My name is Sierra. And this is the story of how I died.

Every morning, I would wake up and then get dressed, go downstairs, eat breakfast, brush my teeth, then wait for the bus to go to school. But this morning, it went a little differently.

I woke up and did my daily routine. Then, after my parents left for work, I took a walk on the shores near my house. Now, I live in Alaska... And we all know how unbelievably cold it is there! But, being the stupid person I am, I dress in bright pink shorts and flip-flops with a black tank-top. After all, I wasn't planing on coming back home.

As I approached the frigid beach, I thought of everything. It was like every step I took was another memory rushing through my brain. I didn't mind the cool breeze brush past my face as I headed down to the waves. I thought about how my school life was- everyone who picked on me, everyone who laughed and pointed as I was the center of an ever lasting attention vortex of doom. Then, I thought about my home life. It was the complete opposite. If anything, I was ignored. All of the attention I got was at school. But, as I explained... Not the good kind of attention.

I took off my flip-flops and threw them into the sea and watched them fade away under a small arm of water that reached from the everlasting body of the ocean. I looked back up from where I came, then turned back around and faced the beach again. Then, step by step... I slowly walked towards my fate.

When I reached the edge of the water, I could feel my very souls slip away as I took a deep breath in... And started walking into the abyss.

The water took over every muscle it touched. It was almost unbearable, and I almost ran back to were it was dry. But, I knew I couldn't return to the hell on earth. This was the only escape.

By the time I was waist deep in the freezing water, I could feel myself starting to drift away. As if I was melting. As if I was becoming one with the water the surrounded my body. My cold, dead, body.