Kalas had the voice of an angel, but the heart of a demon.

I encountered him long ago, back when he was newly Immortal. There was something, even then, that glimmered right behind his eyes.

They haunted me. It was his eyes that could lure one in, then that voice captured and held one enthralled, it was impossibly hypnotic and charming, yet fiendish and calculating.

His method of killing is akin to the most inebriating liquor. He'll make you feel so good that you won't realise you're falling until you've thudded to the ground.

But he won't let you see that until he's just about to strike, deadlier than any viper. You never see the danger approaching until it's right upon you; by then, it's too late.

I'd hoped that Brother Paul could help young Antonius find the good within himself, and he did for a time. Paul was a remarkable man, much as Darius was after his Light Quickening. But Paul's goodness, his purity of spirit came from within and was nurtured.

That darkness that dwells just beneath the surface - for some, it's simply too much to fight it, and it overwhelms their entire being until all they know is that darkness.

For others, like Duncan MacLeod, the light within will always chase away the shadows of the night. He has withstood everything he's faced, including a Dark Quickening.

I shall be eternally grateful to Methos for having been there when my youngest son needed someone to help him back from that darkness the most. He has always been a good friend, both to me and to my children.

There is a part of me, however, that occasionally regrets that Methos and I were never anything more.