A/N: I was watching 'The Warriors' and thought...what if there was a chick in the Warriors? So here it is but this is pieces and bits from the movie and not the game...although the game is awesome!

Disclaimer: All the appropriate rights and all that go to their owners, I'm just giving the Warriors the woman's touch...mostly because I didn't like Mercy...sorry guys.

Chapter 1

"It's still on, and we're going. Cyrus sent an emissary this afternoon to make
sure. Now Cyrus don't want anybody packed, he don't want anybody flexing any
muscle. So I gave him my word that the Warriors would uphold the truce. Now
everybody says that Cyrus is the one and only. I think we'd better go have a look
ourself." Cleon explained before we began to walk to the subway station.

"We got a back-up plan for when the shit hits the fan?" I ask Cleon on the way my hands in the pockets of my jeans.

"The shit ain't gonna hit the fan. He runs the biggest gang in the city." Cleon replies. "But if it does happen. We just come back home." He adds.

"We ain't even been to The Bronx before." Swan cuts in as I step aside to let him in.

"No sweat, this conclave's gonna be a real big item, every gang in the city is gonna be there." Cleon tells him.

"We're going in there with nothing." Cochise complains to Snowball.

"We're going in there like everybody else, nine guys, no weapons." I clear my throat behind him. "Eight guys, one weapon." He amends.

"You got the stuff?" I turn to look at Cleon and Rembrandt with a spray can. "I want you to hit everything in sight. I want everybody to
know that the Warriors were there."

"You never know what you're gonna run into out there, we're wearing our
colours so we can't hide." Cowboy considers to Vermin.

"Who wants to hide?" Vermin replies as we get to the station and climb up the steps.

"Maybe we'll get to waste a few heads along the way." Ajax shrugs aiming it at Cleon like a suggestion.

"You just soldier and keep your mouth shut." Swan and I make eye-contact and smile as Ajax's smile disappears.

"When we get there, you stick close by, okay?" Swan tells Rembrandt when we climb onto the train.

"Don't worry, I don't feel like getting wrecked." He sighs.

"Does anyone?" I wonder dropping onto the seat and stretching my legs out so no one can sit next to me.

"One thing we might get out of Cyrus' little get together is meeting some
strange wool. I wouldn't mind laying a little something down on the way back." I roll my eyes at Ajax - all balls and no brains but probably the best fighter after Cleon and I.

"You got a one-track brain, you know that?" Vermin accounts.

"What's the matter, you goin' faggot?" And that conversation explains Ajax in full...except maybe his fighting so...only half of him is explained.

"What do you know about Cyrus?" Cowboy asks Cochise and Rembrandt.

"Magic, whole lot o' magic." Cochise nods slowly, looking out into the night.

"He's the one and only." Rembrandt adds like a baby robot...he is the baby of the group.

"When you're president of the biggest gang in the city, you don't have to
take any shit." Cochise observes.

"Ahh fuck him!" Ajax groans. "I'll tell you something, I bet nobody's even gonna be there." He concludes finally sitting back and shutting up.