*WARNING*: This story is Rated M for Sexual Content and Violence. It is NOT pornographic in nature, or a "lemon" as some call it, and there is NO underage sex between characters such as Jeremie and Aelita. There will, however, be strong sexual content later on in the story, as well as descriptive violence. This is a warning now for those who wish to not become involved with such a story.

The main pairing in this story is Jeremie and Aelita, but there will be hints of Ulrich and Yumi here and there for the Ulumi fans as well.

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It hurts.

All I can think about is the pain. The throbbing, the burning, and the red liquid that drips down my leg with each hot pulsation. It really hurts.

I want Jeremie with me so that I can squeeze his hand as I writhe in agony; an attempt to transmit my suffering through him… but I can't let anyone touch me ever again. I twitch every time he even tickles my thin strands of hair, wrapping them between his slender fingers. He asks me what's wrong, but every time I repeat the same exact lie: Nothing.

Nothing at all.