Link and Malon

The smells of manure and sweat swam in the air all around Malon as she worked all on her lonesome in the now cold confines of the barn. The life and energy the horses had were free, or at least as free as they could be locked within the corral. The gate that held them from freedom was being guarded by that vermin of a man, Ingo. I worked her fingers to the bone and further while that creature strutted around in the stupidest outfit ever and charged people to ride my equestrian friends.

But today will be different, I can feel it. A man has come, Ingo has ordered me to stay out of sight but I know he has seen me. He slips into the barn where I was supposed to be working, and came over to me. I was resting in one of the stalls Ingo deemed too clean, when he marched over to me. "Malon?" I cowered at the thought of another one of Ingo's beatings, if it happened now it meant he lost a buyer and blamed me for it. those beatings hurt the worst, he loves his money. "Malon." This was not a question like last time, but it also wasn't Ingo it sounded like him. but that's impossible, he left me and never came back. His hand descended towards my face, I was sure this man was going to give me a beating so I backed into the corner of the stall. He stepped forwards, hand still outstretched. "Malon, don't you remember me?" the newcomer asked as his hand slid along my cheek. His touch sent shivers down my spine. "I knew you once. Yes, when we were younger, you and I. you were always by my side." A smile spread across the man's face. "I was, wasn't I?" At this I pulled his hand from my face, and used it to help me up. When I stood next to him I realised he was taller than me, but when we were younger I always had a few millimetres on him. "Could you help me? I want to set the horses free." "won't the ranch lose money?" still as caring as ever. "yeah but if the ranch doesn't make enough money Ingo might go. And if he goes he'll stop treating… the horses so bad." The thought of my friends being hurt by that snake with limbs made me stutter and feel sick. The stuttering gave the taller hylian a different idea, on the situation. "ok, I'll help."

The man walked over to the 'jail' gates and spoke to warden Ingo. After what seemed to be a short argument from my vantage point by the barn, Ingo let him in to ride my beauties. He was good. He called epona over with my mother's song, no our song, and rode her around the interior of the corral until Ingo called him over. My plan was working. Link and Ingo mounted their separate horses and lined up to race around the exterior of the corral. Link won of course, and Ingo's pride forced him to challenge for a rematch. The wager this time: the horse Link rode, Epona. Ingo cheated. He kicked his horse long before the race was meant to begin leaving Link in the dust. That didn't stop my hero. he jumped up onto Epona and took off after that cheating worm. He passed Ingo and flew across the finish line. Epona was free or so I thought. Ingo went on some rant before locking the gates to leave the ranch. Link rode over to me, and asked what to do. I sighed and pointed at the fence. As much as I hated it Link could only save one horse, and it was better Link had epona than ganondorf. He struck her sides with the stirrups sending her into a sprint at the fence. Ingo watched in awe as the green clad lad and his prize winning horse escaped the ranch.

And left me behind again.