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Also, this picks up directly after Magnus and Alec break up, so Alec is unaware that Maureen has killed Camille.

Magnus's fingers slipped from the witchlight, leaving it glowing a dull white color that was nothing compared to the colors it had thrown off when his fingers had been twined around it with mine only moments before.

"Goodbye, Alexander." He said softly, stepping away and turning to walk back down the abandoned subway tunnel.

I tried to call out for him, but I couldn't find my voice. What had I done? I'd never meant for this to happen. I'd just…just wanted to find a way to be with him, a way where mortality wouldn't be constantly hanging over our hearts.

"Awww. Poor little Shadowhunter, left all alone down in the deep dark tunnels." A young girl's voice chimed from behind me.

I spun, holding the witchlight high in an attempt to find the source, but found nothing. The tunnel was empty as far as I could tell.

"Hello…" I said softly, watching everything closely for any movements.

I was answered by a soft giggle and a whisper that I couldn't make out. Reaching around I clasped my hand around the hilt of the only weapon I had with me: a tiny seraph blade.

"Now now, Alexander, that isn't very nice. Maureen and I just want to have a little chat with you. No need to get touchy with us." A deep, male, voice answered from the edge of my circle of light, stepping forward just as he finished speaking. The man was tall, possibly even taller then Magnus, his jet black hair slicked back in the fashion of a bygone era. The suit he wore was an old style as well but looked new. It was black, glistening here and there with jewels resembling rubies. There was something strangely familiar about him, but I couldn't place it.

"I don't want to talk with him. I want to drink him." Maureen pouted, peaking out from behind the man who's waist she barely made it to. She was a young girl, no more than twelve. She was wearing tattered jeans and a pink shirt with a bejeweled unicorn sparkling on them. A pink scarf was wrapped around her neck, the ends soaked in blood. When she smiled I saw the glint of her needle sharp teeth and realized what she was: vampire. And the blood staining her clothing was from another vampire, it was to dark to be human.

"Oh no, sweetheart, you don't want to drink this one. His blood would kill you."

"Who are you?" I broke in.

The man smiled, almost sweetly, "I am Mammon. One of the Seven Princes of hell, as most people refer to me. I have other names though. Would you like to know them?"

I could feel the blood drain from my face as I took a step backward, my hand falling away from the blade still tucked in my waist band. It wouldn't do me any good, not against him. Not against Mammon. One of the seven princes of hell. I'd stand no chance against him even if I had every weapon possible at my disposal. Even Jace wouldn't stand much of a chance against him, no matter how many special abilities he might have.

"Thanks, but I already know them." I responded, trying to keep my head as my mind raced through every possible way out of this. All ideas ended in the same manner though: I wasn't getting out.

"Oh? I have heard you are quite smart. You see, I've been watching you for a little while now. You might not be the most noticed of your little band of hunters, but I'm beginning to think you may be the best of them, for various reasons. You're certainly more interesting."

"And why is that?" I matched every step he took, still desperately trying to find a way out of this.

"A lot of reasons. But only one of them really matters to me." Mammon smirked and took another step closer, the smirk splitting into a full grin as I took another step back. "Of course," He continued, "you of all people know what me being one of the Seven Princes means. It means I'm a Fallen Angel. Banished from Heaven and sent to Hell to rot. Rotting is rather dull though, I much prefer the delights of this world to the few to be found in the demon realm. And, of course, you know what me being a Fallen Angel means for you, don't you?"

Before I knew what had happened I was pinned to the wall with his hand at my throat, crushing away my ability to breath.

"It means you're mine." He whispered, inches from my face. "It means I know every. single. one. of. your. secrets."

I looked into his eyes and finally realized what was so familiar about him. It was his eyes. He had Magnus's eyes.

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