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Chapter 2

Death and peace

"When are we going to be allowed to come home?" Casey asked her 'Father' through the phone.

"Soon my Casey-Jane." The Grade mage of Australia always called her Casey-Jane, never anything else.

"I miss you; I hate it here in Ireland. It's cold; wet the complete opposite of Australia."

"Once the plan is activated you can come home my love."

"Do we have to it?"

"Of course we do."

"Innocent people could die, from doing this. They aren't that bad." There is silence on the other end of the phone.

"Perhaps you should come home Casey-Jane." He said after a while, his voice was different. Casey wondered why he had suddenly changed his mind, but she was thrilled never the less.

"I'll go tell Braeyln, then pack our bags."

"Braeyln must stay Casey-Jane."


"We need someone to finish what you failed to do. Casey-Jane had never gone anywhere without Braeyln, they were practically sisters. They had been raised together, they always trained together, they did everything with each other.

"Okay, I'll pack my bags and tell her."

"No, I will tell her. Someone is waiting outside the sanctuary for you now. Leave the clothes behind."


"That way we can go shopping together for brand new clothes when you get back." Casey-Jane was starting to sense that something fishy was going on, he had never wanted to go shopping with her before. Somewhere in the distance Casey-Jane heard a door opening and closing, very silently.

"You never liked shopping, and besides you're always way too busy for it." Casey-Jane heard feet hitting the ground behind her. She turns around and screams for her life.

Everyone in the sanctuary heard the scream; Casey-Jane's power was influence on sound and light waves. If she wished for it she could hear something in a different state. Kishan heard it and instantly knew who it belonged to. He ran to where the scream came from. He ran into a room, and almost vomited. Blood covered almost every inch of the room. Other sanctuary mages ran into the room, some he knew some he didn't. Tears were forming inside of Kishan's eyes; he desperately looked around the room, trying to find a clue. He had learnt some detective skills from Casey-Jane but he was a security mage at heart. However he saw Casey-Jane black head band snapped in the far left corner of the room.

"Get Skulduggery in here!" he yells. He hears some feet running away. He knew that this blood belonged to Casey-Jane, then and there he promised to make anyone and everything that had anything to do with her death pay.

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