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Here is my Continuation of Visit to the Past. I have added a quick recap.

Quick Recap of Visit to the Past.

10 demi-gods and one Oracle have travelled back to 1983 (none of them born). They are there to explain what has happened in the future. The gods had to guess who each child belonged to. They tell the big three they have a child and a fight erupts between the big three gods. Percy, Thalia and Nico used their powers against their fathers (chapter 7). They tell the stories of The Lightning Theif and The Sea of Monsters.

During that time:.

The demi-gods play ding-dong dash or knock and run with some interesting incidents. (Chapter 10)

Poseidon and Athena are left speechless for 10minutes. (Chapter 11)

Zeus wants to kill Nico. (Chapter 12), and a night of bonding occurs with the gods. (Bonus Chapter 13)

The gods disregard that Kronos is raising and all Zeus wants to know is how Thalia is no longer a tree. (Chapter 17).

Percy blackmails his dad into playing Dodge ball with him, (Chapter 20) and a game occurs (chapter 21).

The gods try to kill Chris but he is saved by Nico (Chapter 24).

A donut fight occurs because a Cyclops found powdered donuts (Chapter 25).

Percy and Annabeth have an interesting date (Chapter 29).

The Stolls pull some pranks (Chapter 31).

The quest is finished; Thalia is no longer a tree.

Okay now on with Visit to the Past: Curse and Maze.

Chapter One: Finding The di Angelos.

The demi-gods were discussing the next story- The Titan's Curse.

"So Percy how many Gods helped us with the quest?" asked Thalia.

"I think it was about three quarters of the council," said Percy.

"Wow," said Rachel "Zeus is not going to be happy."

"Especially when he finds out he was one of them," said Percy quietly to Thalia so only she could hear.

"Who didn't help?" asked Travis.

"Why don't you write your guesses down and we will check who is right at the end," said Annabeth. The others grabbed paper from Will's notebook (he wasn't happy about that) and after fifteen minutes of thinking, writing and changing their choices, they handed their answers to Annabeth.

"What are we going to do about Nico?" asked Thalia quietly to Percy.

"We just need to support him during the difficult parts," said Percy.

"He may take his mood out on us, Percy," said Thalia.

"Not the first time," said Percy.

The gods were waiting in the Throne room for the demi-gods. Zeus was glaring at Poseidon and Hermes.

"About time," said Hades.

"Why you so interested?" asked Thalia.

"My son is finally in the story," answered Hades.

"This story starts the Friday before Winter break. My mother was driving me, Annabeth and Thalia to a new boarding school. It was an eight hour drive from New York to Bar Harbour, Maine. We were so nervous that we didn't talk much even though we hadn't seen each other for months," said Percy.

"Although we were silent during the car ride, Sally talked a lot," said Annabeth.

"When she gets nervous she talks more," said Percy defensively.

"She told us all these cute stories about Percy as a baby," said Thalia laughing.

"Cute, they were embarrassing," said Percy.

"Oh what were they?" asked Clarisse and the sons of Hermes.

"The one in the bath was a good one," said Thalia.

"Oh yeah the one with the rubber duck," said Annabeth laughing.

"Is this the one when he was three?" asked Nico.

"How do you know about that?" asked Katie.

"Aunt Sally showed me the photos," said Nico smugly as Percy buried his head in his hands.

"We must get hold of those photos," said Travis and Connor. Percy was seriously displeased with his mother, how could she show Nico those photos. He knew that he would need to warn his mother to expect visits from the sons of Hermes. He would deal with the fallout once they returned to his time.

"Westover Hall looked like an evil knight's castle. It was all black stone, with towers and slit windows and a big set of wooden double doors," said Percy.

"Damn your descriptions of places and situations are spot on, it did look like that," said Thalia.

"Sally left us, and we wondered what Grover had found to send out the distress call," said Annabeth.

"We entered the building with the door slamming shut behind us. We were met by two teachers. A man and woman with short grey hair and military-style uniforms with red trim. They both walked liked they had brooms taped to their spines," said Percy.

"They asked us what we were doing there, and informed us that visitors were not allowed at the dance," said Annabeth.

"I just influenced the mist, informing the teachers who we were and reminded them that we went to the school," said Thalia.

"I was a little disgruntled that Chiron had taught Thalia how to use the mist but not me," said Percy honestly.

"That's because he likes me better," exclaimed Thalia.

"Or he thinks you need to use it more than me," retorted Percy.

"Says the person who is CONSTANTLY in trouble," Thalia snapped back.

"THE male teacher referred to his colleague to determined if we went to the school," said Annabeth stopping a fight that they would probably have, that no one wanted, well except Ares.

"I had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing, the female teacher was Ms Gottschalk," said Percy.

"A teacher named Got Chalk," said Apollo and Hermes cracking out laughing.

"Grover than made his entrance, almost ruining our story," said Thalia.

"When we were in the Gymnasium, I asked Grover what was the emergency," said Percy.

"He informed us he had found two half-bloods. That was rare. Chiron had sent the satyrs that year to look for possible recruits. It was desperate times, we were losing campers and we needed all the new fighters we could find," said Annabeth.

"Yeah and the majority of those new campers ended up in our cabin. We had to explain that their parent didn't neglect/ ignore/ hate them. Oh and soon they will be fighting in a war for their parents that most did not know WHO THEY WERE," said Travis angrily. The gods looked concerned regarding the mention of war, while the demi-gods hadn't realised how hard Travis and Connor job as leaders of their cabin was.

"Grover informed us that the half-bloods were brother and sister, aged ten and twelve, and that although he didn't know their parentage, they were strong," said Annabeth.

"I love that Grover is the person who found all the big three children," said Rachel.

"So who is the monster?" asked Zeus.

"The vice-principal Dr Thorn, who kept blocking Grover's chances of getting close," said Percy.

"Oh so he didn't want to date, Bianca," said Nico, then noticing the confused looks he was getting "well that's what Bianca thought, and he was trying to use me to get to her. She wasn't interested."

"Juniper is not going to be happy when I tell her," said Connor who was slapped by Katie,

"You will do no such thing," she said glaring at him.

"So we ended up at the dance, with the two half-bloods," said Thalia.

"Hey I didn't want to be there," said Nico.

"Neither did Bianca as she had a floppy green cap pulled down over her face. The two of them were sitting on the bleachers arguing. I noticed they used their hand a lot as they talked. Nico was shuffling some trading cards and Bianca seemed to be scolding him for something," said Percy.

"I do not use my hand a lot when I talk," said Nico disputing his argument as he threw his hands up in exaggeration.

"Unfortunately Dr Thorn didn't seem to be fooled by the mist, and was standing near the di Angelos. He seemed to be watching us, so we had to pretend we were not interested in them," said Thalia.

"Throw him off the scent, How did you do that?" asked Hades.

"We were three powerful half-bloods. Our presence would confuse him. So we acted natural and joined the dance," explained Annabeth.

"I danced with Grover, of course leading," said Thalia.

"I'm not surprised, you don't follow anyone, you're always in the lead," said Travis.

"Except maybe Percy and Annabeth occasionally," said Nico.

"Percy and I were talking when Thalia came up and demanded that we dance," said Annabeth.

"I was worried that I would dance as bad as Grover, who was tripping all over himself and kicking her in the shins. His excuse was fake feet, I wouldn't have one," said Percy.

"The two of them were just standing there talking, so I told them to stop looking stupid and dance," explained Thalia.

"Percy looked around the room and asked who he should ask to dance with," said Annabeth. Half the demi-gods faced palmed.

"He is so obtuse," said Rachel giggling with Annabeth.

"I think I need to give young Percy some advice," mused Aphrodite.

"It was nerve racking, Annabeth was now taller than me, my hands were sweaty and I kept stepping on her toes," said Percy.

"Not long after I realised the siblings were gone. I went looking for Thalia and Grover who had danced off somewhere, loosing Percy in the process," said Annabeth.

"We got separated by a mob of girls and I was going to go after her, but I saw something that chilled my blood. There on the floor was the green cap that Bianca di Angelo had been wearing. Also nearby were some trading cards. I soon noticed Dr Thorn hurrying out the door at the other end of the gym, steering the di Angelo kids by the scruffs of their necks," described Percy.

"That hurt," said Nico.

"So you decided to go after them alone," said Apollo.

"I didn't know how long it would take to find my friends and the di Angelos were in danger," said Percy.

"Yes but how much trouble did you end up in?" asked Hermes.

"I raced into the corridor, but didn't see anyone but soon found myself in the main entrance hall. I couldn't see Dr Thorn but on the opposite side of the room were Nico and Bianca standing frozen in horror, staring right at me. It took me a moment to realise that Bianca was trying to warn me when her eyes widened and her fists clenched," said Percy.

"You were standing right in front of the monster," said Nico.

"Oh Bianca is a clever girl," said Artemis.

"I turned around and pain exploded in my shoulder. A force yanked me backwards slamming me into the wall," explained Percy. "I was pinned to the wall by some sort of spike – a black dagger like projectile about half a metre long. Thankfully it had just grazed my skin and I was pinned by my clothes. Unfortunately I the cut burned and I felt poison."

"PERCY. You have the worst luck," said Poseidon, fear again in his facial features.

"Percy kept swinging his sword but was out of reach. A second projectile just missed Bianca's face," said Nico. Hades gasped, he also had fear in his eyes.

"It was like there was an invisible person standing behind Dr Thorn throwing knives," said Percy.

"Dr Thorn told us to go quietly and obediently with him. If we made a noise or tried to fight, he would show us just how accurately he could throw."

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