Naruto and Raven: Light Hearted Love

Naruto x Raven

Author's Note


Dedicated to Shiv. Any following chapters are just random fluff oneshots and stuff for his request for light hearted Naruto x Raven.

Story Start

The Teen titans were the protectors of a coastal city known as Jump City. They had been at it for quite a few years. They all had their individual uses but through their combined efforts they found that they could do the city a better service as a group.

One in particular was a bit more withdrawn then her companions. By nature and perception she was dark. She had light gray skin, violet-blue hair and Amethyst eyes. Her name was Raven. A demoness and magic user who struggled with a great burden.

The promised day. The day where the all-evil Trigon would take over Earth and destroy it and everything else. She fought against it. Praying that she could make the day never come. Despite her efforts, the promised day did come. But her friends had fought Trigon and won.

With that past Raven was able to sleep peacefully. It took her time but she began opening up. It was when she met him that she finally explored an avenue that she avoided because of a betrayal she experienced. Romance.

The person in question was a tall blond, energetic young man with cerulean hair and tan skin. They had met in a dark magic shop of all places. He was a flesh and dark magical clone who was created for the purpose of cloning purposes, his captors underestimating his combat abilities. Seeing as Naruto's home world could not be located, he decided to make a new life in this world.

History aside, something just clicked between the two of them. Months had passed and Naruto wasted little time in making his attraction known. It took some time for Raven to warm up tot he idea but she agreed.

They arrived to the restaurant and exchanged some pleasantries.

"Could we get the most expensive bottle of wine you have, please, and whatever food you think goes with that." Naruto asked of the waiter. "The wine here is to die for."

"I wouldn't know. I don't drink alcohol." Raven explained.

"I wasn't much of a drinker either initially, but upon gaining my freedom I couldn't help but try as many new things as I could. All and all I'm ore of a social drinker."

The waiter returned and poured a mouthful of wine into Naruto's glass for him to test. He swirled it around the glass a couple of times, and then tasted it carefully. Across the table Raven watched with interest. She had to admit, she was curious about trying many things, but always had to remain in control lest her father influence her. Alcohol was definitely in the realm of bad ideas, but Trigon was gone now. The waiter had poured wine into her glass as well and walked away.

She looked at the glass uncertainly. "I'm really glad you joined me this evening Raven. I was beginning to wonder if I had this whole charm thing down. Do I measure up to those who have pursued the lovely Violette?"

Raven smiled. "The fact you haven't tried to kill me is a large point in your favor."

Naruto chuckled. "So much for that idea I had for the second date."

"I don't think you really have anything to worry about," she assured him. "I don't care about traditional dating methods or anything like that. I enjoy your presence and energy Naruto. Despite your history you don't let it stop you from living and enjoying life and its quite inspiring. Its the reason I'm here now. We can't help what's been done to us in the past, but we can live and enjoy all of life's treasures instead of hiding ourselves away and letting our former tormentors win."

"You have a way with words and know how to touch a guy's heart." he complimented. Their food had arrived shortly after. Once the dinner was done, they went out for a moon light stroll. "You're like the moon." Naruto suddenly stated as he observed the ashen skin beauty. She looked absolutely gorgeous in the white dress she was wearing.

"Excuse me?" Raven asked, demanding for clarification.

"The sun is bright and warm and people's attention is often drawn to it. Looking at the sun too long can be harmful and it always draws praise and adoration. Not enough people appreciate the Moon. Its pale, but its a pale beauty that grows and change. While the Sun remains the same, the Moon is a beauty..." at that Naruto stopped and sheepishly rubbed the back of his head. "Kind of forgot where I was going with that. I'm not really one of those articulate types."

"It was sweet attempt. It fell flat, but sweet nonetheless." she told him.

"Its getting late. I should take you home my lady." he remarked. To her surprise Raven was quite disappointed. This evening passed by much faster than she expected. There was so much they hadn't talked about. "I take it I earned the right to a second date?"

"I'll let you know after tonight." she merely stated. They had arrived back to the Titan's Tower. "I enjoyed this evening. It was quite fun."

"I feel the same way. Is it alright that I kiss you?" he asked as he gently brushed her cheek.

Raven began to blush at the touch and the question. "Yes!" she didn't take long to answer. She knew if she didn't put herself out there that nothing would change. Everyone of her emotions seemed to be pushing for this and for once Raven readily agreed. Their lips met and europhia coursed through her.

His hands went to the back of her head, holding it in place as his lips moved softly against hers, and he felt her body shifting closer to him, her arms wrapping around his waist. He decided to try his luck and ran his tongue slowly against her bottom lip.

He felt the heat course through her before her mouth opened in silent invitation.

Much too soon he felt her pulling away, disentangling her arms first and then her tongue. He dropped one last quick kiss on her lips and then let go of her, pleased to see that she was as flushed and out of breath as he felt. He tucked a strand of now messy hair behind her ear and she smiled.

"Goodnight," she told him, her body turning to walk towards the gate, her eyes still on him.

He screwed his eyes shut as if in pain. He wanted to object, coax her into letting him in and not letting go of this moment, but he knew what happened was a major step for Raven. The fact that she allowed him to kiss her took a lot of courage on her part. Their eyes met and they uttered one last, arduous good bye, signaling the end of their first date and the beginning of many more to come.