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Mammon's hand raised and I closed my eyes, waiting for whatever was about to come. What came was a sharp hit to my back, making my arms go numb, and then a hard shove against my chest that sent me sprawling backwards. My eyes snapped open to see Alec spin on his heel as he stood and launched himself at Mammon. His hand was raised, curling as if he were holding a sword though there was no sword there. And then there was. A glistening blade, but not an angelic one. Mammon only had time for a single step back before Alec plunged the sword through his chest.

It wasn't a killing blow though, not to Mammon. About the only thing it really accomplished was to make him very very angry. Alec stumbled backwards as Mammon growled low in his chest, hands grasping the hilt of the blade and pulling it out slowly. As the sword moved Mammon's human form fell away. His mouth split up to his ears which had grown to even sharper points. His eyes melted out of their sockets, replaced by squirming beetles that crawled out in streams and dropped to the floor. The expensive suit he wore ripped as his shoulders widened, huge plates of bone tearing through the blackening skin. Alec stepped backwards again, staring up at the towering figure that had only moments ago been a man.

The little vampire girl screamed and ran, vanishing into the shadows in seconds.

"Nice. Try." Mammon's voice rasped out, though the mouth of the creature standing before us now didn't move.

"Yes. It was a very nice try. Provided the perfect opening." An unfamiliar voice sounded.

Before anyone could react a blade protruded out of Mammon's chest: he'd been run through from behind. The blade shown brighter than any I had seen before. Except for one. Glorious. This was an Angelic blade. A true Angelic blade.

Relief flooded through me as Mammon cracked and turned to dust, fading out of existence in at least this realm. I thought things were going to be okay now, until I turned and saw the look of terror on Alec's face. He was stumbling backwards, away from the man who had killed Mammon. Without thinking I moved and pulled Alec back into my arms as best I could despite the numbness still tingling through them. I moved so that I was between him and the man before I really looked at the stranger.

He was tall and extremely lanky. His hair was ponytailed, white-blond dreadlocks with little streaks of what looked like metallic ribbons twined into the matted hair. He had on a tight fitting white t-shirt and baggy white pants. The angelic blade hung loosely in his hand, the tip almost touching the floor. But he had no wings that I could see. Not that that meant much. He could be easily hiding them in a multitude of ways.

"Who are you?" I asked, holding tighter to Alec as the feeling came back into my arms and trying not to think about how different it felt to hold him now. To feel feathers against the bare skin of my arms instead of fabric or skin.

"We'll go with 'James.'" He answered. "Much easier than what people usually call me."

"What do you want?"

"Just to talk. Alexander?" He coaxed softly, taking a step closer. "Alec. Please? Just hear me out for a minute, okay?"

"Stay away from him." I threatened.

But he ignored me and took another step forward, the blade he'd been holding vanishing in the dusty air of the subway tunnel. "Alec, I'm not going to take you away from here. I promise."

Alec shifted in my arms and turned to face James, a questioning look on his face, but his voice calm "But…the law…I revealed what I was. Am. The law says that…that you have to take me back to the Angel Realm and kill me."

I felt the color drain from my face and was about to speak up before James spoke first, "For one, you didn't reveal anything. You got caught up in a battle with one of the most dangerous demons in existence and he used your true nature against you. For two, Mammon's a fucking hard bastard to kill and you helped me to do it. For three, the only witnesses were your boyfriend and a little girl. It's not like you were outed in the middle of Central Park. And the little girl will be dealt with, we'll make her human again and erase the last few months from her memory, and the memory of those involved, and send her home to her terrified parents with a bad case of amnesia. For four, I made that law and I can ignore it if I damn well please."

"So…you're not…?" Alec whispered, his eye's searching James'.

"No, I'm not going to do anything to you. I'm going to walk away and let Magnus take you home and get you into bed and let you two sort things out between each other. But the rules are the same, Alexander. If anyone ever knows your secret, aside from Magnus, then I have to take you back to the Angel Realm and kill you. Unless," He grinned tiltedly, "you happen to help me bring down another big demon or two. I may be able to make another exception for you then."

Alec's mouth opened and closed a few times and eventually he let out a strangled "thank you" just as James turned and walked away.

I was still to confused to react until I felt Alec slump in my arms, sobs racking his body. I held onto him as we both went to our knees, his arms wrapped almost painfully tight around me as I held him just as tight.

"Shh, shh. It's gonna be alright. Everything is gonna be alright." I soothed, stroking his hair and kissing the top of his head. It didn't stop his shaking even slightly though. This was apparently a full break down. But I needed to get him out of here and home safely.

"Sweetheart, Sweetheart, listen to me." I said gently, tilting his head up to mine with a finger. "I need you to hide your wings, okay? I need you to hide them so I can take you home."

He nodded a little and closed his eyes, taking a few deep breaths. His wings faded away, the only evidence they had ever been there his torn shirt. I slipped my jacket off and wrapped it around his shoulders, scooping him up in my arms despite his meek protests. He gave up on getting me to put him down quickly, just tucking his head into my neck as I carried him home.

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