Naruto and Raven: Light Hearted Love


Naruto x Raven
Author's Note
Dedicated to Shiv who requested this story. Any following chapters are just random fluff one shots and stuff for his request for light hearted Naruto x Raven.
Story Start

Raven began to stir and stretched. She reached out with her hand and noticed something missing. In fact a certain someone was missing, opening her eyes she noticed Naruto wasn't anywhere in sight. Her room felt so empty without his presence.

Sitting up and stretching her arms wide, she cast her eyes round the room for her leotard and cloak. With a wave of her fingers, power crackled from her finger tips as her clothing was teleported to the bathroom. After a nice, relaxing shower she got dressed and returned to her room. Going over to her dresser she used her brush to straighten out her hair.

Satisfied with the preening she went in the direction of the kitchen to serve herself with some tea when she smelled something appetizing. She was surprised to see the spread that was laid out over the table. "What's all this?"
"Breakfast of course," he cheekily answered. He moved over to the empathy, wrapping his arms tightly around her waist and pressing a kiss to her lips.

"Good morning," Raven replied softly, leaning into his embrace. "You still didn't answer my question. Since when did you cook?"

"Well I started taking cooking classes." He answered.

"When did you have time for that?" she sincerely asked.

"Kagebunshin," he cheekily answered. He kissed the top of her head before leading her over to the table. It was an assortment of eggs, bacon, rolls, croissants, pancakes, toasts, grits, french toast, and sausage. Along with a glass of fresh squeeze orange juice with a mug of tea to the side, just the way Raven liked it.

"What's the special occasion?" it wasn't like it was her birthday or even an anniversary.

A grin formed on Naruto's face as he told her to wait a second. He left the kitchen and returned moments later with a boquette of flowers with a card. Raven proceeded to read the card. "Just because it's Tuesday."
"You did all this for me? Just because?" She asked, looking up at Naruto from the card.

"You're not the atypical girl and I wanted to make sure you see how I felt from deep within my heart. I know neither one of us are all this knowledgeable about romance and all that, but you know me, if I'm going to try something I tend to go the extra mile." As he finished Raven suddenly pulled him down for a rather passionate kiss.
Suffice to say Raven approved. Did she ever approve.