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Author's Note: Sorry it took so long to get this out but I broke my flash drive (genius, I know) but here is the next installment of Allen's unpleasant journey. Thank you for your reviews and I hope you enjoy this!

The dark was overwhelming and impenetrable. It drowned out all thoughts and feelings, leaving nothing but numb ignorance. A spot of light appeared in the center of Allen's subconscious awareness. It bled into the dark, chasing it away until none of it remained. Colors swirled in the light, blending and forming an image. Allen recognized Mana's form as he knelt by a grave he had dug for his stage dog. Young Allen, then Red, stood nearby, his auburn hair disheveled. The young boy approached Mana as the scenery changed, whisked away like smoke and replaced by the steps of a building.

Allen and Mana sat, drawing symbols in the dirt, their own secret code. The symbols solidified, becoming black ink on paper. A young man with black hair placed the paper on a piano. He sat down and began to play, the melody swirling through the air, tugging at something in the back of Allen's mind. It seemed so familiar though Allen was sure he had never heard it before. He probed his memory for some sign of recognition, finding nothing. Then a fleeting impression came to him before slipping away.

The sensation of something trying to break free, a memory attempting to resurface came and Allen welcomed it. Images leaked out slowly, fragmented, only a face or a few words. Mana teasing the young black haired boy in child hood. An old man resembling a panda admonishing the boy now in his teens. Then they came faster, a torrent of battle scenes drowned Allen and he could not make sense of anything. He was lost in these foreign memories.


Tyki walked through the cobble stone streets of the European town, the moon illuminating his path. The night chilled him but the boy slung over his shoulder was feverish, moving fitfully in his unconsciousness. He shifted him over to his other shoulder. The sooner he could put the boy down the better. Suddenly the boy stilled, going limp. Tyki breathed a sigh of relief; it would be a much easier journey if the boy stayed still.

"Hello Tyki, it's been a while." Tyki Mikk stiffened as a calm voice spoke quietly into his ear, dangerously soft. "Tell me, how is the Earl doing?" Fear quickly spread through Tyki's body, paralyzing him for a moment before he regained composure, but that moment was enough. The boy twisted himself to get a better hold on Tyki and flipped him, slamming hard into the ground. All the air was knocked out of his lungs and black spots swam in his vision as he saw the boy sprinting away.

Taking the most complicated path he could, the boy tried to stick to the shadows to hide so his white hair would not be so noticeable. Allen's body had surprising enough stamina but he supposed that could be accounted for by the adrenaline coursing through his veins.

"Nea!" The angry shout came from a few blocks away. He had to get to cover. Nea ran to the nearest door and pulled it open, stepping inside and silently closing it behind him. He walked up to a stair well and collapsed on the middle platform. Time to go into hiding again, I just hope the kid will have enough sense to stay out of sight for a while, Nea thought as he receded into the outermost reaches of Allen's mind.


Allen's eyes snapped open and he sat up straight, panting hard. He put his elbows on his knees and his head on his hands, closing his eyes again and slowing his breathing. The air felt so cold and yet he was burning on the inside. He felt as though he had just sprinted a mile though he could not recall having done so recently.

He lifted his head and looked around a bit. Confusion overcame any other sensation as he saw that he was in the stair well of a foreign building. He stood up but fell sideways immediately as his vision blurred and a blinding head ache manifested itself. Squeezing his eyes shut, trying to block out the pain. He attempted to descend the stairs, gripping tightly onto the stair rail. After about two steps his shaking legs gave out and he found himself in a twisted heap at the base of the stairs. Pain shot through his body and he blacked out.