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From Previous Chapter: "We decided to go left," said Percy.

"Only because something big was coming from the right tunnel,"

Chapter 26: Alcatraz, One Hundred Escape

"That's a good reason," said Hermes.

"Good news the tunnel went straight with no twists or turns and no side exits. The bad news was that it was a dead end," said Percy.

"A large boulder completely blocked our way and behind us was the monster," said Annabeth.

"How did you get away?" asked Hades.

"Tyson slammed his shoulder into the boulder," replied Percy.

"It was scary as the tunnel shook and dust trickled down from the stone ceiling," said Annabeth.

"Grover yelled at Tyson to hurry but don't bring the roof down onto us," said Percy.

"Well since you are not a pancake I guess that didn't happen," said Ares disappointedly.

"The boulder gave away with a grinding noise with Tyson pushing it into a small room," said Percy ignoring the scream of pain from Ares as a spear hit him in the arm, a trident imbedded in the wall behind his throne a moment later.

"What was that for?" screamed Ares.

"For the glee you find in hurting my child," replied Athena and Poseidon.

"You missed," said Athena looking at Poseidon.

"Mine was a warning shot," replied Poseidon.

"Right," said Athena sarcastically.

"It was too," replied Poseidon with a slight whine to his voice.

"We dashed into the room and closed the entrance with the same boulder, the monster screaming in frustration as we blocked off the corridor," said Annabeth stopping her mother and boyfriend's father argument.

"You got away from the monster, that is good," said Artemis.

"Unfortunately we had managed to trap ourselves in a cell," said Annabeth "I worked out that we were in Alcatraz."

"So we are not the only ones who have been in jail," said Travis and Connor with glee.

"Yes but their visit was not on purpose," replied Katie.

"We don't end up in prison on purpose," retaliated Travis "You try not to get caught and being locked up."

"How are you at Alcatraz? It was on the other side of the country?" asked Will.

"The maze follows no logical pattern," said Hephaestus.

"When we were in the cell we heard someone sobbing. It echoed through the building," said Annabeth.

"There was also a raspy voice muttering something I couldn't make out," said Percy. Everyone looked at Annabeth, "I couldn't understand it either," she replied.

"Tyson could understand what was being said and couldn't believe what hearing," Percy informed the group.

"Tyson grabbed the bars of the prison cell and bent them so there was a large Cyclops size gap that we could climb through," said Annabeth.

"And Tyson then asked you to kiss his shiny metal arse," said Chris with a laugh.

"No, No Bender references… they don't get Futurama in Atlantis," replied Percy as he and Chris laughed ignoring the confused looks from the gods and the eye rolling from the demi-gods.

"Tyson ran off with us following. Grover told us all to freeze and physically grabbed Tyson to halt him," said Annabeth.

"Grover pointed to the second floor across the courtyard, as there was a monster. The top half of her was a female body the lower half was the body of a dragon. The dragon part of her was long, black and scaly with enormous claws and a barbed tail. Her legs looked to have vines tangled around them but I realised that the vines were sprouting snakes, hundred of vipers looking for something to bite," informed Percy. The gods gasped – not her.

"Her hair was also made of snakes, like Medusa's. Around her waist where the woman part met the dragon part her skin bubbled and morphed producing heads of different animals," said Annabeth.

"A vicious wolf, a bear, a lion, it was like she was wearing a belt of ever-changing creatures. It was a half formed monster, so old it was from the beginning of time," said Percy. Athena and Poseidon groaned, would their children fight all the most evil and difficult monsters.

"At that moment the monster wasn't paying any attention to us," said Annabeth.

"How soon do you reckon she will be?" asked Travis to Connor and Chris quietly.

"Five minutes," replied Connor.

"I reckon ten," said Travis.

"No give it fifteen," said Chris "They still have to find out who is sobbing."

"The monster was speaking the tongue of the old time," said Annabeth.

"What is that?" questioned Rachel.

"The language before the gods," replied Athena "What Mother Earth spoke to the Titans and her other children."

"Tyson began to translate what he was hearing. It came out in a raspy woman's voice," said Percy.

"I hate when he does that," said Travis.

"Especially when the people you are spying on suddenly turn up," said Chris giving the Stoll brothers a knowing look.

"I Still. Can Not. Believe. Tyson Spied. On Me," said Percy.

"Oh come on Kelp Head, Tyson would do anything if he thought he was helping you," said Thalia.

"The voice said, you will work for the master or suffer," said Annabeth.

"Tyson switched to a deep wounded voice and replied that he would not serve," said Percy.

"The monster said that they would enjoy his pain and named the guy as Briares," said Annabeth.

"Hekatonkheire," gasped Hephaestus.

"A Hundred- hand one?" questioned the other gods.

"The monster was Kampê and she informed Briares that if he thought his first imprisonment was unbearable, he was yet to feel true torment," said Percy.

"I bet Tyson wasn't happy," said Poseidon "Kampê are Cyclopes' worst night mare, taught that as babes."

"Why are they a nightmare?" asked Nico.

"Kampê was the jailer when the Titans ruled. They imprisoned all the Cyclops and Hekatonkheires in Tartarus torturing them until Zeus came and freed them," said Hades.

"I also convinced them to fight against the Titans in the war," said Zeus puffing out his chest.

"What reward did you give them?" questioned Rachel innocently. Zeus looked surprised and put out with her question.

"Kampê flew away, giving Briares time to contemplate her offer. We approached his cell and I was surprised that he was human-sized when I had previously been told that they were as tall as the sky and were able to crush mountains," said Percy. "He was so weird; he had large feet, which had eight toes on each foot?"

"In breeding causes that," said Will with a shrug.

"But that means Persephone and Father are weird," said Clarisse.

"My daughter is not weird," screamed Demeter glaring at the demi-gods.

"Yes she is," said Nico quietly so Demeter couldn't hear him. He hadn't forgiven his step mother for things she said about his mom.

"Briares has a hundred arms coming off his chest and YOU notice his feet," said Thalia.

"Oh I noticed the arms, all tangled together. It reminded me of a forkful of spaghetti," said Percy.

"…. Only you …. Could describe ….," said Apollo shaking his head.

"Briares was using some of his hands to cover his faces as he sobbed," said Annabeth continuing with the story telling. "Tyson asked him to help us."

"How can someone locked in a cell help?" asked Zeus.

"Briares told Tyson to run, as he couldn't even help himself," said Annabeth.

"His hundred hands were all doing different things at once- some wiped his nose, others were fidgeting with pieces of wood making toy boats before dismantling it. Others were scratching the floor for no apparent reason. Others were playing rock, paper, scissors. A few others were making shadow puppets on the wall," said Percy.

"He was moaning that the Titans would rise and throw them back into Tartarus," said Annabeth.

"Sounds like he is depressed," said Dionysus.

"Tyson told him to put on his brave face but his scared face kept coming back," said Percy. "Tyson was entranced with Briares and asked for an autograph. He informed me that Briares was even stronger than him."

"He was very confused when Briares couldn't break the bars to release himself. Tyson ended up breaking the door off it hinge like it was wet clay," said Annabeth.

"We need to have him on our side," said Zeus.

"We already do," said Will.

"I think he means Briares," pointed out Athena.

"Grover pointed out that we had to get going before Kampê came back. Annabeth tried to encourage Briares out of the cell and for a minute he had a hopeful expression on his face. But he refused as Kampê would punish him," said Percy.

"Why is he so worried, he fought the Titans before and won," said Chris looking at the gods.

"He remembered that lightning shook the world and they threw many rocks. The Titans and monsters almost won," said Annabeth.

"You should just leave him there," said Ares.

"I couldn't leave him there, Tyson would cry for weeks," said Percy.

"So challenging Briares to a game of rock, paper, scissors was your option to get him to come," said Annabeth.

"You challenged him to a game of rock, paper, scissors?" asked Apollo with Percy nodded.

"I love this guy," exclaimed Hermes.

"If Percy won Briares would come otherwise we would leave him in jail," said Annabeth.

"Briares accepted the challenged stating that he always won rock, paper, scissors," said Percy.

"He has one hundred hands, he can do all three items," said Athena.

"He did," said Percy.

"How did you win?" asked Athena.

"Who wants to challenge Percy to a game?" asked Thalia. The demi-gods looked towards the gods. None of the goddesses seemed inclined to play, although Athena looked curious. Ares, Hermes and Apollo seemed anxious to play Percy.

"I'll play Percy," said Hades putting a stop to the fight that was about to begin between his nephews. Percy just shrugged and he and Hades pounded their fists on their palms three times. Hades had rock, Percy did the gun.

"What is that?" asked Hades.

"A gun," piped up Nico "Guns beat everything."

"You cheated," shouted Hades.

"Yeah, he did. How else was he going to win against Briares and his many hands each doing either rocks, paper and scissors," asked Thalia.

"Hey at least you don't have to play rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock," said Chris.

"What is …." said Athena.

"Don't go there, you will just have to wait for Sheldon Cooper to explain it," said Will.

"It's confusing and hard to explain unless you know about him," said Annabeth trying to explain.

"So Percy won the game by cheating, what happened next?" asked Hera trying to move the conversation and story along.

"Briares kept to our agreement and followed us out of the cell. Unfortunately below us snarling was Kampê," said Annabeth.

"Told you she would notice them after they found out who was sobbing," said Chris to the Stoll brothers.

"Briares was happy to follow us now and even sprinted in front of us his arms moving around in panic," said Percy.

"Kampê rose into the air and you knew she was planning to kill us, we ran down corridors and stairs and made it out into the courtyard I remembered from a tour I had been on," said Annabeth.

"Oh going from darkness to sunshine is never pleasant," said Hermes "I hate when I deliver to Hades in the Underworld and then deliver to Apollo, the light is blinding."

"Tourists were wondering around taking photos but didn't seem to notice the storm clouds that were spinning over Mount Tamalpais," said Percy. "We couldn't stop as Kampê was still chasing us, we thought she wouldn't fit through the doors but unfortunately she crashed right through the wall. She was holding two long bronze scimitars that gave off a weird green aura due to the poison that were embedded on the blades."

"Grover warned as not to touch them as we would shrivel to dust and die," said Annabeth.

"Very important not to do," said Connor seriously.

"We decided to run. The tourists noticed Kampê and started screaming as they followed us out of the prison and down to the wharf," said Annabeth.

"What do you think they saw?" asked Katie.

"A madman with two swords, snakes and a wild animal or two," said Rachel "that what they said on the news."

"We knew the boat would be too slow to escape our only option was back into the Labyrinth," said Percy.

"You are going to need a diversion to do that," said Athena.

"Briares is going to grow to full size," guessed Hephaestus.

"No, Tyson ripped a lamppost out of the ground saying he would distract Kampê. Percy offered to assist but Tyson refused saying that the poison would cause a lot of pain for Cyclopes but not kill them," Annabeth informed the group.

"Annabeth, Grover and I each grabbed a hand a Briares and dragged him back to the prison as Tyson charged at Kampê using the lamppost as a jousting knight. The lamppost nailed her in the chest and pushed her against a wall," said Percy.

"Kampê sashed her swords reducing the pole to shreds poison dripping to the cement causing it to sizzle. Her snakes going in all directions, the animals in her waist turned into a lion that roared," said Annabeth.

"The last thing I saw as we sprinted to the cell block was Tyson picking up an ice cream stand and throwing it at Kampê. Ice cream and poison exploded and the snakes in Kampê hair were dotted with chocolate sauce," said Percy. The group laughed imagining Kampê covered in ice cream breaking some of the tension in the room.

"I love this Cyclops," said Hermes with many agreeing with him.

"Briares was giving up but Percy was not going to let Tyson risk his life for nothing," said Annabeth.

"Is anyone else disappointed in the one hundred hand one?" asked Hephaestus a couple of gods nodded slightly in agreement.

"As we reached the door of the cell block I heard Kampê roar. I glanced back and saw Tyson racing towards us at full speed, Kampê right behind him. Kampê was plastered with ice cream and T-shirts. We hurried finally finding the cell we had arrived in, but the back wall was smooth, no sign of the boulder," said Percy.

"We looked for the mark of Daedslas, Grover finding it and the entranced opened up. Kampê was gaining on Tyson and us. Percy pushed Briares, Grover and I through the entrance," said Annabeth.

"I realised Tyson couldn't make it. Kampê was gaining too fast. I needed a distraction and a big one. I used my shield and threw it at the monster's face where it hit causing her to falter long enough for both Tyson and I to dive into the maze before it closed and sealed us magically into the maze," said Percy.

"I always wondered what happened to that shield," said Thalia.

"Kampê pounded on the closed entrance but we didn't stick around to play knock knock with her. We raced into the darkness the only time I was glad to be back in the Labyrinth," said Percy.

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