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Normal POV

Caesar "Now now audience there is many more to come." the crowd cheered and clapped. Of course Caesar smiled and shouted happily, "Let us now welcome from district 7, Katrina Welais!"

Katrina POV

I could hear the crowd cheering my name over and over again after Caesar announced it. I breathed out one more time before going onstage. The Capitol crowd was cheering like crazy and it made me feel frightened, somewhat. Scared out of my mind I turn my head towards Caesar who took my hand and than we sat down. Of coarse Caesar was smiling wide and the crowd only took a moment to quiet down. Caesar was looking at me and I almost blushed but put my head down so he didn't see it. But than he said "Wonderful outfit you have my beautiful Katrina." I nodded. I was wearing a blue dressy top with a black skirt; and my hair was down and all curled.

Than suddenly Caesar started to laugh and the crowd followed him. I wonder why he was laughing. I lifted my head to see Caesar looking at me, smiling and said "Shy my dear?" I shook my head and replied "No, its just that its weird being here you know." "Never thought I would be here." Caesar nodded, still with a smile and said "Every tribute is always surprised when they get here no?" "But any who onto the questions shall we?" I just nod and wait for the questions. Caesar "Now Katrina." he shifted his position on his seat, "At the reaping, when you were picked, did anything cross your mind?"

I looked at Caesar with a worried look and nodded "Yes I had things going through my mind, many things actually." Caesar looked at me with a concern look and asked "May I ask what you were thinking?" I nod again and said "Well I was scared since I didn't think I would get picked, and also I am worried about my parents and my best friend Rose." I didn't say anything after I finish with Rose's name. Caesar "I see." "Worried about the people in your district?" I nod again and leave it at that.

Caesar leans back against his chair and says "Now second question, do you have the skills to win if you do?" I didn't know how to answer really. First I looked at the Capitol crowd who was waiting for a answer, but I didn't know how. Caesar bend his head to where I was putting it down, and he smiled, "Nervous and frightened huh?" I stayed quiet and just nodded once. But he smiled wide and laughed a little and the crowd followed his lead. I almost blushed buy put my head lower to avoid anyone seeing me do so. Of course Caesar than stop and asked me again "Katrina, do you have the skills to win if you do?" I just thought of a answer and said "Maybe, I am not so bad in swords or the bow and I just tried it to." Caesar nods toward the crowd and says "She is right though." "But lets move on to the last and final question before you go." I was excited, I just wanted to get off this stage so I could leave.

I could feel the crowds stares but I try to ignore it as I prepare for the last question. Caesar "Now Katrina, in the game's, when it stars; do you plan on having any allies at all?" now that he says it, I don't know but than this comes out of my mouth, "I don't think so Caesar… I mean allies are hard in the games, who can you trust and all." Caesar "Very true, very true but allies work in some games don't they not?" he looked at the crowd again and smiled and for some reason both the crowd and Caesar laugh and I can't figure out why. But Caesar got back to me again, "Well Katrina I hope you do well in the game." he then took my hand and stood up, and I stood up with him, than the crowd cheered loud for me. Caesar told me to go offstage and I did so, just to get out of there. But as soon as I was leaving, Julian was getting ready to go onstage. And to greet me was Fox and Derek; Fox huffed "Girl you could die if you don't get sponsors you know?" I turn away from Fox. Derek "Don't do that to the poor girl, besides Fox your not her mentor, I am and I said she did fine." I look back again at Derek and smiled a little. Derek smiled to and rubbed my head. Fox huffed again "Well Julian better to good in this interview, its his life. Even if he is in a alliance with that district 5 boy it won't help him much." I turn to the screen to see how Julian would fare.

Normal POV

Caesar smiled yet again towards the audience and said loud and cheerfully "Is everyone having fun so far?" the crowd cheered and whistled. Caesar calmed the crowd "Well like I said before it has been interesting this year, like it gets exciting every year." the crowd nodded at that comment. Caesar "Now lets move onto the next tribute; the male from district 7, the young Julian Milner!"

Julian "Wasp" POV

I walked onstage, wearing a small brown tux. As I walked onstage and towards Caesar, I smiled toward the crowd and waved a little, the crowd cheered even louder. Then I shook Caesar's hand and we sat down. I still smiled to get the crowds attention and boy did they love it. Caesar "Alright my boy, I see you have full attention on you and I am glad to see it." he smiled wide and I nodded. I turned toward the crowd again and smiled, and I could hear the ladies cheered louder than the guys. But Caesar interrupted "My my Julian you have got the heart of our Capitol ladies already." I corrected him, "Caesar, yes Julian is my real name I would prefer to be called Wasp." he smiled even wider and said "Yes I forgot about that; but now since we are the topic about it, why are you called Wasp?" I answered, "Well one day my friend called me that and it stuck, simple really."

I look at Caesar as I answered fully and he nodded "Well if a name sticks than it does but lets ask questions." "First off, everyone is curious about this, why did you volunteer?" "You're the same age as the first boy that got picked and your only 12, why did you?"

In my mind now to tell the truth, I don't know why I volunteered in the first place but I had to answer. So I than said "Well to tell the truth Caesar I didn't know what I was doing but." I smiled "But it was a choice I did and now I have to go through with it."

Caesar smiled still stayed there and nods once, "Well you did a big sacrifice no?" "Did you even know the kid who was reaped?" I nodded "Yes I did but like I said before, it was my choice and now I will see how it will end." Caesar "Well that's very brave of you Wasp and this proves even little twelve year olds can volunteer and take another's place." "Now onto the second question."

When Caesar commented on me being a little twelve year old, I wanted to punch him but than that would get me into big trouble so I kept it cool and still smiled sweetly toward the crowd. Now Caesar turned to me in his chair and said "Your older brother Ethen, how do you think he feels right now? Watching you do this and such?" I didn't know what to think; "Well Caesar I bet Ethen hates it for me to be here and how I volunteered for someone, even a friend but I hope he forgives me and waits for me to come home." Caesar nods again "Well I bet he does, you're a brave boy to volunteer in the first place." "Now onto the second question to ask you."

I waited, until Caesar asked the second question "You made a alliance no? With the district 5 boy, the same age as you?" I nodded "I did; we made a alliance together. And there was a reason why we did?" Caesar looked in surprise "You did?" I nodded again "Yes there is a reason." I looked at the crowd once and turned back to Caesar. He waited and I answered "Its because its to prove even 'little twelve year olds' can be in a alliance together no matter what skills we have." "We'll fight together with full force and be together till the end." and that's were I ended it. Caesar smiled "A very good speech no ladies and gentlemen?" the crowd cheered for me and I felt happy in the inside and outside. Caesar "Well we will see how it goes during the game's." I nod once to confirm that I heard him right.

Caesar "Now last question for you Wasp and your off the stage." I looked at Caesar and waited for the final question to come. He than said "Wasp." I look at him, listening on what he had to ask. "Do you think you have the skills to win this year?" I smiled and nodded "Yes Caesar I think so, I may be small but sometimes being small can be a advantage towards the person." he smiles and laughs, not what I expected but it works out. Cause Caesar grabs my hand and raises it up and the crowd claps, cheers, and whistles as I said goodbye to Caesar and walk offstage. Than when I got to where the other tributes were waiting for their turn Fox, Derek, and Katrina came walking towards me. Fox nods and smiles "I think you did good Julian." though she said my real name, I let it go since I am kind of happy. I nod "Thanks Fox." Derek said nothing but nodded. Katrina came to me and said "You did good Wasp." I smile at her and said "Thanks." Derek "Okay kids enough lets go back to our room and watch the rest of the interviews and such." than we walked back to our room.