Also known as 17 years later.

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Al sat beside his wife's bed holding her frail hand. The chemotherapy had not been kind to her. Her already frail body ravaged by the disease was affected even worse by the so-called cure.

Al knew it would be ending soon, the nurses knew it too. Which is why they allowed him to stay here and never really challenged the figure who came to visit long past normal hours. It wasn't unusual in these circumstances for family to come and go at all hours.

"Uncle Al." The man brought a chair over and sat down next to him.

"Mike." He returned the greeting with a nod. "I didn't expect you to visit, and I don't see any security either."

"It wouldn't be very good security if you could see them now would they? Actually I only have one and she is out in the grounds. They can do discreet when required unless James is having another audit of them."

"Fussy git, still making people's lives miserable." Al muttered.

"How is Marie doing?" Mike asked to change the subject.

Al's expression changed from grim while talking of his brother to care worn. "Not so great, not so great. They don't reckon she will make the weekend but she's a fighter, we'll see."

"Is there nothing they can do?"

"Not at this stage, keep her comfortable take away the pain and watch. The bloody morphine keeps her in a daze most of the time she barely knows I'm here." Al's voice cracked at the last.

"Al."Mike lowered his voice. "There are potions you know, they won't cure her but they can sort out the pain and keep her alert. You'll have the last few days to talk."

Al turned away from Mike and the hand not holding his wife's went white as he clenched his knuckles.

"I should kick your arse out the door boy, Minister or not. I turned my back on that world a damn long time ago. I turned down Lily when she turned up with stuff that would have cured; you think I'll say yes now?"

Mike held up his hands. "Honestly no, but I promised Harriet I'd offer. I understand some of it Al. This day was always going to happen. Everyone passes sooner or later. My mum and dad were old and frail at an age I expect to be merely middle aged. My dad passed last year. What's eighty three to a wizard?

Magic does things to our bodies and we always last longer. I just thought maybe at the end it might make it easier. "

"It would only make it easier for me, not her. She's a good women Mike and she deserved better than to live with someone who spent his whole life lying to her. Do you know what that's like? No I guess you don't. Sure you're a politician but they claim you are the first honest one."

Mike laughed cynically at Al's comment.

"What's so damn amusing boy. To Marie I'm just Alan Potter, self made man. I've never told her my real name or the reasons I left it all behind or the truth of why I can't have kids. You've no idea of what I've put her through and now to give her a potion just to make her passing that bit easier on me. That won't happen." Al looked up at Mike to see there was a mixture of amusement and pain in his eyes. "What's that look for boy?"

"I'm still amused by the idea of me being an honest man. Al, you are the most truthful man in existence compared to me." Mike carefully and discreetly moved his wand from its holster to his hand. "I killed my first man at fifteen Al, just to see if I could. To see if I could get away with it. Since I'm here it's rather obvious I did." Al went to get up out of his chair and Mike wordlessly applied a low grade sticking charm. "He was one of the few I feel guilty about. It was twelve years before I killed again. James helped me cover that one up, although he doesn't know what he did. Two years later I imperiused Ron and let him loose on Draco. Then I helped James with his defence. I rather like Ron after all. You too Al, so don't worry." Al had given up trying to fight the magic but kept looking around for an escape.

"It was nine years when all my schemes came together. Hogwarts and the Ministry in the same day. Hogwarts was years in the plotting but the ministry was just fiendfyre in the lower levels and standing back. Only a handful of people died in both those incidents. It was nothing personnel it was just the institutions that had to go."

"So you planned all that? It was just some insane bid for power?"

"No, it was justice. The same forces that stood back and allowed Voldemort to come to power still controlled that world. The world that allowed murderers and rapists off with just a slap, that world was just as guilty as those who committed the crimes. It had to go, so I made sure of that."

Mike had met Al's eyes as he spoke but looked down now. "As for being Minister, I was as surprised as anyone when Scorpius put my name forward but I seized my chance. I gave the old families a choice they could keep their wealth or their power. They took their money thinking they buy back power. Well not anymore. I'm the first minister to truly rule but what I rule is so small compared to the old ministry. I have changed things for good, I think Merlin's Combined, is a better school than Hogwarts ever was. Those leaving there now have a choice of which world they want to move in.

The ministry is as far as possible free from corruption. Except the man at the top is me. A murderer and destroyer. "

"Why are you telling me all this? What happens now?"

"Once in a while I just need to get things in perspective. I entered this world full of anger and rage hoping to destroy it all. I did that but in the end I hope I've rebuilt too, I hope that when all is said and done that society is better. As for you Al, Harriet wants you to come live with us. Jess has moved out now, moved in with Portia's daughter, would you believe. She was so mortified to find out they were lovers and not just room-mates, me too but for different reasons.

People will notice soon Al, normal people don't have a life expectancy of a hundred and thirty. You look too healthy to be a man in your seventies you know."

"You've just told me you're a liar and a killer and you want me to move in? Bloody hell you have some nerve."

"I always have Al, there is one more thing though."

Al looked up to find Mikes wand pointing at him. "Obliviate." It was a complex memory charm Mike used but Al had almost the same mental defences as a Muggle. He removed his confession but left behind the knowledge that they had shared something personnel and that he could be trusted.

"Harriet, will visit in the morning, you can let her know your decision then. See you Albus."

Mike squeezed his shoulder as he left the room.


The End.

Really the end.

I don't intend to add more to this story. Mike will not get his just desserts.

My intention with this story was to create a OC and have him commit the most horrible crimes. I also wanted to make him human and sympathetic.

The tale starts with the death of Neville because I wanted there to be absolutely no sympathy for his actions. That was the line I wanted to maintain. A sympathetic, yet truly horrible main character.

Do I succeed? Only you can answer that question.

The original concept was even darker but I was unable to then keep any sympathy for my villain.

Yes, in my mind Mike is a Villain.

I also had an alternative ending with James confronting Mike. In that ending James discovers Mikes actions but also is aware of the force for good that Mike has been to the society.

In that ending James asks to be obliviated.

I preferred this one, here we only have Mikes word for it that he has done good things. It is up to us to you to judge him. How far do you trust an unrepentant murderer?

Thank you for reading.

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