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Lenalee lay in bed staring up at the ceiling. Sleep evaded her no matter what she did so she had given up trying. She and Kanda still hadn't found the source of all the Akuma that were appearing in this town. There didn't seem to be anything suspicious around here to explain the phenomena.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of someone groping along the stairs. Probably a drunkard coming back from the bar, she thought. There was a series of loud thuds as whoever it was out there fell down the stairs none too gracefully. Sighing, Lenalee got out of bed and opened the door having decided to help out whoever was having trouble with the stairs. Had it not been in her nature to help anyone in need she would have just laid in bed and thought nothing of it, which would have been the more logical thing to do in this situation.

She descended the stairs, her boots tapping on the wood, and stopped at the base of the steps as she registered what she saw. A white haired boy lay on the floor, his body twisted in ways it should not be able to bend. Lenalee was about to see if she could move him without hurting him when she noticed a marking above his left eye. It looked like a pentagram with a line coming from the bottom most point of the star and going down across his eye and cheek.

"Akuma," she breathed, her eyes wide as she backed away from him. She was about to activate her innocence and destroy it when she realized something wasn't right. There was a gash on the back of his head that was bleeding. Bending down for a closer look she saw that it was human blood. This boy needed help.

Her dark robe flapped around her as she spun on her heal and ran up the stairs to Kanda's room. "Kanda!" she shouted, banging her fist against the door. A sword sliced through the wood a few inches above her head. With a startled gasp she jumped back only to sigh. She really should have seen that one coming. This was one of the classic blunders, never wake an ill-tempered sleeping samurai.

The door opened and Kanda glowered at her through the opening. "There's a seriously injured person downstairs who needs help," she said. Still he just stood there. If looks could kill she would have been dead even before the door opened. "I'm going to take him to the hospital." With that she turned and headed down the stairs with an air of indifference knowing that pleading with him would make no difference in his decision.

Kanda's footsteps sounded quietly behind her and she breathed a sigh of relief. There was no way she would have been able to move the wounded boy on her own. Kanda's eyes narrowed as he scrutinized the form at the base of the steps. When his eyes found the mark above the boy's eye he unsheathed his sword, about to strike but Lenalee leapt in front of him.

"No! He's human! Look at the blood on his head."

The samurai reluctantly lowered his sword and Lenalee stepped aside, eying the sword at her companion's side as he bent over the white haired head. "How exactly did you plan on moving him?"

"I don't know." Lenalee said shifting uncomfortably. "There's a hospital around the corner though. Do you think you could carry him?" she said with a hopeful look on her face.

"Tch, you're such a pain," Kanda said as he bent down to pick up the boy.

Lenalee paid the insult no heed and brightened instantly. "Thank you Kanda!" she said happily as she bounced over to the door and held it open for him receiving another annoyed "tch".

As they walked down the road Lenalee kept shooting troubled looks at the unconscious boy. They reached the hospital and stepped into the waiting room. There were voices coming from a room around the corner so Lenalee began to walk towards them but Kanda stopped her. He had set the boy on a nearby chair and motioned for Lenalee to listen more closely.

"Good evening," an eerily familiar, gleeful voice said.

"You can really make him come back like the director says?" A women's grief laden voice answered.

"Yes Liza, all you have to do is call out his name."

Crap, Lenalee thought. There was no way that she could take out the earl and she knew that, though he was a skilled fighter, Kanda would not be able to either. But they really didn't have a choice right now; they couldn't let an Akuma be created if they could stop it especially since it would kill the one who had created them.

""Innocence, activate!" Lenalee ran towards the room from which the voices were coming. Her boots transformed, tightly encasing her calves, lending her extra strength. Kanda was hot on her heals, his sword out, moon light reflecting dangerously off the blade.

Liza was drawing a breath to call out to her lost love when a dark streak shot past her, startling her and knocking her backwards. Lenalee had jumped into the room and landed with her feet firmly planted in the Earl's face. She jumped off, completing a graceful back flip and landing on her feet. The Millennium Earl was sent reeling backwards as Kanda rushed forward, sword drawn to deliver a devastating blow. The Sword came zinging through the air missing its target by decimeters as the Earl twirled aside, regaining his balance.

"Good evening exorcists," he said in an amiable tone, a large smile plastered on his face. Lenalee and Kanda charged him together in response. The Earl dodged their attacks, twirling around the room as though this were some sort of game, angering his attackers even more. Lenalee descended from above and the Earl pulled out a large black sword with a white cross in the center and white edges, catching her off guard. He swung upwards and Kanada attempted to block the blow but the Earl was too fast. Lenalee was sent full force into a wall and fell, slumped on the floor, the gashes on her legs soaking the white tile in a pool of red.

Kanda shifted his stance and gripped his sword more tightly, his face grim as he prepared for the oncoming fight.