So this is my new fanfic, my first Glee fanfic for a while actually, so I don't know how well it's going to be written, but I guess, I just need to get back to being in the spring of things. Anyway I don't know where this story is going, but things will definitely spark between Brody and Rachel. But no more clues, just enjoy. Set in the future, around Episode 4 the Break Up. Also the Brody and Rachel scene didn't happen, the one where Brody tries to kiss Rachel.

Chapter 1

There was a knock on the door, I was sitting down on my bed, looking at my paintwork with the words Finn. 4 months had passed since I'd seen him. It was crazy. Kurt goes up and gets it. I couldn't be bothered getting up to greet whoever it was, I was too busy thinking. "Rachel, get up here" Kurt says grinning. I stand up and walk to the door casually. And that's when I see Finn standing at the door. Finn. "Finn?" I say looking at him unsure of what to do, he'd grown. But I guess that wasn't surprising, his muscles were bigger, he just looked more mature.

"Yeah, hey Rach" Finn says pulling me in for a hug. Kurt just stands to the side awkwardly, not sure of what to do. Finn looks around the room, unsure of what to say. "See you haven't forgotten about me then" Finn says looking over at the wall. I shrug casually.

"So I was wondering if we could have just a night together. Just go out, and talk. But maybe get changed a bit first" Finn says smiling looking down at my dressing gown. I let out a laugh.

"I'll meet you at the restaurant across the street in half an hour?" Finn says shyly. I look at him and smile. "Yeah definitely" I say. Finn nods walking out. Kurt looks at me and grins.

"See? He's come back" Kurt says smiling. I look at Kurt, a tear fallen down my cheek.

"But for how long?" I say quietly. Kurt looks at me sadly pulling me in for a hug.

"Come on Rachel, it'll be okay, just get ready and have fun tonight" Kurt says. I smile brightly at him, getting changed quickly. When I get a text. Hey. Hoping Cassie isn't being too tough on you. Wondering if you wanted to catch up tomorrow? Maybe hear my singing in public instead of in the shower-B

Kurt looks over at the message and smiles. "That means Finn's all mine for tomorrow" Kurt says grinning. I give him a smile, I was kind of excited for tomorrow. I quickly reply to Brody smiling.

Yeah, I'd loved too. I've got no classes tomorrow, so I'm free all day-Rach

I grab my purse, and head out the door, Kurt giving me a good old fashioned wave as I head out the door. I make it to the restaurant, it wasn't very busy so I spotted Finn straight away. I head for the table, as Finn sees me he smiles. I take a seat opposite him and grab the menu quickly, not ready to talk. When Finn grabs my menu down setting it down on the table. "Rach you're going to have to talk to me sometime" Finn says calmly looking into my eyes. I just shrug, when I hear my phone vibrate. Brody. "Can I have a sec?" I say quickly standing up. Finn nods as I head to the bathrooms.

"Hey Brody" I say a grin plastered on my face. Why was he ringing me?

"So I'm free all day, so I'll meet you at Central Park around ten. I've got a surprise" Brody says.

"Yeah uh definitely, I'll meet you then" I say smiling.

"Yeah cya then Rachel" Brody says as I hang up the phone. I head back to our table as Finn looks at me curiously. "Who was that?" Finn asks questionably. I knew this was going to happen, but I didn't want to say who it was because Finn might get jealous. "My old roommate" I lie, biting my lip. Finn nods. "So how has NYADA been?" Finn asks. I sigh.

"Hard. My dance teacher has been really hard on me, but overall it's great. I've learnt a lot. " I say smiling. Finn smiles.

"That's great. The Army's been great I guess. But I needed a break, its hectic" Finn says calmly. I smile brightly at him. Finn grabs his menu and has a look at it. I grab mine and decide immediately Mushroom and leak pie. A waiter comes around, smiling at us. "What would you like to order sir?" the man says looking over at Finn. "I'll take the chicken schnitzel with salad" Finn says smiling at the waiter. The waiter looks at me and smiles. "Madam?" he says.

"I'll have the mushroom and leak pie, with vegies" I say smiling. The waiter smiles leaving the two of us alone. I look over at Finn and smile. "Hey Rachel?" Finn says looking at me. I look at him seriously.

"After this visit, I don't think I am going to come back for a while" Finn says rubbing the back of his neck. I look at Finn shocked, was I really ready to hear this. "And well, I want to make the most of this, so I was thinking we could go out tomorrow, just you and me" Finn says smiling. I look at Finn and smile sadly. "I'm busy" I say. Finn looks at me questionably.

"Kurt said you had no classes tomorrow, and said you were free?" Finn says looking at me questionably. "My uh old roommate and I are going out for the day" I lie. I hated lying to Finn. Finn looks at me. "Rachel. Kurt told me that you're old roommate has sex all day, and you never got the chance to talk to her. So are you busy tomorrow?" Finn asks anger in his voice.

"I'm spending the day with my friend Brody, he was the one actually on the phone" I say biting my lip. Finn looks at me and sighs. "Kurt gave me a picture, he's pretty muscly" Finn says calmly. I shrug, Brody was really sexy. "Why didn't you tell me?" Finn asks leaning over. I look at him, unable to say anything. That's when Finn stands up and looks at me.

"You like him don't you?" Finn snaps. I look at him and sigh.

"Finn! We are just friends!" I say calmly.

"I was giving you space Rachel, not thinking you would gallivant off with some NYADA upperclassmen" Finn says raising his voice when a waiter comes over, telling us we need to do this outside. We walk out heading for the park. When we both stop suddenly. "Rachel, I know I've been gone for a while but I thought we were going to work it out" Finn says rubbing the back of his neck.

"Nothing is going on with Brody! We are just friends, and anyway it's been four months Finn! Do you know how hard they've been!" I say raising my voice.

"I never once stopped thinking of you Rach! Not a day went by when I didn't think of you!" Finn says angry. I put my hands up in emphasis. "And you think I did? I couldn't sleep at night because I thought that you'd die!" I say angrily.

"You know what? We can't do long distance relationships. We are done!" Finn says putting his hands up in emphasis. "It's not a long distance relationship if you don't talk to me for four months! I sent you messages Finn!" I say raising my voice.

"I was giving you space Rachel" Finn says calmly. A tear falling down my cheek which Finn wipes away. "I love you Finn! Please don't go" I say weakly as Finn walks away. That's when a song pops into my head. "You and me, we used to be together, every day together. Always" I sing trying to catch up to Finn who turns around and looks at me. "I really feel, that I'm losing my best friend. I can't believe, this could be the end" I say singing. My voice had actually improved a lot since coming to NYADA, and I was more confident, making me believe in myself. Improving both my singing abilities and dance abilities. Finn looks at me a tear falling down his cheek. "It looks as though you're letting go, and if it's real. Well I don't want to know" Finn says joining in with me.

"Don't speak. I know just what you're saying, so please stop explaining. Don't tell me cause it hurts" we chorus looking at each other, belting out the words. I think of Brody then, and I know it's completely wrong of me to do so, I mean I was singing with Finn about us breaking up, I should be heartbroken. But I wasn't. "Our memories, they can be inviting. But some are altogether, mighty frightening" I say circling around Finn. "Don't speak. I know what you're thinking, I don't need your reasons. Don't tell me cause it hurts" Finn says shaking his head. A tear falls down my cheek as I try to regain composure, I needed to nail this song. It's all ending "I gotta stop pretending who we are, You and me. I can see us dying, are we?" I sing. I loved ballads, they were so emotional. Finn looks at me sadly.

"Goodbye Rachel. I'll always love you" Finn says walking off. Tears start streaming down my face as I head back to the apartment, not one bit ready for the set of questions Kurt was going to ask me, so I head for the train station, as I get on the train which will take me to New York.

So what did you think? No real Brody this chapter but I promise you a lot more next chapter, and definitely a duet. So any song ideas?