A/N: Spoiler warning 3:1 and 3:2. Speculation about 3:3

I hate writing this, but I have to get it out of my system to be able to work. And I DO hope I'm wrong!


She had never been happier than when Reverend Travis pronounced them husband and wife. And when she lifted her veil and looked up at him, while he bowed down and kissed her in front of all their friends and relatives. She was so wonderfully happy. He was the nicest man on earth and he loved her and no one else! It was more like a dream than reality! Such a lovely dream!

And she had never been more unhappy than she was now. This was a very different kind of dream. A nightmare, but one she knew she would never wake up from.


She had told him he had his life ahead of him, but she had been wrong. He had told her she had given him back his life, but that had been wrong too. There was very little left of his life when those words were spoken.


All happy memories she had from her adult life had to do with him. How he came to invite her out instead of Mary. All those drives with him. That wonderful concert. And when he told her he would propose to her on that garden party. So thoughtful to give her the chance to think it over. She only wished he hadn't been so thoughtful then, because she would have said yes at once, and they could have had many happy years together by now, and a child or two with his wonderful blue eyes to give her some comfort. But now - they hadn't even got a wedding night. No chance of a child on it's way.

How happy she had been over the real proposal, when at last it came. They had been singing together - Let me call you sweetheart - and after that he had taken her aside to one of the smaller rooms. And asked her if she would ever consider getting married to him. And she had said YES! And she had said OF COURSE! And they had kissed and hugged and everything had been wonderful.


But now he was dead, just like that. His heart had stopped during the wedding reception. He was talking and smiling at her, and suddenly he just fell down on the ground. When she got down to him she couldn't hear his heart beat. The doctor came running but he could do nothing but confirm that Anthony was dead.


Afterwards, she was back in the room at Downton where she had lived all her life. Crying her heart out. She had been a wife for just a few hours, and now she was a widow. Without a husband. She cried when she took off that lovely wedding dress. HE should have helped her take that off! All the wonderful things they should have done tonight!

She couldn't stand seeing that wedding gown. She went out to the stairs and threw it down into the big hall.

And her tears would never stop falling.


Did she have regrets? Of course she had. Regrets that she had made so much fuss about the wedding, instead of spending that time with him. Regrets about all those stupid fights with Mary that had stopped her from marrying him years ago. Regrets about many things.

But she had no regrets about marrying him, making him marry her, to be true. Because she was sure he was a happy man when he died.

And that was the only real comfort she had left now.


A/N: This is all about why I think Sir Anthony will die. Don't read it!

I fear and I think that this or something very similar is going to happen. I hope it wont, but I think it will. And then I will stop watching DA, or maybe be able to watch it like any other TV-series, just to have something to do when I'm knitting, not really caring about what happens on screen.

JF has a tendency to kill off the nicest characters. Sweet selfless Lavinia, who had been a much more suitable wife for Matthew than the manipulative Mary. The lovely William, everybody's friend.

And has there ever been a nicer person in DA than Sir Anthony? Has there ever been a nicer person in ANY series, for that matter?

Imdb says that Sir Anthony will be in every episode, but i simply think that is wrong. After all Lady Edith is only in the first 2 episodes according to Imdb, and we already know she is in the third episode at least, so it doesn't seem too reliable.

And I think Robert Bathurst did some radio stuff in the summer, though maybe he was able to do both that and Sir Anthony. And I know he has talked about the cast making a Christmas Special, which they of course were, but probably not with him in it. Smokescreens.

I consider it a big mistake to kill off Sir Anthony. (If they do so) Not only because he is an adorable character, one of the most interesting in the series, but also because his bad arm is really the only reminder in the series that there has been a war at all. And all this bickering about money to save Downton is frankly not very interesting as a plotline, we all know Downton will be saved one way or the other. (Possibly Edith's inheritance.)

I have invested so much in this couple. I really care too much about something that isn't for real!

Please read my story Someone Who Calls Me Lovely if you want to know what REALLY happened to Edith and Anthony.

Or some of all the other E/A fan fiction, the Flummoxed series by Spottedhorse are some of my personal favourites for being both funny and adorable. Just like our couple.