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Kysanthium Theirin didn't give kindness. So when it came to her capture, she never expected any back. But she never expected to be captured by them. Those god awful Dark spawn. As a Grey Warden, it was her job to be rid of such evil monsters, not be carried off by them. She still remembered her husband Alistair's face. They had gone down to the Deep Roads together, both of them feeling the time had come for their deaths. The taint was too much for her to handle and she knew she couldn't last much longer. Neither could he. The monsters usually didn't carry off the adventurers in the tunnels. They ate them or simply left their dead bodies there. For some reason, she was special. Then she realized why when they came back for her. She was tied to a stake and unable to move. One hissed at her, its ugly face marred by its battles before. It was a Hurlock. Kia's nose wrinkled at the awful smell of the blasted monster. It reeked of blood and throw up. Do none of these things ever wash? She thought to herself, holding back the need to hurl in its face. Then, it spoke, surprising her entirely. "Take this one to the hole. Feed the human it's companion. We need a new mother." it's voice was awful! Like nails on the chalk board.

He's a Disciple! She realized with a jolt, staring at it. Before she could stop herself, she said out loud "You're a disciple!" She then looked down and held her tongue. It turned to look at her before it smiled darkly.

"Yes, human. I am. Now, enjoy feasting on the flesh of your companion." It laughed darkly and walked away. She was untied and dragged through the cavern. She struggled but the taint was becoming too much for her body to handle. But the worst thing was: She wasn't human. She was a proud elf. Stupid darkspawn. They couldn't tell a human or an elf apart from their own behinds. She prayed silently, Please maker, forgive me for my taint and make me and Alistair's deaths swift.

Then, the darkness crept in, slowly, and painfully. All she remembered was soft thinking to herself, Maker... Help us all...

Meanwhile, elsewhere:

Link finally put up his fishing rod. He had caught enough fish for two, him and the young lady he had rescued from the strange monsters. They looked like bokoblins on some sort of hawk grass and much, much uglier. Seeing this poor girl tied to the pole and gagged made him furious. In retrospect, attacking all of those monsters at once was foolish, but then Link had never really stopped to think before. Now, he was a hero. The hero of twilight, and the hero of Hyrule. He carried the three fish back to his house, waving at the denizens of ordon village as he passed. It was 3 years later, and while he didn't get to be with the princess, He enjoyed his quiet life away from all of the chaos of the twilight blight as it was now called. He let out a yawn and brushed past Malo, one of the residential brats.

"Hi, Link! Can we see the lady you brought home!? Can we? Can we!?" He asked, jumping up and down. He used to be so brilliant and calm ,but now, he acted just like his elder brother. Link guessed that opening a successful chain of stores made him cheer up a bit. Good, after their ordeal, the little tyke needed to cheer up. Link gave a sideways glance at Malo.

"Maybe tomorrow. She's probably very disoriented right now and the least she needs is to wake to the three of you crazy kiddos." Link replied and smiled at Malo.

"You suck link! This isn't fair!" Malo whined. Link smiled, knowing when it came down to it, Malo would be back. The kids always did come back. Or he'd go get them... The images flashed through his head again, he held his head, groaning. The painful flashed of the dead bodies, the one of Ilia. It was his one regret. He couldn't save his best friend though he had stormed Hyrule as both a wolf and a human, wishing to save her from her doom. Malo, stopped whining as he saw link, condition and left quickly, running to go get someone. It was only time Malo would tell an adult anything. Soon, the pain became harder to bear and Link fell to his knees, growling angrily. Then, just like usual the attack faded and vanished, leaving him empty inside. A slight sob left his lips as he thought of Ilia, so pretty with Epona, scolding him about bathing her.

"Link!" Rusl called, running towards the feather haired boy. He was on his knees, staring at the charm Ilia had given him during his journey, "Link, lets get you home." Rusl said, patting the young boy's back. The hero didn't make it out of the battle unscathed. After all, he lost his best friend and bride to be.

A few hours later

Kia woke up with a god awful headache. That was to be expected though, after all, she did pass out from a bright light. She rubbed her head when a particularly delicious smell caught her attention. Sitting up, she looked around, taking in her surroundings. From the looks of it, she was in someone's bed. Her long black hair was tied up and out of her way in a long braid. Interesting... Where am I? She thought, looking around some more. The bed was on a small ledge, a ladder leading downwards. A slow draft ran along her bare chest. Wait... Bare?! She looked down to find herself completely in the nude. A gasp of shock left her lips as she tugged the quilt up around her naked body. Why am I naked? What's going on here? She thought, looking around. Then she noticed him, a young elf boy off to the side on a chair. He was playing a strange instrument, something close to an ocarina or a flute. She made a slight sound that made him jump. He looked at her in surprise and then smiled.

"Don't be scared miss knight. My name is Link."

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