other and then go inside to watch cartoons. She still lived with her mother and stepfather, but she didn't mind. It helped a lot with Ana.

The house she used to live in with her mom was now connected to the house her stepfather had lived in. The area between had been made into a semi- indoor pool. A hallway led you outside to the driveway from the walkway at the nearest side of the pool. That walkway led to two doors. One led into her home and the other to her parents. She lived in what was her mother's home. Her bedroom window could still be opened to look across the poolroom to what had been Chase's before he moved to New York.

Nicole sighed. It had been slightly over five years since She had last seen him. She had decided that the long distance plus the relationship of their parents would not make their own relationship work. She now realized she was wrong. She missed him terribly. She had never been this far detached from him, even before senior year. He had always been at least next-door. Now he was in New York, happily enjoying his life there, at least that was what he told them. He never mentioned her in any of his emails to his father. He emailed her mother once on her birthday, but still she never got anything. Not even a phone call, despite the fact that he called his father once a week.

What made everything was the secret she held from him. The only people who knew the truth were Dulce, Ray, Misha, Her parents, Dave and Dee. It had surprised her when Dulce decided to be friends with her after the big break up. She had been going to classes with Nicole in the Local College and decided to be friends with her. Nicole had found out that they had a lot of things in common besides the fact they were both past loves of Chase Hammond, New York Playboy. Misha had learned from her husband, who everyone thought was Ana's father, but he wasn't. That was her secret. Ana was Chase's daughter. David and Dee had known since the beginning along with Ray. Dee was Ana's godmother and had become Nicole's best friend after she had learned the truth about Alisa.

"Hey, Hon." Came the joyful voice of Nicole's mother Laura.

"Hi, mom. How's the wedding going." Rob had asked Laura to marry him the year before and they were planning the wedding to happen two months from now and Laura was busy with the amount of planning she had to do. Nicole helped, but not as much as she would have liked. She felt guilty that her mother had to do so much for her, but Laura was glad to help her daughter. Both of her parents were. Well, Her real father wasn't around much, but that was because he had remarried and moved to Rio. He emailed her and Ana every once and awhile with some digital pictures, he took from a balloon trip. She mostly considered Rob Hammond to be her father now. He helped her out a lot with Ana and college. He helped her the most by making her mother so happy.

"Perfectly. We have all the invitations responded to and only two couldn't make it, which are your father and his brother Mick. Even Chase is coming." Nicole's heart just about fell to the ground when her mother said that. If Chase were coming, he would find out her secret, not to mention find out she still loved him.

"That's great mom."

"Yes, I know it is. Oh, I forgot to tell you. You need to be fitted for your maid of Honer dress."

"Alright, but has Rob chosen a best man?"

"Yes, Chase. We thought it would be wonderful to have our only children as our attendants. Then Ana-angel will be the flower girl. "

"Sounds great, mom. " Well, maybe not exactly great for Nicole. She would have to spend hours beside her former boyfriend trying not to let him know that her wonderful little girl was his too.

~*~*~ Ray Neily walked along the aisles of the local Wal-mart. Misha had sent him to find a gift for the wedding, but so far he had about as much luck as a bug. He looked around the home appliances, but figure that was what everyone would get them. He then went the electronics, but realized they had just bought a new TV and DVD player. So they would not need it. He stopped at the cameras and tried to figure something out.

"Hey Ray!" came a voice that he could tell from anywhere, but hadn't heard in a long time.

"Chase! What are you doing here."

"I decided to surprise my dad and came home early."

"Early? The wedding is not for two months. That is more then just early." Chase laughed as he reached his friend. The two hugged for a few seconds then went back to looking at the cameras.

"So how is Misha and Leann."

"Wonderful. Misha actually agreeing with Leann now about another kid. She wants to have another one soon, but I'm just not ready. Leann is still keeping me really busy."

"I bet. I heard you got a contract with a Electrocutes to produce their new video."

"Yeah, they thought my first one was really good in high school, so now that they are popular they want me to do another one with them."

"That's great." The two walked away from the cameras and into the DVD section. "How is everyone else? You're the first person I have recognized since I came back. Wait.Take that back. I saw Eddie." Eddie was now the Football coach for the High school.

"They are alright. Dave and Dee are almost done building their new house. Dave designed it himself. Even has a editing room and a computer room. Brad finally showed Alicia her own medicine and she took off with an aerobics instructor. He filed for divorcee and now is back to seeing Kathy, the girl who started it all. Dulce is a commentator on a nationwide Environmental organization."

"I noticed. I went to see her once at the gardens. She is pretty inspirational about getting people to keep the earth in shape. I want back and saw her. She has changed a lot. Although she seemed like she was hiding something."

"Maybe. I never try to understand Dulce."

"And how is Nicole." Chase said that lower then he did before, which either meant to Ray that he was not willing to admit he cared about how she was doing, or he didn't want anyone to hear he cared about her.

"She is alright." She is busy with her new job and helping Laura with the wedding plans. And now getting Ana to school and such." Ray noticed a flick of anger in Chase's eyes when he said Ana's name. He knew why, too. To the majority of the people that knew about Nicole, Ray was the father of her child. Of course Chase was going to be slightly mad at him. He sighed.

"Chase, I'm not her dad, if that is what your thinking. We just told that to people to make them leave Nicole alone." Shock and surprise were the first two emotions Chase felt as he just stared at Ray.

"But that would mean that.."

"Which is true. Just don't broadcast it. Nicole doesn't want me to tell you and we don't need the whole world knowing the truth right now. Hey, lets go get a slushy. " Ray took Chase and sat him in one of the booths while he went and got some drinks. It was going to be a long day. Especially when Nicole found out that Chase knew.

"Hey Ray." Ray turned around to face a smiling Dee.

"Hey. Where's Dave?"

"He is coming. I saw Chase is here."

"Just got here today, it seems. He wanted to surprise his parents."

"Let me guess you told him."

"What else was I supposed to do- a cherry and a coke slushy please- tell him another lie?" "No, I'm glad you told him. He needs to know. It would have been worse if He was around Nicole and Ana when he found out. This way he can prepare for it." Ray collected the two slushies and waited as Dee ordered two more coke slushies for Dave and her and then the two walked to where Chase sat with Dave.

Dee looked at him with the appraising eye. He was wearing a suit, which shocked her, his hair combed back and not in the unruly curls he preferred (although some strands were starting to curl up) with his head leaning on the table. He was obviously not ready to hear that he had a five-year-old daughter that he previously thought was the child of his best friend.

"Why did she not tell me."

"Because she thought you would be better off without her for one thing." Dee commented as she sat down beside her. "Another thing was she had already broken it off with you about a week before and she decided that you would think she was trying to win you back. She also didn't want to hit you with the responsibility." Chase lifted his head and stared at her and then at the other two.

"Why didn't you come back here before Chase?" Dave asked. He knew that had made Nicole decide to keep it from almost everyone.

"I was afraid."

"Of what?"

"Her. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to stop myself from telling her I still loved her and that I never got over her. I was afraid she would laugh in my face about that." Dee suddenly got an idea.

"Tonight you can stay at our house. Nicole, Misha, and myself are having a ladies night off sleepover at her house. Ray is going to be over there as will David with the kids. You can meet Ana then if you want before you face Nicole." Ray and Dave nodded.

"Alright, if it is fine with you. I just don't feel like seeing her tonight. Who else knows about this besides you four."

"Misha and Dulce know. As does your Father and Nicole's mother"


"She is friends with Nicole now."

"Explains why she kept telling me that I should come back home during the time I saw her after the convention."

"Come, on. Lets go. It is almost 7:30 and we have to be at home in order for the Night off thing can start at 8." Dee said, interrupting the conversation between Ray and Chase about Dulce. The other three nodded and then walked out of the store and drove to Dave's brand new house.

Next Chapter: Nicole's confession. Plus you can find out what Little Ana looks like(