Information: the Terran people had seven "Countries"
Althin is China Russia and India as one country,
Saris is all of northern America down to Mexico
Saran is Africa and South Pole (at time called Winter-lands)
Koran and Atlantis are special one city countries, in the middle of the ocean
for Atlantis, and inside Mount Everest for Koran
then we have Shangri-La (El Dorado) which is a hidden "Stronghold" in South America
lastly we have the "Wilds" which is everything not owned by the other countries

Years pass by slowly, Tam Lin and his friends fight side by side with the Senshi, defending the Sol-system against the survivors of Lucifers followers
until the Terran ask for aid, Serenity comes there directly with her Daughter Serenity the second, who's hand was promised to Tam Lin before
her birth, since he and his friends did not age at all...

"My name is Saffron Phoenix; this is my friend Haldin Terrash, and his wife, Jesebel... who should be in bed taking care of her health for her unborn child!"

"We need their help, I can stand small discomfort"

"What do you need aid with Lord Saffron?" Tam Lin stares at the Terran mystic, also known as the only Shadowmoon demon that was born on Terra.

"The Amazons Ashari created has been attacking our lands far too often, and the Musk that Bartimaeus created is doing the same, they respect the Phoenix Mountain, but it is far too cold for the rest of the Terran people in Althin's farming lands…"

"What do you suggest Neoran?" Tam Lin turns to Neoran, seeing a mean smirk

"Bartimaeus likes battle, but hates blood, Ashari would never try to conquer lands owned by others, she prefers solitude when on Earth, and she despises Bartimaeus, so them working together is illogical and therefore unlikely…"

"So they decided to attack separately?" Freya asks, making sure the Terrash woman Jesebel is healthy

"No, while unlikely, it is not impossible, and I honestly believe someone or something is trying to rile up the Terran against us… after all, Amazons and Musk are extensions of the Silvermoon people…"

"Lotion will be angry you claim her Amazons are Silvermoon people" Dominion lets a small sneer show "But it's not as if she is a good woman."

"Close your mouth or lose your head!" Tam Lin pulls his Glaive and aims it at Dominion's throat.
"You will not speak ill of Lo Chion in my presence!"

"Forgive me my king, I forgot my place…"

"Verily, we all forget our place sometimes when annoyance or anger takes over, Terran's however have a great control of their emotions, while often acting upon them, they seem to be much more… Slow… to act strongly upon them" Neoran suddenly opens his eyes wide
"But Lucifer said something about a Metallia right?"

"Yes, Metallia, creator of darkness, so?"

"What if she is influencing the Musk and Amazons?"

"Through who?" Freya laughs weakly "If I don't remember wrongly, only Shadowmooners can hear her, and the only Shadowmooner alive that is not a Knight, is Saffron here.

"You forget one Freya… Cu Chulainn…"

"Tha… that's not possible, he's dead"