After four months of struggling to pump out even another paragraph for this story, I've decided it's time to call it good. This fanfiction has run its course, and from the very beginning of this story I never truly knew how I was going to finish it. I'd only had up to the kidnapping planned out; after that, I was lost. And once I had actually written up to that specific scene, from then on I was still lost. It's a difficult piece, it's very hard to come up with anything realistic to tie things to a close. Even if I did force myself to finish this story, it wouldn't have been an ending I think anyone would enjoy.

More importantly, this story started way back in December when I had only been writing for a couple of months. There are harsh words, awkward sentences, extremely poor characterization and common grammar/spelling errors littered throughout this entire story all the way up until around Chapter 30, which is when I started to develop my own writing style and improve further. What I'm trying to say is-I'm not proud of this story, I think it's a poor example of my writing capabilities. That's another huge factor as to why I don't care to finish it.

It is possible that some day, in the future, I might regain my muse for this piece and suddenly bring it to a close. But as of right now? It isn't happening anytime soon.

I appreciate everyone who's let this story get as many reviews as it did, I appreciate all of my followers and those who have stuck with this dragging piece as long as it has. Thank you so much, you guys are the reason I bother writing in the first place. Because you let me know that as bad as I may think my own work is, there's so many out there who enjoy it.

This is the end of Theft, but this isn't the end of me. I have a new story in the works-Befallen. I fully intend to finish it, and I've grown into a comfortable writing style where I'm genuinely pleased with how that story is going. I would love to see those who followed Theft so diligently follow Befallen as well, but it's only a suggestion.

See you around~