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Again and again the same result destroyed the Italian's carefully thought out plans. No matter what actions he took, he was always forced to use the journal to go back and try again. Gritting his teeth and falling to the ground, the journal dropped from his hand, opening to a random page. Clutching his hair, almost wanting to tear it out in frustration, he let out a cry of sorrow. Tears fled the safety of his eyelids, escaping to trail down flushed cheeks to freedom.

"Why?" he whimpered, head swimming. His head was already hurting, flashes of the loops before this one bombarding his mind. Images of all the other nations dead or dying flickered like an old movie reel, taunting and teasing him. He didn't want to see the two nations that lay before him, dead, their eyes forever closed. He should have been stronger than this, he had kept up his mask for so long, to act like nothing was wrong and that he had no idea what was going on alone. But now he was breaking down, guilt weighing heavily on his shoulders. This was Germany and Japan… His friends, his allies. They supported him through so much, and yet he couldn't do anything to save them. And of course they were headed towards the piano room… The Japanese island nation had always died there…

He just wanted to get everyone out of that mansion.

"They must have turned left instead of right and gotten ambushed." An English accent coated the words as the sensation of a hand formed on his shoulder. Although the Englishman was trying not to show it, he was dismayed at the sight of the massive slash wounds on Japan and Germany as well as the pool of blood that surrounded them. To see the immortal beings slain like mere humans… It was eerie and terrifying. From what Italy had told him, and the two recently deceased nations, he knew that unless all of the nations were saved, Italy had to keep rewinding time. He understood exactly why he didn't tell them about what was going on at first during each cycle. And from what he remembered Italy mentioning, the first time he tried that, everyone ignored him. Amber eyes slowly opened again, letting the tears freely fall instead of trying to stop them anymore. It was almost funny… His eyes were starting to remain open more and more as the loops went by… From the fifteenth loop, it had gotten so frequent that now they remained open all the time.

A dry chuckle almost made its way to his lips, getting caught in his throat. Every loop since then, the nations were confused on why his eyes were opened. He never answered them or even tried to explain, he just did what he did best - act totally clueless and play the card of being useless. Except, the latter became harder and harder to hold onto; he had learned to fight over those many loops, now knowing the layout of the mansion like it was the back of his hand. It was something that was hard to keep under wraps. The other nations were catching onto it quicker as each loops passed. Lowering his eye further, he spotted his journal in front of him. It was amusing how everyone had thought it was a holy bible at first; at least it kept them from realizing the truth. They didn't even remember, in the first loop, when he had picked it up in the library, although at that time, it hadn't been important until the last hours. Upon inspecting the pages closer, he recognized his own handwriting. Curvy letters had transformed the page from a blank canvas to a masterpiece composed only of words, holding important clues in its bindings.

Loop 48 I'm tired. The pain… The pain of holding so many memories in my head makes it hard to think, so I try to forget them and rely on only the writings and guidelines from before. But there are so many solutions that I have not covered or thought about yet. How long have I been trapped here, forced to repeat the same loop again and again? Months? Years? It's as if time is lost to me here, and all of these clocks… Their ticking haunts me even now, mocking me. I have to restrain myself from destroying them.

It's so hard to keep acting as I always do. It's as if I have to keep a mask up of my old self in order to keep playing dumb. So strange… This feeling. It's as if I am changing. I don't like it! If I get out of here, will I become a new person? Will they hate me because I hid so much from them? I'm scared… Will I be able to change the outcome? Or will I be stuck in this vicious cycle until I go insane?

I look back at all of the mistakes that I had made in the past, and how many times I had to do the same actions over and over, just to find the right way to prevent everyone from dying. It makes me wonder. I'm barely able to deal with seeing everyone die in front of me time and time again. How would any of the others fare if they were in my shoes? When I first read Mr. Ryuuzu's journal entries when in the first loop, I began to realize that someone had been here before, that there could be a way to prevent them from dying. But as the loops pass, my resolve to see this through is diminishing. Will I end up traveling down the same road he had, unable to save anyone in the end? I refuse to simply sit by and watch my friends die as he had; laughing insanely as he only saved enough of his friends to enter a new loop. Just the thought of that makes me sick... I refuse to let it come to that. I will not lose my sanity to this creature; to Steve. I… I can't let them die. I just… can't…

"What do we do now? We have to go back, right?" England's voice startled him, drawing him away from the journal's text. Slowly looking up in realization, he frowned and nodded, looking down to wipe his eyes before he picked up the journal, having a half thought on just leaving it there and giving it all up, so tired of failing again and again. But seeing his friends all dead… It only strengthened his decision.

"Si… But I need your help." There was only one problem… In order to go back the right way, they had to get to that clock. The grandfather clock that lay past the cell where the rest of those monsters came from had been the only way in all of those time loops. But, there weren't enough people to get there; they had been on their way to it after all, when the last two of their party died. Was there nothing they could do to start a new loop and set things right? He had already written down everything he had done, as he had for every time loop before him… This time, maybe he would be able to get it right. Even if it was at the cost of himself. But that was only if he was sure that they had the key, and if they could go back now.

Oblivious to the inner turmoil of the Italian nation, the Englishman glanced over his shoulders, wondering what help he needed. He wouldn't admit to himself that he was nervous. If what Italy had said was true, if they could find another way to go back without using that old clock… Without warning, the temperature seemed to drop around them, tension thickening the air. Eyes widening, the island nation clenched his spellbook and pivoted on his heels, green magic glowing at his fingertips. The magic pooled into a magic fireball before it shot towards the gray skinned creature before him.

"It's back." The Italian stiffened, scrambling upwards as dread filled him from head to toe. Not yet. Why did it have to be back so soon? He had no plan yet! Before he could tell England to move back, he twisted around to come face to face with it. He gulped nervously, grabbing the other nation and backpedaling. They couldn't kill it. If they tried, then they would end up like his two allied friends and the cycle would end forever. He couldn't let it end here!

A heavy breath emitted from the mouth of the creature, blood dripping from the hands of the creature and a wide toothy smile adorned its face. To the Italian, it looked as if it was savoring the victory of finally being able to claim its prize after so many loops, a long blackish tongue licking its lips in anticipation. He kept stumbling backwards with England until he finally felt his back connect with something that was solid.


Turning just slightly to see what it was, he realized that they were back to back against a wall. Italy gritted his teeth, his features darkening to shoot a death glare at the creature, as if challenging it to try and eat him. Through the many loops where he had almost fallen prey to Steve, he learned that he had to put his usual way of surrendering aside; he had learned that in order to survive, he had to fight. There was no way he would go down in this loop. He hadn't yet, and he was going to keep it like that. He leaned over to say something to England, eyes never leaving the tall form of the monster.

"Follow me. And don't fall behind."

As soon as the monster tried to take a step forward, Italy raised his hand, faint blue tendrils of magic shimmering at his fingertips. There was no way he'd let England waste more of his magic on this thing. He thrust his hand forward and the magic left his hands to strike his opponent. The now glowing strands shifted their hue to red, ensnaring themselves around the monster as the shapes of magic runes flickered in and out of existence above him. England stared at the now weakened monster, understanding that even if it tried to attack them, its power would be weaker than it usually is. As long as the red strands held it, it couldn't cause too much damage, but they would only hold for a few seconds.

"Run!" The Italian darted off as Steve swiped at them, managing only to tear off pieces of cloth from Italy's military jacket. Hissing when he felt the claws pass over his flesh, barely touching the delicate skin, he made sure to keep an eye behind him as they ran to the safest place that he could remember – the bathroom with that strange toilet.

Their footsteps echoed throughout the mansion, hearing ticking sounds from every unlocked room. He fought the urge to cover his ears. That aggravatingly simple sound… It seemed to have haunted him ever since he came across those clocks in the first place, unaware of their importance. Somehow they seemed to be getting louder, or maybe it was just his imagination. Shaking that strange thought away, he continued to run, turning the corner and spying the two bathroom doors. Pointing to it, he opened the door, giving only one spare glance to see a grey hand sneaking around the wall, one black eye coming into view. Shivering despite trying not to, he entered the bathroom and locked the door, panting.

"I need you to use your magic." The request was a little absurd, considering that he remembered several people telling him to conserve it, especially that loud mouthed American. However, even with the request and pestering of trying to save it until it mattered, he only had half of what he needed to really have an impact. His eyes narrowed slightly in curiosity. What did the Italian need it for? Leaning heavily against the wall next to the door, the blond caught his breath, his chest rising and falling as his lungs worked overtime to gather the precious oxygen that it craved. He finally looked over to the Italian, raising one of his eyebrows.

"I'm listening." Italy knew it was tough to ask this of the Englishman… For so many loops, he had used his magic to save someone, even him at one point. The magic he used usually cost him his life, but… He knew if there had been another way, then he would have gone down that path. Steeling himself, the Italian straightened up, walking over to the sink. His steps suggested to England that he was hesitant to ask, and the expression that came over him while he stared into the dust-covered mirror was something that made him uneasy. If one of the happiest nations could look almost broken, so hopeless…

"I've told you before. I've been through this so many times, and every time, I've lost. I'm determined to end this once and for all." Italy's expression changed from somber to determined in an instant, an emotion raging in those bright amber eyes, something that he had never seen before. He glared at his reflection, clenching his fist tightly. The change the northern Italian had gone through was shocking. Upon looking at him, there was almost nothing left of that surrendering, smiling nation the nations knew so well. It was… very unsettling.

"It would have worked better if we had gotten to that grandfather clock. But we have to try anyways. If we combine the journal's magic with yours, there should be a possibility that we can rewind the time far enough that we would just about to enter where the mansion grounds begin at that gate." England thought back to when they passed that gate. He nodded. It could work, but there were no guarantees. But they had nothing left to lose.

"We'll tr-" England was cut off by the sound of claws tearing into wood. Italy jumped and stared at the door, confusion written on his face. It wasn't possible. In all of the other time loops, there had never been an incident in which the monster had tried to get into the bathroom. It had almost been a brief safe haven countless times. Turning his head, the two nations' eyes met, understanding in an instant that they didn't had that much time. Facing each other, the two nodded.

"Tornare indietro l'orologio. Correggere i nostri errori con questo incantesimo e ci riporta." The latin words flowed from England's lips, holding his spellbook in his hands. From the middle of the book, strange rays of greenish light were emitting outwards, wrapping around the last two nations. Underneath the Italian's breath, a chant of an unknown language harmonized with the British man's spell. Around him, emitting from the now open journal, soft bluish light swirled up around them, combining with his companion's. The two could hear the door starting to splinter, the wood groaning as if in pain from having claws digging into it. Italy's heart raced, wishing, no, praying that the spell would work if used with England's magic. He had seen from previous encounters how powerful he was once his magic was at its peak, and even with his magic at half strength...

If it worked, they would never have entered this horrible place…

England, however, was having doubts if this would work. It wasn't as if he didn't trust the younger Italian. After what happened in this mansion, he knew he had to follow his lead if he wanted to live, but what about the possibility that it won't work? He could only imagine how Italy felt having to relive seeing everyone die over and over. Just the thought that they, nations, had died as simple as humans did… Hearing a loud crack, the two nations quickly turned their gazes upon the door, still continuing their spells. There was a hole in the door now, just enough so one of those eyes could stare hungrily in. The monster roared and tried to break the wood even more, splinters flying as the stench of blood drifted in. It was revolting. The magic around them half solidified into strands of almost translucent magic, wrapping around them with a warm glow.

They were going to make it… Right?

Immediately he sensed that something was terribly wrong. The combined magic began to crackle and spark, darkening into sinister colors. Emerald and amber hues widened, not understanding what was going on. Was it possible that the mansion was even intercepting their magic now?

"What's going on?"

"Veh, I don't know! This never happened before!" The Italian looked around in a panic as the magic refused to let them leave the circle. The ticking of the clocks returned once more in full force, causing Italy to drop to one knee, hand clamped over his ears in a futile attempt to block out the sound. Why was it so intent on haunting him? The other nation couldn't hear the ticking, placing a hand on his shoulder to make sure he was alright. The roar of Steve was heard over the sound, drawing their attention to the almost destroyed door.

It wasn't enough to say that Feliciano's heart almost stopped. The magic expanded around them suddenly, the light in the room blowing out and leaving them in darkness. With the magic casting little illumination until it began to glow white, they saw the remnants of the door shatter beneath the attack of the creature. They tried to step back but found themselves unable to. The unstable magic exploded and threw them against the wall, away from Steve.

As everything started to fade to black, the last thing the two nations saw was a pair of crimson and sapphire eyes.


Tornare indietro l'orologio. Correggere i nostri errori con questo incantesimo e ci riporta. - Turn back the clock. Correct our mistakes with this spell and take us back. (Latin)